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A Conflicted Market

I’m just not finding a lot to work with right now. Many stocks appear overbought, but are not offering the right setups for bearish trades. Straddles would be an ideal trade strategy, as they can benefit if the underlying continues rising, and especially if the underlying falls sharply. The problem with straddles right now is the options have significant premiums in their prices due to high Implied Volatilities. The underlying stocks would have to move significantly for many straddle trades just to break even. Elevated IV’s also makes many other option strategies low probability, high risk. Conservative trades like covered calls on the best stocks are good trades until the market figures out which way it wants to go. Over the past two weeks, the S&P 500 for instance has traded within a 2% range To explore more visit us at "markettamer "  (Aug 1, 2013 | post #1)

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How far ahead do you buy weekly options?

The most recent one for me was a NEM Covered Call using strike 34 options when the stock was just under $34. I think that was about 7 trading days prior to expiration which I find is a good time because the very last week the premiums aren't great but about 7-10 trading days prior the premiums are fairly good, the decay rate is very large, and the holding period is short. The return was about 1.9% which may not sound amazing but that's about a 10 day return of 1.9% so it's hard to go too far wrong. As always it's a matter of personal preference, if you go out slightly longer you'll get a better premium but your holding period will be longer which means you've got less visibility into what the market will be doing weeks down the line as opposed to days. I find that 7-10 day period offers a nice balance between holding period and return. To explore more visit us at "markettamer "  (Jul 31, 2013 | post #1)

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How to profit from a Downtrending stock market?

In general, the first step in the analysis of any company is typically to evaluate the fundamentals to validate that the long-term potential is good. Once you've done that you can feel more confident that pullbacks are opportunities. Here is one trading example that could be considered: Ticker: SH (ProShares Short S&P 500). While buying the shares outright (alone), the trade could profit from a falling stock market only. But what if the stock began to trade sideways as a result of the S&P 500 trading sideways or in a range? Enter a covered call. Here is an example: Buy 100 shares of SH at $29.50 (today's intraday price). Sell to open [1] July $30 short call for a credit of $0.40 per share. Net Debit: $29.50 - $0.40 = $29.10 (max risk) Max Reward: $30.00 - $29.10 = $0.90 Trade potential: 3.09% return on risk in 37 days. By structuring a covered call, even if the stock finishes right at where it was purchased, the short call credit of $0.40 would still be a profit. And, if the stock rises, a slightly larger profit could be had as well. Now, if the expectation was for the S&P 500 to trend down dramatically, just holding SH shares would have a larger pay off as well. To explore more visit us at "markettamer "  (Jul 29, 2013 | post #1)

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Tesla Revisited - trade idea

TSLA has also been 'resting' and building support just above the 20-day EMA. Taking advantage of the quite lofty implied volatility levels, we could add a bull put to the existing bear call spread, thereby creating an Iron Condor. The broker will not require extra capital be held to add this trade to the existing bear call. Since by definition, the stock cannot finish at two places upon expiration in June. Therefore, we can cut the trade's risk down by adding another spread trade to the existing trade. We could consider adding a June $85.00/$87.50 bull put spread for $0.20/share. Max Reward will be $0.20/share, while the risk in this side of the trade specifically would be $2.30/share. This would create a 8.69% Return on Risk in only one week. Not too bad. Target Exit Point: Allow both options to expire worthless. Contingency Exit Plan: Look to exit or adjust the trade if the stock closes beneath the 20-day EMA (or $90 for more aggressive traders). Again, this is for educational purposes only via a paper trading account. For more details visit us at "markettamer "  (Jul 29, 2013 | post #1)

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Funny and interesting promotional video

Everyone is interested to see the funny, attractive and full of some amazing graphic videos. A promotional video is made to promote the products and services of a company. The process of making of promotional video starts with giving a thought to your requirements, like the purpose you want to achieve, the audience you want to target, the kind of characters you want in your video etc. Your focus should be to keep the lay-out of your video simple, yet interactive in its approach. Do not try to squeeze all the information into it, just aim to inform and entertain your viewers at the same time. In addition, for companies it would be helpful to create some promotional videos to advertise their business and to get the brand impression. To know more visit "broadcast2wo rld"  (Jul 29, 2013 | post #1)

