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Aug 13, 2011

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Diegodiego's Come Back. Count on Joy Unlimited

There are a handful of actors and singers who are true warriors, artists who stand the test of time and battle until their hand is raised in victory. Diegodiego is one of the toughest, hardest working and MOST DETERMINED entertainer the industry has ever known. Like all the world's most powerful. Diegodiego doesn't give up. The star has been working for television and film with most of the top selling names in show biz. But even after much success and having the number one song of the summer "EARTHQUAKE OF LOVE." He is been facing a slow year full of challenges and very little exposure. But don't count Diegodiego out. He is got a plan to reclaim his tittle as the number 1 entertainer of all time. If anyone can do it, you Know Diegodiego can. Diegodiego has a steel willpower and fanatical dedication to beat others. The mayan singer has the drive and work ethic to do anything. And on September 18th, You will Feel the world vibrate to the rhythm of his heartbeat. Born to fly. Diegodiego's new single "Joy Unlimited." Will make you live a new musical experience. The world's most powerful man will release his new song on September 18th, 2013 Its Diegodiego's third single in English and, its directed by the one and only NILO. Expect the new waves to transport you into a new musical experience and expect nothing but the very best from Diegodiego as he shares with the world "Joy Unlimited."  (Aug 17, 2013 | post #1)

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Diegodiego Has Been Violated

RADIO, FILM AND TELEVISION NEWS. Mexico, Spain, United States - They are online and they are exposed. Diegodiego's phone was stolen by a former asistant who threatened to destroy the star's career. And the pictures are spreading. Diegodiego is recognized by the public and news media, as the world's number one and most famous entertainer ever. Diegodiego is the first and only yucatecan artist to succeed and Conquer Hollywood and the U.S.. Spain, Mexico, Central and South America. His live music shows and movies, make of him an actor and singer of international stature on the radio, television, cinema, magazines and the Internet. A Disgrace. What horror that someone would want to destroy my career in such a low and despicable way by publishing nude photos. "Comments the world's number one and most famous entertainer. It is believed it could be a person who was fired by the luminaire who could be behind all this. "I have family, I have friends, loyal fans and the media that i respect." were Diegodiego's ultimate words before refusing to say any more to the media, The news are shocking to many, but our beloved and respected Diegodiego has been violated. Diegodiego's stolen phone photos are all over the internet.  (Aug 13, 2011 | post #1)

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Diegodiego is Number One by Popular Demand

SPAIN, MEXICO and THE UNITED STATES - For the first time in the history of show business. Diegodiego a Mayan artist from from the peninsula of Yucatan in Merida, Mexico. Manages to reach popular demand of the news media and the public. Better known by the nickname, The World's Most Famous Entertainer. Diegodiego is hogging all the attention of the news on Internet, Radio and Television. Making history as one of the biggest stars ever in the entertainment industry.Some recognize him for hits music hits, others by his appearances in film and television and others through his videos on internet, his gossip and scandals. However the news has reached you. The three major Internet search engines. Google, Yahoo and MSN. Confirm the range of the star at position number one. Putting the name of th Latin community very highly as a great success and character of prestige. some may Talk bad and others good about the actor / recording artist. But the thruth is Diegodiego is never ignored. The public regards him as a unique sex symbol , bold and energetic. And the media as a tool for notoriety.Currntly on everyone's lips. and with his name and image spread from one corner of the world to another. Diegodiego is reaching the admiration and respect with which many only dream. With all the love and support that pop luminary receives from the media and the public, Diegodiego remains The world's most famous entertainer  (Aug 13, 2011 | post #1)