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Sep 22, 2012

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My rules to start a discussion with me if you are a gipsy

Oh by the way dumb shit: Ever heard the term: SELF EMPLOYED ??? If you're still foolish enough after my above comment my management and my lawyers are waiting for your mail. Paris doesn't give a fuck what I say on an open forum, that 's my private life and will change nothing about my position. We don't loose our job and are protected by the Vatican imbecile. You are seriously the dumbest Romanian I have ever met and in the end I don't have to do ANYTHING to see you go down. Now one more time: you are a patethic porn addicted loser, with a lousy job and an ugly family of inbreads. This is my opinion and you can't change it.  (Sep 27, 2012 | post #7)

Why I dislike Romanians.

Yeah, Petru is a golddigger. We all know that. He is about to get a lawsuit on his ass which he can't imagine. Now he also tried to blackmail a public person. WHat a tstupid moron. Hey loeer with your pug-look-a-like-wife. Bring it on, I can't wait to see you destroy your already miserable life !  (Sep 27, 2012 | post #113)

My rules to start a discussion with me if you are a gipsy

Hahaha yeah do that cheating, stealing loser. I really hope you make that mistake. Golddigging, cheating, porn addict. Does your Polish pug-wife know you behave like a child ? Or should someone tell her for you ? I can also enlighten the rest of your family and your boss your family and your co worker about the fact that you try to blackmail me here. On an OPEN forum where I have the right to spit my opinion. This is the last warning I give you. Next time you will have to deal with my lawyers. I have nothing to lose and will remain tenured anyway moron, don't you get it ? Everyone knows how I think about patethic rats like you. However If you want to destroy your own personal life and bleed for your mistakes, go ahead. I can't wait for it.  (Sep 27, 2012 | post #6)

My rules to start a discussion with me if you are a gipsy

TheRealMagyar. I'm not Italian, but I see my proxy uses Italy as location :) Maybe a good thing which allows us to explain why Romanians are a disgrgace to the Roman heritage and the rest of the world. If I was an Italian I would indeed be insulted. I've heard many stories (which are considered as facts, for as far as facts go in this case) that Romanians would be the closest offspring of the Roman Empire. If I look at their snake eyes and swarthy look (especially in the south) I seriously doubt that. They always compare their noses to the ones that the Romans had. My theory is that their nose is formed in such a way that 's it 's some kind of survival mechanism. This is because of the penetrant rotten air that comes out of the graves of their anchestors whom they pissed on while lying and cheating towards the whole world. Take into consideration that they have always been traitors and even sold their own family. Just like they were traitors during WW1 and 2. If they had a soul, they would probably sell it too. Romans were not a bunch of stealing cowards, but true conquerors with an impressive civilization for that time. I don't see that anywhere in Romania. Do you ? I think that tells us enough about the average Romanian. The ones that get overexited over here on this forum are probably the worst by the way. But ain't it fun to make them piss their pants ? :)  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #3)

My rules to start a discussion with me if you are a gipsy

1) Be polite, even if I'm not. You can't win anyway ! 2) Know your place. Mostly below the smallest dog there is, but stay away from that dog's food ! You have your own dishes ! 3) Never disagree with me, you are simply NOT right ! Never !!! 4) Always speak English. If I have to use a translator I will answer you in Japanese for at least 3 pages on the forum. 5) Give back the money you stole from innocent people. I know you did you bunch of thieves. 6) Don't act like a slimeball in private if you are a "woman". You are not even worth my attention there. 7) Only Hungarians may disagree with me, since they are better informed about certain situations around romania. Besides that I like Hungarians very much. 8) Never act as a rasist towards other nations. After all you're living in the ass-hole of the world. They don't. So please show some respect. If you can't live with these rules, you should probably get drunk and drive your Dacia into the Danube.  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #1)

How to buy EU citizenship Romanian style

They WERE not EU worthy, they ARE not EU worthy and they're never going to be EU worthy. They simply don't represent a civilization which you might expect from the EU. Time to sharpen the border patrols and act the same intimidating way the Polish customs do with the Ukrainians.  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #3)

Why do Romanians hate Hungarians so much?

After reading almost every topic here I can only conclude, what I already knew. And with me many others: The Romanian "know-it-alls " always try to talk things in such a way that it's in their advantage. That they are the victims and others are responsible for it. Go fuck yourself bunch of dipshits. The facts are different and every descent person knows that. I feel so much pity for your Romanian short-sighted vision. Almost everyone in Europe knows how the average Romanian will react. They lie, steal, sell their bodies and souls to prostitution and much, much more. The orthodox reli-fanatics should realize they will burn in hell for that. According to the average ignorant Romanian everything is wrong, except their retarded opinion. Even with an education they stay inbeciles, which implies some papers are worth nothing when it comes to the real deal. It really sad...  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #173)

Bulgaria to Launch Tourism Promotional Campaign in Romania

We should start an European prevention campaign to show why tourism to both countries is not a good idea. Especially if Vulgaria gets mixed up with gypsies. It would harm the already bad reputation of the country even more...  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #2)

Why do Romanians hate their own motherland?!?

