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Aug 31, 2008

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Hernia Mesh Patch Recall - FDA Warns of Death and Serious...

As of May 25, 2016 ETHICON SUBMITTED A URGENT VOLUNTARY RECALL OF PHYSIOMESH.....ALL OF THE FLEXIBLE COMPOSITE MESH .... it only took them how many lab rats, us, and only came about from FDA in Oct 4, 2010...... I had this crap in me on OCTOBER 22, 2010, never told this was NEW PRODUCT AND I WAS BEING A LAB RAT FOR THIS SHIT......there were 2 new PHYSIOMESH products that got granted 510K market clearance by the US FDA...... and why lawyers are getting money to give back to the insurance and drs ???? They put this crap in us without telling us that it WILL KILL US EVENTUALLY because they DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO US.....  (Jun 7, 2016 | post #8820)

Carrollton, OH

Carrollton Free Press Standard News

this WHOLE COUNTY is filled with GOOD-OLE-BOYS, they have the sheriff department, the prosecutors office, commissioners, and now seems like mayors office..... I can't believe what these offices WON'T DO for the residents of Carroll County... they are too busy listening to what they consider the VICTIMS, this is known by all who live here as THE PERSON THAT CALLS THE SHERIFF FIRST, it has been this way since 1994, when we found out how the sheriff department worked, as the neighbors all had phones close to hand, while we had to walk down our 980' driveway, and we never had the chance to call first..... and guess what the ones that call the sheriff and make a report on the so-called VICTIMS couldn't do it because they were already considered Victims????? when we were arrested and charged for something that a so-called victim told the sheriffs office, about being threatened which I can say for both my husband and I don't threaten, if we wanted something done we certainly wouldn't tell what we were going to do, but the neighbor who pulled a gun and pointed it at a public road when our truck broke down called the sheriff before they even started shit with us, then because they were the 1st one who called the sheriff told them that we threatened to blow up their home and kill both, we weren't raised here, we didn't know the rules, especially how to lie and get away with it because the 1st one who calls sheriff doesn't get investigated, it is the one that they call the sheriff on, even when something happens that they don't like in another county, they wait until they get here to Carroll and tell lies, remember they are the victim because they called first, we didn't do anything wrong but pass the neighbors wife on state route 43 in STARK COUNTY, and she didn't like it so she called the law, but in Carroll county, and surer than shit they showed up at our door stating they got a call that we tried to run someone off the road.... when I started explaining that we were coming from Canton, outside of Waco, she was in front of us brake checking us, another great thing Carroll county teaches drivers while they are too busy looking behind their car instead of in front of them, I passed her and the guy in front of her, never thought it was a problem just wanted to get away from her, and she told them I tried to run her off the road....? I explained that I am very truthful and if I was that upset at the bitch instead of just getting past her, she would have never made it to Carroll County.... I would've had to be really upset to do anything like that and I certainly wouldn't have done anything like that in the damn daylight..... We got rid of those problems when the prosecutor found out it wasn't us that were making the problems that we were being accused of, they offered the ones that were making problems the deal "to sell out and move off our street", they made the same deal to us before too, told them to go to hell that our property was paid for....well we are in this situation again, the sheriff is too busy taking statements from the so-called 'VICTIM' to even worry about the residents lives... It started Dec 2011 when some guy figured he would start a scrap yard on MAYHAM rd, with NO PERMITS, NO FENSE (in ohio epa rules 6' fense is needed), HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR ANY RESIDENT THAT LIVES ON THIS ROAD, INCLUDING THE ONES THAT HE DOES BUSINESS WITH OFF CRAIGSLIST, the one he rammed for at least a mile down a public road, AND NEVER GOT CHARGED WITH VEHICULAR ASSULT, IN FACT HE WAS SEEN BY SHERIFF DEPT, VILLAGE POLICE OFFICER (of duty) and other neighbors, but only got a charge of OFFENSE OF PUBLIC PEACE, which is a Minor Misdemeanor if you look it up in criminal law handbook, the guy he was ramming down road was calling sheriff, so he WOULD BE 1ST CALLER !!!! People are scared of their lives and the lives of their children and grand children and the CARROLL SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT WON'T DO ANYTHING.......... ...  (May 9, 2013 | post #3)

Johnson and Johnson

Injured by Ethicon's Prolene Hernia/Bladder Mesh?

Had a hernia fixed 10/22/10, worst mistake of my life, wish it would have killed me on the table. Got infected, went to er with infection so bad that you could feel heat from the redness on my chest, they sent me home after giving me 1 bag of IV antibiotics. Went to doctors appointment, 11/04/10, he had given me before the followup appointment on 11/10, he seen how red it was and told me to go to addmitting, even though I was in so much pain they couldn't do this in my room. Had surgery 11/5/10 and woke up with football sized hole, because mesh got infected and they removed everything attached to mesh along with the infected muscle and insides, with sponge and VAC unit attached. The next day had to have that changed, was like pulling my skin off my internal organs, not very fun!!! I got relased 11/10/10 and was told that I have to have this changed 3x's a week, oh god what [email protected][email protected]@! I had this for 6 weeks. Carried a personal VAC unit around for this long and had to have my guts ripped out 18 times. I hurt as much as I did when I left the hospital, every time I look down at my chest and see this bulging thing under my brest, which is bigger, I tear up. I have to look in a mirror to button my pants or put on a belt. I am bigger than I was when I had my kids. I am not obeise, 5'8" and weigh around 150, and have this 52" under my rib cage, with a waist that is a 7-8 junior, that hurts alot when I move, skin, insides burn, and are tender to touch, some new skin is numb. Have good plastic surgeon, says that he doesn't know what to do to fix problem. Want to find lawyer for both mesh and pain/suffering (which is more than 1 person could deal with) and the REPAIR of ME back the way I was!!(which isn't going to be easy. Please get this mesh off the market before anyone else has to deal with this PAIN!!!  (Feb 15, 2011 | post #119)

2008 Presidential Election

First national polls on Palin: She scores less with women

You guys must have seen what I did when McCain announced that she was going to be his running mate, I noticed his eye were on her ass, wonder what that was, lol.  (Aug 31, 2008 | post #941)

2008 Presidential Election

First national polls on Palin: She scores less with women

Let me guess, you are a soccer mom? I have 2 kids in school, my daughter is in sports, and voted down a school levey just because every one else has or is getting a new school building our community had to have one. If our community had to have a new building, why did they close down 2 other up-to-date school buildings. The reason they gave that there are not enough kids enrolling in our school, there were around 200 graduating in 2008, and around 30 new kids enrolling. The school board thought that if they close down the other 2 schools that our schools would be crowded enough to build new schools. Well the superintendent tried for 3 years and moved out of the distric. Why would this superintendent spent $15,000 to get a levy on the ballot, when he could have used this money in better ways. They just raised over $40,000 to build a new football field, now that they had that they wanted to move the schools closer to the football field. You have to look at the reasons, not just vote to be in the in-crowd.  (Aug 31, 2008 | post #891)

2008 Presidential Election

First national polls on Palin: She scores less with women

Try reading between the lines of what he says, and the only reason gas prices went down, for 2 month out of 8 years, was to show that McCain is doing something,or trying to look like he is so that people vote for him. You should read a bit more out of what you are reading. And the growth in the economy was not in every state, take a look at Ohio and how many jobs are gone. Maybe it is looking good in AZ, but look in other states it is lower than the last 8 years. There are a bunch of people here that have lost their retirement in a tile factory because they moved overseas.  (Aug 31, 2008 | post #883)

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