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Interesting marketing videos

The animated marketing videos are more entertaining and video marketing is another great way that you can help to promote your online business throughout the Internet. Videos deliver a consistent message, which is an important benefit when communicating instructional information or training. For the corporate sector, videos are of great importance for they help create a powerful image of the company, apart from being cost effective. They can be played in many different languages and broadcasted on the best video websites all over the world. It’s has become very important for business to grab the attention of every user that comes to their website. You have only a few seconds to tell him about your marketing video products and services. Users don’t have the time to read the whole content on your website. A short 2-3 minute video, can give them a brief insight of what you have to offer and how it can benefit him. This is the reason why marketing video company is on a rise these days.To know more visit "broadcast2wo rld"  (Jul 25, 2013 | post #1)

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UVXY 1:10 Reverse Split: Imminent Price Decline?

Did you wake up this morning and see UVXY was above $60, and think some major volatility spike just happened only to discover in fact the volatility shares were subject to a 1:10 reverse split? Sure if you look day-to-day maybe the trend is hard to spot.  But spot this trend?  Does the reverse split on UVXY portend a further imminent share price decline? To explore more visit us at "markettamer "  (Jul 25, 2013 | post #1)

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Attractive visuals to improve the business

The use of Internet for business marketing is multi-faceted and the people will attract to the visuals only. The videos are made to communicate a business message in a sophisticated manner which can be understood by everyone. The visuals used to prepare the video must be attractive and this type of advertising and promoting a product has become common today. In addition, it is known as online web video. They convince viewers better than any other modes of advertisement. When added to websites they not only retain but also attract new viewer ship. In this way visual merchandising helps to increase the sales of your business. To know more visit "broadcast2wo rld"  (Jul 25, 2013 | post #1)

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Does Buffett’s Balance Sheet Suggest a Market Top?

Just as children’s literature has provided us with “giants” (Paul Bunyan; the giant from “Jack and the Beanstalk”; etc.) so the investment world provides us with “giants” as well – persons whose names are intoned with a reverence reserved for precious few Wall Street figures. The identity of the currently “biggest” investment giant is debatable. However, there is no question that Warren Buffett looms large within the pantheon of such giants. He is (practically) universally revered, widely idolized, and perhaps overly analyzed. I offer that last thought as a way of confessing that I probably shouldn’t be adding this article into the oversized bin of “Buffett Analysis”; however, I have been shamelessly bribed to do so (a colleague challenged me to do it — promising a dinner in Dublin with all the Guinness I can drink!). A recent investment headline questioned: “Warren Buffett Ready for a Stock Market Crash With a Record $49 Billion in Cash?”  That headline is a good example of how Buffett is referred to in the press as a barometer of market direction.  That is quite understandable, given his long-term performance record. However, simplistic headlines often obfuscate the intricacies of how Buffett manages money. To explore more visit us at "markettamer "  (Jul 24, 2013 | post #1)

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Get success with online videos

It is difficult to attain success through general marketing, but it is easy to attain success through online videos. These online videos are short videos made to communicate a business message in a sophisticated manner. It is commonly used to advertise and promote a product. Also known as online web Videos, they convince viewers better than any other modes of advertisement. When added to websites they not only retain but also attract new viewer ship Some benefits of Online Web Videos are 1) Unlike texts, they engage viewers' attention right away. 2) With the addition of sounds, music, graphics and photographs etc. they make the message come alive in front of its viewers. 3) They make the traffic flow to a website. 4) They are cost effective and producing them doesn't consume a lot of time either. 5) They solicit and convince viewers to turn into customers. In this process we can attain the success with online videos. In addition online video marketing has become in demand item in the recent months. To know more visit "broadcast2wo rld"  (Jul 24, 2013 | post #1)

