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Nov 11, 2007

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Hermosa Beach, CA

Enrollment of Latinos is soaring

Another problem with the number of illegals on aid in CA is that state agencies are directed to hire from the those on aid pool (in order to get people off aid); giving others who have a bit saved, or have family helping them after the layoff; can not get or even interview for the state jobs. That is what is known as "reverse discrimination ". Also, it is why so many english speaking taxpayers have communication problems with state agencies.  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #286)

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Charges dropped vs. suspect in 2000 USS Cole blast

Yes, I agree. Obviously most U.S. citizens are not aware they are 8 times more likely to be shot by a U.S. police officer, than to be struck by lightening. And 10 times more likely to be shot by a U.S. police officer than suffer any injury (much less death) by a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. And those figures have been pretty steady since the 1980's overall. Of course the fact is U.S. citizens are 1 million times more likely to die from cancer. Pretty mixed up spending priorities if they are going to live in fear, isn't it?  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #1438)

US Politics

Immigration reform talks stalled by wage disputes

Republicans DO want more green cards, and compromise with Dem "pathways " to citizenship for the ability to bring in more cheap foreign labor to do jobs within U.S. borders on immigration legislation since the 1960's! Neither Dems or Repubs are overly concerned about U.S. citizen jobs; their friends and family in the U.S. get taken care of with (often do-nothing) jobs from the taxpayers or the Corp.s. The latest labor/immigration legislation for U.S. now, has NO LIMIT of green card issued per year and NO REQUIREMENT to look (or prove you did - although for over 20 years there was classes offered within Human Resources groups on how to "excuse" every U.S. applicant) for U.S. workers. Mighty patriotic of the Dems and Repubs and a real satisfactory compromise, like most of their decisions, isn't it?  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #20)

US Politics

Obama ending Mideast trip with tour of Petra

Yes, he gave away much less U.S. tax money than GWB did his trips, so U.S. is ahead! I do not think another country's peoples giving an Award to a president of a very struggling, divided country; as an Accomplishment for U.S. citizens to be proud of. But, clearly, progress in the U.S. is of a very low priority in Washington D.on't C.are!  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #2)

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10 years later: The Iraq war's lasting impact on U.S. pol...

Because then they feel they have "done something about it". Too scared, and/or too lazy to do anything else. ?  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #135)

Mrs. Bush: History will vindicate her husband

Just to let you know, after all these years of "investigatio n" there are 3rd party studies indicating CitiBank (aka Citicorp, citigroup...100 or so more) is center stage.  (Oct 6, 2012 | post #60346)

Redondo Beach, CA

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in California in 2010?

Incorrect. Did you miss her on TV stating "I fully support Israel" ? If so, she should be living there and supporting them, that is NOT the statement of a U.S. Patriot, by definition!  (Oct 6, 2012 | post #1640)

Mrs. Bush: History will vindicate her husband

Republicans had the majority in 2003, so why did the bill not pass? Why didn't McCain insist his 2005 submission of regulations, that was being rejected by Congress to even schedule a debate, be considered before supporting the Fannie & Freddie bailouts, which he and the other republicans did support under Bush. Why didn't one Republican vote for the regulation bill? You have a football mentality, as both parties expect & nuture. My side this, your side that; no thought of the Constitution, the Country, the Future...just which side has more "points" . How sad.  (Aug 17, 2010 | post #57704)

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Wall Street Bonuses to Rise This Year: Report

You are totally off-topic here; but of course, when the Republican Party "leader's " planes were busted filled with cocaine in Mexico in 2007, GWB imeediately flew & promised $18 million to the drug war, and it never made the news here (I was watching the Mexican news, as I live close to the border). When several months later, the Mexican Prez went back to the press, complaining about no US DEA/FBI action on the case, no charges ever filed against the plane owners; and no payment on the 18 million; Condi Rice was there within 3 days with a full $18 million taxpayer check & the good news GWB decided more would go per year "to fight the Mexican Drug War" rotflol.... The ONE job I know of in the US that DOES NOT REQUIRE A DRUG TEST, is elected official. No doubt if citizens suprised Congress with a drug test one day, the same thing would happen at the Pentagon that happened when someone in Mexico tried that - EVERY SINGLE ELECTED OFFICIAL TOOK A RUNNER! I have no doubt that Obama's & all of Hillary's visits to Mexico were to "clear the way" for the Dems to resume the cocaine distribution in the U.S.; as they appear to keep the business within the "controlling " (presidential) party since the inception of the Drug War in 1974. And that is not to mention the legal business of the Pharm Companies, one of the larger segments of contributors to campaign funds for the last 5 decades. Since 2008, legal drug deaths have surpassed car crashes and have been the number 2 cause of all deaths in the U.S. That is why all politics (they try to play Dem/Repub like a football game & most citizens fall for it); keeping the audience's focus on the scoreboard & not all the plays happening. Schools are purposely bad & all immigrants, even the illegal, are welcome, as government steals the assets of current citizens, they need more residents for more tax income. In the US, we see the auctions of assets, & see the "plantation busts" on TV. But, no, the ones with plenty of money, pretty much get away with ANY illegal activities. That is the American way that I have observed since law school in 1980.  (Aug 17, 2010 | post #9)


