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Jun 30, 2009

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The U.S. shouldn't be telling anyone how to run a prison ...

During my time as a Military Police Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps I have seen prisons in the countries of Japan, and Iraq. These countries and their policies and treatment of those incarcerated are extremely harsh. They have no set policies on the treatment, or protection of those incarcerated. They do not have the ACLU or other groups to make a scene over these conditions. It makes every American prison look like a summer camp. I am now a correctional officer in the United States. I do not disagree with the need for reform in the criminal justice system. I think that due to the costs of incarceration, and the amount of people incarcerated it should be an option. The amount of people incarcerated is way higher then needs to be and that a reform can and would be a positive measure. I think alternative sentencing needs to be practiced for first time non-violent offenders. I also feel that mandatory drug treatment facilities would also be critical in reducing the amount incarcerated in the U.S. Further more the individuals sentenced to prison should be required to reimburse a reasonable amount to the government for the costs of their incarceration. Such could come from their inmate salaries, and tax and income leins when they are released. The same goes for the drug treatment. If you don't want to go to prison for a drug crime, you pay to attend the drug treatment facility the court picks for you. Not the one to your liking. The only individuals that need to see the prison are violent and repeat offenders, as well as the ones that fail their drug treatment programs. However this article refers to the prisons as if it is their fault our prisons are so populated. The prisons don't arrest and or sentence these individuals. We merely house them. As for the gangs. Gangs and gang recruitment is a way of prison life throughout the world since the beginning of prisons. You will never rid a prison of gangs, or gang recruitment. You can only hope to minimize it, and try to prevent it. Of course these are strictly my opinions. I highly doubt any of them will ever be heard...  (Jul 22, 2009 | post #1)


Inmate Death at Lewisburg Penitentiary

Ok Gia how would you handle the worst of America's convicted felons. The one's that have zero regard for human life. The kind of people that kill you just for looking at them wrong because it's a sign of disrespect. Did you know to a lot of these criminals it is bragging rights getting sent to these units? Of course their not telling their loved ones that. But I guarantee the rest of his criminal career it will be #1 on his resume. When he transfers out of the SMU he will throw that around like he's the cream of the crop. The rude and insensitive individuals are the thugs locked up. Do you not understand that they are put here because they can't play nice with other felons? So when they kill another felon or officer I guess that is ok in your eyes. As long as they aren't locked in a cell where they can't do it, because it makes them appear like an animal. I think your a little out of touch with reality, or the understanding of the operation and purpose of these types of institutions.  (Jul 19, 2009 | post #14)


Pedophile shot in the head in front of hundreds of specta...

Whats your religion say about chemical castration? Bastard got what he had coming.  (Jul 8, 2009 | post #78)