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Nov 18, 2012

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West Point, KY


Eugene knows what he did it haunts him everyday, no one will ever understand the sick minds of a man when it comes to porn- and i mean that from experience checkin browsing history from ex relationships... all men have their own nasty fettish, but as long as he didnt touch that child and it was only through online chat.. its just another man being weird and horny - but unfortunatly his mistake blew up in his face and in the news of the town- he is a strong man to stick around with all the scrutany- before i knew him i listened to the things that people said and agreed .. sick ... but now that i see him coming around and checking to see if his friends are doing good and making sure that no one is in need of help i know that there is good in him, and this mistake he made is between him god and his strength to keep his ears closed to the rest of the judgement from people who only beleive what they hear and only know him by his faults.. i am glad to have him as an aquantance and appriciate the good he has done for my family it means a lot to my ailing papaw when he comes to check on him and visit , and that makes me see him in a different light than the posts ive read and the things ive heard... and it seems that hes a ver caring individual and its a shame we had to lose him as a police officer, those are the things he has to live with every day - losing a lot over a bad choice.  (Nov 19, 2012 | post #11)

West Point, KY

Short stop

Lets not be predudist, paranoid or judgemental to those we do not know or understand they may have just been laughing becuase it was bad luck we dont speak their language so how would any one truely know what was being said. Atleast they picked up the shortstop and kept it running in a time where already half the town had been banned from going there and they were close to closing all together.. I personally like the selection that they offer in there that we can only find at"arabic " stores .. lol but theres always marathon when if you havent made it to the 21st century or are banned from the primoses altogether lol jj Though it would be nice if a white man could open a business in his own town and not have to pay taxes for 5 years! -i guess im on the fence wih that one , but they still get my business from time to time, how ever my choice is marathon where the people are our friends and neighbors and are always kind and friendly and make for a nice visit to the gas store  (Nov 19, 2012 | post #7)

West Point, KY

Drugs in West point

I am in agreement with this, I was shocked to find out that our little town was being taken over by the devil basically, and its sad thing to accept. I would like to do something to help but like you said the cops are surely bored, and have grown up down here with alot of these people that have turned bad and seem biased to the decision of locking certain wrong doers away for upseting long time friends -grandparents and parents of the users ... if we cant trust the police to take legal action what is the point in turning to them to crack down on the crack doers... I have watched a lot of these kids I know are into drugs grow up and go down he wrong path and hope that they will come out of it atleast alive- but mostly changed and smarter, and come out of it soon. I guess all we can do is pray for this town and for the druggies to get out of their haze and wake up to see what life has out there for them besides gettin high, and to be able to be productive in their lives without using... maybe an aa class could be offered, and hopefully the dare program at the school will teach our future generation to say no, they are our only hope. that is if their parents arent already using infront of them making them think its ok. I think its definitly time for a change and I hope somethin can be done if not then we are in a world of hurt ... more road blocks and maybe even the drugtesting for welfare and foodstamps could help being that most of those kind of people are living that way. God bless the town of westpoint lord knows it needs it  (Nov 19, 2012 | post #2)

West Point, KY

sexy cops of west point

Jacob duke- hes a youngin, but hes a heck of a hunter and great guy alltogether, his good looks and great family make him the most elligable bachelor in town - however hes dating a beautiful girl right now who is also the representative for the JUST FOR DOES hunting association for Kentucky... sounds like if your gonna go after him u better get to gettin cause youll have some competition, the way to this mans heart is through hunting i would asume and shes well on her way im sure if she hasnt stolen his heart all together. Hands down though cutest cop we have, and gary would have to be next- hes adorable, and his personality adds to the lack of hair on top krystle is a lucky girl and they have a beautiful family  (Nov 19, 2012 | post #8)

West Point, KY

where o where

Mr. Briggs is one of the nicest and smartest men I have had the pleasure of knowing, hes very worldly and we should all be so lucky to live through what he has .. hes an amazing man and deserves much respect... as far as mrs aikin - the name aikin... isnt doin so good around here due to the younger generation, sherry libby and the younger daughter have turned into gossip fed onry women, and i hope that they dont ruin the whole families reputation, mr aikin was an amazing man and deserves to be proud of his grandchildren and descendants, lets pray that those women get their priorities in line rather than drinkin and driving n yelling in the streets at their crak head bfriends in the middle of the night with no respect of their neighbors in this town who actually have to work in the mornings that they so incosideratly keep up all night with their pointless ranting ... what a shame smh  (Nov 18, 2012 | post #16)

West Point, KY

Eugene Williams

Sad to see such a good guy get caught up in such a terrible ordeal. I pray for him  (Nov 18, 2012 | post #186)

West Point, KY

who likes living in westpoint?