President Obama Supports 'Ground Zero Mosque'

Although I applaud any attempt of any one in D.C. to uphold their Oath of Office; why pretend now that the Constitution is not "just a god-damned piece of paper" while the Patriot Act & Homeland Security Act have already pretty much burned it? And, New Yorkers, where were you in July 2007 when I tried to get a Recall of the judge that let 100% off the Saudi Royal that let the Saudi royal & Bin Laden totally off in July 2007; even though there was "irrefutable evidence" that they DIRECTLY financed most of the 9/11 operation-even providing funds direct to some of the now dead terrorists? And they just happened to be here 9/11 for a ONE DAY trip, for and at a breakfast meeting with Bush Sr. with table reservations that specified a direct view of the one of the crash sights? Of course everyone knows that GWB flew them & 160 more of their "family members" from places around the country, home; during the "no fly" period, when even other former U.S. Prezs and U.S. VPs couldn't fly home to their families. Why don't they take this isolated unConstitutional anger & INSIST ALL MUSLIMS be placed in the portable prison camps U.S. taxpayers have been renting for millions per month since November 2001 from Halliburton (as well as additional "hidden" costs of the contract), or get an answer from somebody what exactly were/are these prison camps for? (scattered in EACH state, enough to hold almost 1/2 the population of the local area). What about "keeping your enemies close" so you may keep an eye on them? There is a mosque within a block of the "community center" location... Irrational to me. Strange way to illustrate "patriotism "...I can't quite understand or relate.  (Aug 17, 2010 | post #163)

Top Stories - Wall Street

Wall Street Bonuses to Rise This Year: Report

Since I have some knowledge of the history of taxes, I believe corporations should not be allowed any tax deductions for employee compensation over 1/2 million dollars, once that limit is reached, on an individual employee basis. I also, believe, like in previous "war times", those making over $250,000 per year should be taxed at least 50%. For WWII, the top rate even went to 94% for those in the upper tax brackets! It was not lowered to 70% until 1964, that was an expensive war also! War is good for Wall St. and large corporations -improves trading, stock value, everytime! Taking away the high tax result of war created a large population of war mongers. Give to a Congress persons' campaign fund, and learn who is going to get the contracts (and the stock will go up). In the general population, this is called "insider trading"; but among our elected officials & their associates, it is "politics as usual". Letting the rich & war-profitting corps continue getting away with low tax rates during wartime, will allow them to continue investing in and promoting wars for their own personal profit. And hasn't that created a "wonderful world"?  (Aug 13, 2010 | post #6)

The Tea Party

Talk of tyranny, revolution attracts Tea Party activists ...

And the failure to date of the Tea Party, is they have NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE to offer that will resolve the country's problems. Or, does the "revolution " suggestion mean, let the debts accumulated under "United States" go to bankruptcy? So, you are ready for the Chinese, Saudis et al, to repossess all Nationally owned lands and buildings that is the collateral for U.S. national debt? Or will you fight them? With what resources? Do you plan to steal (from who?) or TAX everyone for guns, ammo, bullet proof vests, medical personnel & ect. that will be needed? This is 2010, get up with the times & deal with reality please.  (Aug 5, 2010 | post #98)

Hermosa Beach, CA

Hermosa's hippie heritage fading

Then why didn't you call the police? It is illegal in the U.S. to drink alcohol out in public, on any government owned property, except in New Orleans. Oh, you are one of those who sit & bitch and DO NOTHING. That is why. Or have your own reasons to be afraid of the police.  (Aug 5, 2010 | post #104)

Manhattan Beach, CA

Federal judge to issue Proposition 8 decision Wednesday

Yes, please let us take a vote on Alcohol Prohibition again! The people DID vote it out and that was even before MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers)!!! Surely the bar owners don't outnumber MOTHERS!  (Aug 5, 2010 | post #166)

The Tea Party

Talk of tyranny, revolution attracts Tea Party activists ...

I also believe corporation tax deductions for payroll needs CAPS! No more than $500,000 per employee can be deducted from Gross Profit! And that is not a multiple of the total employee figure, but the individual employee payroll figures!  (Aug 5, 2010 | post #94)

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