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Jan 29, 2008

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SMILES can increase face value


Never KICK A TURD on a Hot Day


Orlando, FL & Bogota, Colombia

Local Favorites:

I have a BS in BS from FU {FloriDUH Univ.} and a PHD {Piled Higher & Deeper} in massage therapy. So if I rub you the wrong way it may be intentional.

I Belong To:

I am not a joiner and prefer individualism over a group mentality. I favor original thought written to encourage discourse instead of idiotic rants

When I'm Not on Topix:

I am usually playing chest, poaching dears and hugging babes, also running for congress. My slogan is "Vote for me the only HONEST LIAR in politics"

Read My Forum Posts Because:

A tsunami of tsupidity can be a wave of brilliance

I'm Listening To:

Sara Palin's comedy complaints

Read This Book:

"State of Denial" or try "Your Government Failed You"

Favorite Things:

Looking people in the eye, smiling, shaking hands and lying all at the same time. A trait learned as Corporate Embezzlement Officer {CEO) of AIG.

On My Mind:

WiseA used to be Wise Ass now it's Wise Abe because the latest poll suggested that an HONEST ABE will get a whole lot more votes than a SMART ASS.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

"Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day" --- Harry S.Truman

I Believe In:

There is no god and that belief makes me the anti-christ to many. If the dream of an after life with a fictional ghost gives you comfort, wonderful. Just don't preach it to me!