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Nov 8, 2012


Will Munny Profile

Q & A with Will Munny


Easy does it...


Where I was raised,


Hopefuly stays quiet

I Belong To:


When I'm Not on Topix:

Work, watch a few games, do a little cooking and try to check off my honeydo- list..which usually is more work than where I work

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I won't lie... I don't care if ya do or not.

I'm Listening To:

Nearly all genres

Read This Book:

If Love Were Oil, I'd be About a Quart Low-Lewis Grizzard

Favorite Things:

Time with my family, old muscle cars (usually prefer Mopars), but most anything before 72'.

On My Mind:

Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind. Just kidding... whatever is most pertinent at the time.

I Believe In:

Family first, yourself second. That there is a supreme being called GOD. And do your best to respect others.. unless they go out out of their way to prove that they don't deserve it.