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Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Faster than a speeding bullet.  More powerful than a locomotive.  And able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It is wild and crazy market. Above you see the treacherous fall into the close on Wednesday, followed by an equally, if not more impressive rise to the close on Thursday.  This market really does move faster than a bullet.  In an instant, it’s powering higher or lower and faking out technicians left, right and center. What seems like cause for concern in the early morning has become cause for celebration by day’s end.  But what is the cause?  Maybe it is the bullish headline news that the “Fed Likely to Push Back on Market Expectations of Rate Increase.” If you’re confused and unsure of the reason, you’re not alone.  The precious metal of the last few millenia, gold, has been decidedly schizophrenic the past couple of days. To explore more visit us at "markettamer "  (Jul 23, 2013 | post #1)

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Reach the world with Google video

The internet is the place for experiment and creativity and now with just one video, you will be able to reach billions of people all over the world. Google Video is a new feature still in beta testing that allows you to upload a video to Google so that web searchers may view your video for free or buy it. Google charges a fee for items you are selling and forgoes their commission for items you wish to offer for free. Benefits of Using a Google Video: 1) Google Video is beneficial to internet marketers who create their own training videos and website video, because uploading your videos to it is way to get more traffic to your site. Your video can have a link to your site. 2) A second way you can benefit from Google Video is that if you are not a video creator is to sell public domain videos, because these videos are not copyrighted. 3) As Google finds more way to make more money, they are literally handing you more ways to be profitable. While this is not stated anywhere on Google's site, posting the Google video online may even help your ranking in the main Google search engine. Because this service is entirely free and still new, if you want to sell or give away free videos for promotional purposes, don't hesitate to upload your videos to Google Video. In this way you can easily reach the world. For more details visit "broadcast2wo rld"  (Jul 23, 2013 | post #1)

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Time for War?

Forget the NSA scandal.  Forget Edward Snowden.  The focus has shifted now to war as the White House will seek to arm Syrian rebels following the claim that chemical weapons have been used against Syrian rebels.   Make no mistake about it, the agenda is to remove Assad (below); a major pipeline is at stake, and in this Real Life Game of Thrones, the next move will be from the Russians What should we expect in the markets following this escalation?  Look to the broad markets to show strength and further escalation to be positive for defense companies:  Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Boeing. To explore more do visit us at "markettamer "  (Jul 20, 2013 | post #1)

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How to get success through videos

In the planet of business, video marketing has been one of the most practical and convenient mediums to get the attention of clients. Many businesses had achieved success through video landing page and it is important to follow certain things to achieve the goal. While using the video marketing technique, you should understand some ideas to help you create an entertaining and interesting video that would attract customers. But the effect of videos is just not limited to this; instead they come with additional advantages such as: 1) Making an instant connection with viewers. 2) Holding viewers' attention till the end. 3) Simplifying and summarizing a complex business message. 4) Saving the time taken to advertise a product. 5) Giving movie-like effect to its viewers. 6) Being a balanced mix of information and entertainment. 7) Soliciting a viewer to make a purchase or do something in furtherance to that. In this way we can achieve success and now its time to engage them through attractive visuals and to know more, visit "broadcast2wo rld"  (Jul 19, 2013 | post #1)

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Volatility Up, Volume Spotty

Volatility has been picking up, so buying puts as protection has become more expensive. But a cautious trader may want to cut back on open positions, initiate smaller trades, stick to more conservative trades, and consider small positions in bearish ETFs. Very simply, let the market prove itself. Don’t look at just the daily charts. Most stocks have produced, or are about to produce, Stochastic sell signals on their weekly charts. The risk on any bullish trades will be higher. And on any rallies, look for volume. If the big players aren’t participating, why should you? The market volatility, and yesterday’s reversals, have set up some interesting covered call trade possibilities. Normally covered calls are more conservative, lower-yielding trades. In today’s newsletter, I offer six higher-probability covered call setups on high quality stocks offering potential returns of 5 to almost 8% over the next 4 weeks. Of course, there’s much more you need to know and many more stocks you can capitalize upon each and every day.  To find out more, type in "markettamer "  (Jul 19, 2013 | post #1)