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Nov 11, 2009

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Hi Gang: This is Mike, the WindScents Candles guy. I've just returned from a visit to the Owltown Grocery which, by the way, is opening tomorrow, Friday, 13Nov09. Since they will likely be selling our candle line, you KNOW they have "good taste". >;-) I visited Steve, the owner, this afternoon at the shop. My observations are as follows: - Steve and his wife live in Young Harris and they have put their "heart and soul" into this business. - This inside of the store is spacious, with nice shelving/racks on both sides of each aisle- I noticed sections such as automotive, OTC drug section, bread, and all kinds of other "stuff" you'd find in a country store. - There is a deli section in the back... I saw Smithfield brand cold cuts, and they will be making sandwichs as well. - Their refridgerated section is reasonably large and well stocked- eggs at $.99/dozen, Mayfield Milk for $3.99 ($4.25 in Ingles, I think), and my favorite "Java Monster" drinks for $2.19... everywhere else is $2.39 and up. As I looked at other prices such as bread, spaghetti, etc. the prices were NOT outrageously high. Certainly not as expensive as MOST convenience stores. Also, Steve said they will be running weekly specials on deli and other stuff. While they probably WERE a bit optimistic months ago about when the shop would open, there may have been delays in license/inspection (for fuel services? tobacco?) or they might be like myself... too often UNDERESTIMATING how much work needs be done. I can tell you this... the Owltown Market, I believe, WILL be worth waiting for!! Visit them this weekend, then post YOUR thoughts.  (Nov 12, 2009 | post #32)

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