Yeah, he looks like a competent president ! Finally something good from Romania !  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #31)

Why do Romanians hate their own motherland?!?

Nah, I'm not afraid of you pennywaste. Why should I ? Neither don 't you have to be affraid, unless you make a mistake. In that case you should be. I just give you a fair warning about what happens to people who don't comply to certain rules which we made in the European Union with each other. Some people are dumb and insane enough to truely think they can permit to make those mistakes with certain people. It doesn't require science to know that I stand far above you and have many resources do deal with wankers in an appropriate way. After all you seem to take everything so personal that you give me the impression you haven't fully grown up. Now if you don't mind (and even if you do) I'm not going to waste any more time on you. As I said the only thing you can do is deal with the fact that I'm here. The moderators decide if I can place something or not. And believe me, I will stay here under this name for a long time. For me goes the same: sorry I ever met you. Let's never do that again.  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #30)

Why do Romanians hate their own motherland?!?

No narcistic imbecile. Let 's say it this way :) I might assume you are familiar with the European law, the law of the country where you reside and the law of my country, concerning privacy. Make one mistake and you will face a lawsuit in which I will suck the life out of you. After all I've dealt with more people like you and to my lawyers you're just a snack. To me you are nothing, except an imposter and a pityfull person. Do realize I have more resources than you can ever permit yourself to be on the safe side. I also assume that you realize that your personal situation is not something in which you want to loose a lot of money on a lawsuit, which is only an example of what I can do to you. That is if you make a mistake which I hope for. In every scenario it will mean that you will regret it the rest of your patethic life and realize that I have much more power in one finger, than you can ever dream of. After all you are a coward and a thief. I give you a fair warning because I know everything about you till the last details and I mean EVERYTHING, so let that sentence pass your brain very carefully. Make one mistake on this forum or in real life and you will face the consequences. Now to end this letter, this is an open moderated forum. I have all the right to insult the ones who insulkt me, to spit my opinion, or to use humour which I like. As long as moderators here approve my comments, the only thing you can do is DEAL with it, give a (immature, dumb) reaction, or just ignore it. I don't care. I'm not impressed by you in anyway since I know what kind of person you are. I know all of this is hard to take into consideration as a narcicistic Romanian ass hole, who THINKS he can continue the way he is acting now, but I think you should be very carefull from now on. One mistake from your side and I'll ruin your life within the lines of the law. Bye !  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #27)

Why do Romanians hate their own motherland?!?

If you know who I am I would definitely be carefull and keep some distance. One mistake and you will notice that I know very well who you are too. I think we both know that you don't want that to happen :)  (Sep 26, 2012 | post #25)

Why do Romanians hate their own motherland?!?

Twice the comment, since I didn't see my first comment. Well, I think it 's clear wwhat you should do now. Go find a way to do the world a favour. Filthy inbread. Just like those sriptkiddies calling themselves hackers. Don't threathen someone, if you have no idea who you're dealing with and can't make your treaths true. That might cause a lot of trouble in your disadvantage and eventually you will be sorry you've ever meddled with this conversation. Been there dealt with more down-syndromers like you. Let me give you a very clear hint: We are everywhere. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us... Enough for your small mind patethic waste of pubic hair ? Now go drown yourself iu the Danube along with that so called "Ana". Losers !  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #23)

Why do Romanians hate their own motherland?!?

Ana(l), you filthy Romanian waste of life, listen up: We already have those gypsies in the form of your kind of people all over Europe. Wishing someone cancer shows immediately how descent you are. You aren't ! Which is in the line of expectance concerning romanian inbread-gypsies like you. You are a low-life and will always be that. It 's that simple. Cancer is too good for you. I hope you will get a burn out from reading this forum, become psychotic and after a lot of suffering kill yourself in the worst way imaginable. Maybe a good idea to drown yourself in the danube, like you did with the original gypsies. At least something like you should never have offspring.  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #22)

Why do Romanians hate their own motherland?!?

We already have those gypsies in our country, you waste of life. Represented in the form of Romanians, like you. If I were you I would drown myself in the Danube. That brings me to the following point: Wishing someone cancer shows how descent you truely are. Absolutely nothing, which is expectable from a low-life rat from Romania. A worthless wh0re. Therefore I hope you will die because of an unbearable mentall illness you get by reading this forum, which eventually makes you kill yourself after a lot of suffering from your already developed borderline-personality . Please if you kill yourself, do it in the worst way there is. Probably the best for the world. People like you should never have offspring.  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #21)

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