this town is what you make of it. - simple as that ... people are very nosey so keep to yourself if you dont like drama, and remember you are the company you keep around here - so before you step out with someone, if you care anyways- then know that even if u are an angel- if your with a person with a bad rep u will be considered one in the same. .... ~missing the old westpoint~ can we put a giant magnet over top of this town that can collect all the bs that infects it and see if it will blossom again? -- btw I love this town we have the best police and fire team around they have been to the rescue in record time for a many of friends and family. Just wish that we could root out the bad and get back to the good  (Nov 18, 2012 | post #38)

West Point, KY

West Point - Looking s hittier than ever.

this town was at its best when Rube Yelvington was mayor .. it was a lot more alive then, with the icecream shop and the mercantile and the opry ran nicely every weekend when the jennings owned it.. the park got redone and we had even had the belle of louisville down at the ramp on 6th street, the town was alive then, it seems like as the older generations get unable to manage the younger one following has no desire to keep this town as the historical landmark that it is and potential to bring in tourist and more revenue... I wish that I could revisit westpoint any given day about 20 years ago. what a beautiful place it was then, the dito house and the regular civil war reenactments and street dances for the kids - we could be raising money for this town and keeping it up in turn. but i seriously think the flooding has scared any one from putting money into anything around here. what a shame - because i have seen what it can be and it was such a different place then. Now this is the town that never stops sleeping- yet a lot of the people in this town are night walkers creapin around when the sun goes down riding up and down the street drunk on their goldcarts or high on some other kind of poisen that is floating around this place. Maybe if there were more activities and things to entertain the people that live here we could crack down on the illegal activity- Could it be that the town is bored... thats why they turn to drugs, I mean all we have down here is 2 gas stations and no walmart or movie theater or anything for miles .. if this is the case then our future as a succesful town is goin to run out - even though its been here since the 1800s. How do we change this ... a town scared to invest and businesses scared of flooding so they dont progress and if we dont make somethin of this place soon its just going to be a bunch of druggies and run down molded houses... Can we get a mcdonalds? this is still america! maybe the train should have just leveled the town -while evacuated of course, then maybe p n l would have rebuilt it and made somethin of it giving the people somethin to do other than get into trouble because of boredome!  (Nov 18, 2012 | post #9)

West Point, KY

West Point Angel Tree

what ever happened to the giving of the toys at the masonic lodge with santa and a dinner for the less fortunate? That was a beautiful thing to see when i attended it years ago. Hope that didnt fall off because ther are a lot of families that can not afford christmas for their kids this year all over the world .. let alone little ole westpoint- hope our kiddies arent forgoten about in the mean time, unemployment being at its highest ... does any one know if they still do that any more??  (Nov 18, 2012 | post #4)

West Point, KY

Erin Wren

Her dad is the sweetest man in the world god bless him and her family and I hope that he is doing ok for he has been battleing cancer for a while now and I know it must be hard on her and his family. Erin was always a good girl when she was little and hope that she is doin well - thats a tight knit family and they are all good people, bad things always happen to good people- and cancer is a word Im sure alot of us wish didnt exsist.  (Nov 18, 2012 | post #3)

West Point, KY

Lisa Baker

to put my self in her shoes which I dont know how that would be but I imagine hard, going through a divorce and having legal trouble- which i understand as people takin advantage of her kindness and lack of the ability to say no to people that she thinks are friends...when it came down to it no one wanted to get introuble for anything they did they just wanted to let her go down, and they were thinkin about number one when all she is doing is trying to take care of her self and suddenly shes a bad person.. of course this is all hear say because i havent seen the police report. But knowing of her and seeing her around talkin with her a little bit- she seems very kind and vulnerable and hopefully she learned her lesson from the legal issues not to mess with certain people or activities. I think shes really cute and a sweet girl that has been through a rought time and people need to lay off from judging one another because we all have our downfalls and only god can judge her because what she does is between him and her, and no one else knows the worries and obsticals any one faces untill they walk in some one elses shoes. I love this town and have watched a lot of these kids grow up from tiny tots, and know that life is full of learning lessons and tough roads and decisions, we can either break under the pressure of it all, which i have seen people in my life let ruin them - and give up all together letting reputations and hurtfull things like knowing that people are all saying things about u or any kind of gossip affect them on top of all the problems they already worry about and deal with every day.... I hope that lisa is strong enough to prevail, I believe every one has a second chance and in my case a third and fourth- some times it takes a while to get a your life together when it is all torn apart from a few rash decisions and a regretful past. But from what I see so far she has progressed and I will pray that a lot of the other kids in town that have been going through rough times will turn out better than every one thinks- Sad when one persons misfortune is anothers entertainment. would hate to see the potential in these young folks fade - i saw so much in them when they were young bein raised by strong good people .. let your haters be your motivators ... they only want to see you fail- why should u satisfy them when u are capable of such a bright future, dont let your past ruin what god has in store for you- KEEP ON KEEPIN ON  (Nov 18, 2012 | post #35)

West Point, KY


sure is shiny! just look at it, you know what i say when i see somethin like that- well would u just look at it! lol  (Nov 18, 2012 | post #3)