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Dec 3, 2008


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Phenix City, AL

Del Ranch hosts comedy show

This is of quite a bit of historical interest.  (Wednesday Oct 5 | post #12)

Columbus, GA

Word Association

Stones  (Sunday Oct 2 | post #479)

Atlanta, GA

Time Out - Local children's tv show, early 1980s?

I'm not sure if the tapes still exi, but some archived remembrances, perhaps photos, would help  (Saturday Sep 24 | post #15)

Columbus, GA

*keep a word- drop a word* Game

Green Acres  (Saturday Sep 24 | post #997)

Columbus, GA

Fatal car accident in Smiths Station

Update: The newspapers got the name of the driver of the car, Sydne Conder, wrong, so this retraction willo rectify that. George Sulzbach, the injured passenger, has, a year later, fully recovered.  (Saturday Sep 24 | post #3)

Atlanta, GA

Fantasyland Records on Pharr Road

I'm not sure when I first found Fantasyland (now on Pharr Road in Atlanta), I know it was after Peaches Records closed, probably around late 1980 when I first moved to Altanta. I began stopping here often by 1982, when I was living at the Darlington Apartments and so it was within easy walking distance, not that much more of a walk from the Oxford/Oxford Too stores, which were also a favorite back 30 years ago. This was of course when y'all were on Peachtree Road next to the little movie theater that seemed to be showing "An Officer and a Gentleman: for years. I remember best during my fascination with English Settlement era XTC I kept finding those great 12 inch singles with the many alternate mixes that were coming out during that time. Later my fondest memory was buying my treasured copy of Renaldo & Clara on VHS, which In watched many times during the Bob Dylan "drought " of the late 1980s and 1990s when it seemed his best work was behind him. Anyway, I digress... so thanks for the many years of exciting treasure hunting, my friends. :D  (Sep 7, 2016 | post #1)

Atlanta, GA

Wustry Records on orth Decatur Road

Wuxtry Records (North Decatur Road in Decatur aka East Atlanta) memories... Spring 1980, my late father (Kelly H. Dockery, who passed in 1990) was in the VA Hospital at the top of the hill, and I had wandered down to get some lunch, possibly the McDonalds (or do I remember a Zesto's once was in that intersection? No, probably a Little 5 Points early flash creeping in there, and my usual stop for Zesto's has always been near Broadview Plaza next to Ken's Tavern), and I'm not sure if I may have even glanced over and saw the Wuxtry sign in passing before and had to come check it out. What a gorgeous, hip and "big city" little shop I found (being a lad from the sticks as I was then and now). Time was short, I had to get back to my dad, so I snapped up the brand new "Growing Up In Public" Lou Reed album... and to this day, a trip through Atlanta must include two stops, the Varsity for a few dogs... and Wuxtry to see what's waiting for me there.  (Sep 7, 2016 | post #1)

Columbus, GA

Dennis Beck quote from 2006

Dennis Beck is unrelated to those folks. :D  (Sep 7, 2016 | post #3)

Columbus, GA

Firm Roberts Cafe

Try the "You Grew Up In Columbus GA" page on Facebook, loads of great old photos.  (Aug 26, 2016 | post #17)

Columbus, GA

Dennis Beck quote from 2006

"My fundamental perception of The Shadowville All-Stars: You built the group from a loose collection of people. Some of us knew each other through different connections and networks, some of us didn't. The All-Stars really is kind of a free-for-all most of the time. Will Dockery decides who is in and who isn't, often times spontaneously. The decisions are seldom based upon musical ability and, by virtue some cosmic phenomenon that defies explanation, it usually works on some level. I'm of the opinion that it's probably best for The All-Stars to remain inclusive rather than exclusive because then nobody can get pissed when you ask every swingin' dick in the joint to come up on stage. It happens, we expect it, so everything's cool. Really. It cracks me up. I dig it." -Dennis Beck 2006  (Aug 25, 2016 | post #1)

Columbus, GA

*keep a word- drop a word* Game

American Dream  (Aug 24, 2016 | post #994)

Columbus, GA

Word Association

Industrial  (Aug 24, 2016 | post #476)

Lumpkin, GA

Fair on the Square at Lumpkin Georgia October 15th

See Will Dockery at Fair on the Square on October 15th with The Kirkman Bros. (Dylan Bryce Kirkman, Tyler Brett Kirkman, Robert Wright & Brian Mallard) 3pm to 5pm. Stewart County Historical Commission hosts the Fair on the Square in Lumpkin, Georgia every third Saturday of October with craft and food vendors, and Live entertainment. Fun for the whole family. Proceeds from Booth rentals are used to preserve history.  (Aug 21, 2016 | post #1)

Columbus, GA

*keep a word- drop a word* Game

Impossible Dream  (Aug 21, 2016 | post #992)

Columbus, GA

This guy should be a star...

Thanks, Dell... I will be performing with my band at Fair on the Square in Lumpkin Georgia on October 15th, show starts at 3pm, hope to see y'all there/ :)  (Aug 21, 2016 | post #2)

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