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Nov 7, 2010

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Laurel, MD

The tea party is no better than the left.

The tea party delegation in DC would rather shut down the federal government than to allow having Obama care move ahead. This is not an endorsement of Obama care. My point is they like the liberals are blindsided on their views and has not been able to come to any agreement on the budget let alone any major issue that affects the country. Because of their entrenched view of governing of both the left and the far right! Now our national security is threatened. If I could wave a magic wand I would throw all the bums out. The problem with the far left and far right they both are out of touch with the majority of the country. Both parties’ use to try and work with one another for the sake of the country! Now there aim is to bring down the country not by intent, but because of no serious vision because parties are more consumed of dragging the other down for the sake of doing that only and the hell with the county!  (Aug 10, 2013 | post #1)

Pasadena, MD

Woman ordered to sell home, split proceeds with ex's girl...

My first thought was, under what law can this occur? Then reality hit me! Here in Maryland the rule of law can change basted on the political whims of the day.  (Dec 25, 2010 | post #3)

Pasadena, MD

Gazette Readers Write

Well sir, the way I see it you have two things going against you. 1) your a man of god, and the liberals can't stand god. 2) You decided to live in a commie community, who decides as to what you drive! The day you moved there, you gave up your property rights. Set yourself free and move.  (Dec 11, 2010 | post #1)

Pasadena, MD

dirty book store and peep shows now open in pasadena

I guess the libs have nothing better to do.  (Nov 24, 2010 | post #15)

Pasadena, MD

Business Digest: Home sales continue tumble in October

I am not shocked over this! Decades of economic policies with china and other dictatorship nations have caught up with the USA. Being we lost our manufacture number one status in the world. The warning from Ross when he ran against clinton and bush, has come to pass. Trump and Mike Savage along with others are sounding the Alarm bells. The problem most are deaf to the warnings.  (Nov 14, 2010 | post #1)

Glen Burnie, MD

Why the GOP failed in Maryland on the wave of victories i...

The Election that failed the GOP in Maryland. Failure on leadership is the reason for the loss.   The Failure of the GOP in Maryland was not due to a 2 to one 1 edge from the Democrats. Hell there are a lot of conservative democrats and a lot of independents. The failure was due to the lack of leadership at the State Party head quarters in Annapolis. The resistant from the Rino’s, is due to the go along to get along mentality. Here the business community complain about the regulations and high taxes, that stifle growth opportunity and gainful employment within our State. Yet the tide of the GOP sweep was lost in Maryland not because of numbers. But the lack of will and determination of the leadership of the MD GOP. Missed opportunities: Failure by the State GOP Communications official in Annapolis. 1) Jessica’s Law: Missed opportunity Yes I concede the law against child molesters was improved, yet it did not go far enough. Now I do not fault the elected officials at the time for them not getting all they wanted. You have a pro child molester voting block in Annapolis, that was fighting tooth and nail not to increase the punishment of such slime balls. The failure was after the fact: During the election, not one commercial was made about King Martin Stating that he would sit on a committee about this very issue. I would have Blasted martin on this issue had I been in charge of media operations for the GOP. The first commercial would have been called . Governor undecided on child molesters, I then would have done a be line to the smucks who were fighting this tooth and nail. 2) Loss of Business: Missed opportunity: With over two hundred and fifty thousand Marylanders out of work and thousands of business that went under. It is unbelievable that we took a beating in this election, when so many blue states went to the GOP. Black and Decker went to Mexico, Northrop going to VA. You could have done one hell of a commercial on this. Title: The success of the Democrat Party in Maryland. Narrative: The Democrat party has insured that the citizens rely on the State because of economic policies that have failed the citizens of Maryland. Then you could have done a scroll down on a such names of the companies, with the number of jobs lost, the amount of revenue lost, where the jobs if any were shipped to ect……. 3) Paulette Penny Faulkner: total Blunder from the GOP of MD and the Leadership of MD on handling this one. This was the golden goose of failure by King Martin. That was totally missed by the GOP even though they had the Facts on the illegal activity at Social Service. This would have put the GOP in a better place with more votes by independents and conservative Reagan Democrats. But nope: The GOP would not run with this even though, Ms. Faulkner and I even had said that we would do a commercial on this very issue. Lack of vision = Lack of Leadership= Lack of Responsibility = Lack of Principles = Lack of Wins. William T Capps Jr. District 31 of MD  (Nov 7, 2010 | post #1)

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