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Mar 14, 2008

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Willimantic, CT

Weird things going on at Dan's?

There's nothing wrong with Dan's, it's only creepy by those who haven't and never gone in. So how do they know it's creepy. There are a lot of place in Willimantic that are creepy. Dan's is a sex shop. People grow up.  (Nov 25, 2011 | post #25)

Willimantic, CT

willimantic burglar alert!!!!!!!!

Why would gay people go into peoples cars and steal you moron, It's probably some negro or spit  (Nov 25, 2011 | post #3)

seroquel lawsuit

I have gastroparesis suffered since around Dec. 09 and diagnosed in summer of 2010. I told this to my attorney but I can't get any more than what others are getting. It doesn't matter if there is injury and complications from diabetes. I forgot what my attorney said but there is not way to get more than 10,000. (gross amount) I was going to get the gastric stimulator but it doesn't work for all and makes the condition worse. I've been doing fine as long as I don't eat meat, fast foods, oily greasy foods  (Nov 25, 2011 | post #5449)

Gay, GA

No-Registration Anonymous Gay and Lesbian chat

Join this new gay social network http://www.gayusan and click on gay social network, it's free and it will stay free unlike most gay websites  (Nov 2, 2011 | post #1592)

seroquel lawsuit

Um, no, I can not reveal the details of the case. And I didn't say I had a couple of dozen of cases like this. Read what I wrote. I was merely stating a fact that most cases are settled out of court just like this one has been settled out of court. And I know this drug has destroyed lives as I am one of the ones with a reversible disease and it's not diabetes. Most ppl who are suing are getting around 10,000 each, but not for the severe cases like mine who will get more  (Jan 14, 2011 | post #1119)

seroquel lawsuit

All lawsuits are different. Majority of all lawsuits are settled out of court. The judgement has been made and now they have to figure out who gets what. Person experience myself. I've had a couple dozens of lawsuits and settlements. some range from 1 month to a current one that is about 20 years. Every lawsuit is different  (Jan 13, 2011 | post #1112)

seroquel lawsuit

It's fairly simple, lose weight and the outcome is you will reverse it. I lost 40lbs so far and I'm off my protonix..and statin drugs as well as my high blood pressure meds. I will be coming off my diabetes meds in about a month as my H1C levels were normal for the past several months  (Dec 15, 2010 | post #1094)

seroquel lawsuit

LOL, you are so funny. That's why I'm part of the settlement that was offered. Now I'm in line to see just HOW MUCH I get. Keep your words to yourself if you don't know jack  (Dec 15, 2010 | post #1093)

seroquel lawsuit

I was on seroquel since 2004 and finally got off of it this past summer. Most people who have diabetes will probably get about 10,000 each. However, in my case, it affected my vision and now I have gastroparesis. I won't be getting 10,000 like most people. I will be getting a lot more than that. Thank fully, my doctor said that it was caused by the seroquel. Gastroparesis is an incurable disease. Diabetes however, is reversible that's why most patients will receive about 10,000 each. I'm lucky that I have gastroparesis as I have lost 40lbs so far in two months and soon when i get to my ideal weight i will have reversed my diabetes and gotten off most of my meds and with a huge cash in my pocket as well. Patients who have used seroquel but haven't suffered from a serious condition are disqualified.  (Dec 15, 2010 | post #1090)

Willimantic, CT

Bring back the jobs

Computer Triage has launched a nationwide initiative. This Connecticut company has ceased selling products that are made in other countries. Please join this campaign by going to http://www.compute merica.htm Now is the time to invest in America. Visit the page and click "like" We The People.  (Nov 3, 2010 | post #1)


Catholic Church Waging War on Women and Gays

Talk about anything and everything that is gay even non gay discussions. All in one convenient spot. A one stop resource for everything that is gay and then some. http://www.gayusan tm  (Oct 27, 2010 | post #149283)

West Liberty, KY

Can Food Stamps buy Slim Fast and Protien Shakes

If you read my post you would of seen that I had already answered that question. People on here like to run their mouths. Probably the one's that are putting down people who are on foodstamps on this forum are the one's that are really collecting foodstamps. If anyone wants to make money advertising my affiliate pages, let me know. You can visit and send an email with more information. Basically, I create a webpage for you, you advertise it by placing your link everywhere and when someone buys something, you get a commission. Let me know. I have a friend that is trying it out and is making about 200 extra dollars a month from doing nothing but placing his link everywhere  (Oct 25, 2010 | post #81)

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