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Feb 21, 2012

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Ethics at Western Express inc.

Based on my Experience Driving for Western Express inc. located in Nashville TN, is a Motor carrier unsafe for CDL Drivers to work for. This Motor Carrier seems to be on board with a few Agendas not in the Best interest of their Drivers and seemingly are Being Rewarded for their Pledge to Such Agendas. EOBR Mandate is of high priority for FMCSA and Western Express appears to be in close Agreement with the FMCSA. While Driving For Western Express inc. They Developed a new policy that Requires Drivers to log into the EOBR or be fired. After Logging into the EOBR I Noticed Violations being Recorded that where beyond my control, I Then Logged off The EOBR and Requested Changes be made that will Decrease the Chances for Violations being recorded that are beyond my control. They allowed me to Haul Freight while not being logged into the EOBR until the Time had come for me to Go pick up a load that was to Get me Home, They deleted that Dispatch and said I will only be re-dispatched on that Load when I log back into the EOBR. This lead to about 3 ½ hours of Debate that I was loosing, I then Logged back into the EOBR, and still was not re-dispatched on the load. They sent me a pre-worded message and instructions to re-type this message and put my name to it. This message was designed to bind me into an agreement that if the EOBR became logged off for any reason at any time that it will equal my resignation , I did not do so and my employment was terminated by Western Express. Sense this incident; Western Express has used The Law Firm Thomas & Thorngren to File False Documentation against me, to include Failing a Random Drug Screen. Which lead to my Unemployment insurance being Canceled, even though it was obvious western express and Thomas & Thorngren where making False accusations, as The Accusations contradicted themselves all in the Same packet. The False accusation of Failing a Random Drug Screen was used against me in A family court matter in Otsego County NY. In that I was found guilty of losing my employment in that I failed a Random Drug Screen. When I objected to this, The objection was not entertained by the next Higher ranking Judge, although I had stated to both what was true and what was no, Going up against western Express inc. in that court lead to it being in the Best interest of the Children for that Family court to Give honor to western Expresses False accusations and to disregard the Truth of the parent of the Children. I Advise Drivers and Brokers to be very careful in deciding in doing Business With western Express inc. If you are a present or past Western Express Truck Driver with information about Bad ethics at Western Express inc please add your comments to this Discussion.  (Feb 21, 2012 | post #1)