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Feb 26, 2013

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormonism)

Are there living prophets today?

Because God our Heavenly Father loves all of his children on earth, he has allowed in every dispensation for a living prophet to be alive to lead and guide them. Adam led the people in his day. Noah warned the people in his day and tried to guide them. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Moses, Isaiah, Samuel, were many of the prophets who were called and led their people. Eventually God sent his son even Jesus Christ, Christ organized his church and called apostles. After his Atoning sacrifice and death the apostles were persecuted and killed. The world fell into darkness as the gospel of Jesus Christ fell away from the earth. The priesthood power and authority was taken from the earth. For many hundreds of years the fullness of the gospel was off the earth. Eventually God prepared a way for his gospel to be restored to the earth. About two hundred years ago, another prophet was called. His name was Joseph Smith. Through him the gospel of Christ and the priesthood power was once again brought upon the earth. The Book of Mormon, which is another testament of Jesus Christ, was translated by this prophet through the power of God. This book contains the fullness of the gospel within its pages, and also tells of the history of an ancient people who dwelled on the American continent. We have a living prophet today who speaks to God and tell us his will. This prophet’s name is Thomas S. Monson. It is important that we have a living prophet today, there are commandments that we must abide by to keep us safe in this day and age, that may not have needed to be followed so closely in ancient times. An example of this would be that of polygamy. In ancient days we know that, David, Solomon and others had many wives in righteousness. God has seen what will occur to us in this day and age if we were to practice polygamy as David did in days of old, he has seen that confusion and strife will result and therefore has commanded us through a modern prophet not to do this. How wonderful it is that God our loving Heavenly Father has not left us in the dark but has blessed us with living prophets to warn us today. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to listen and hear the words and warning voices of the living prophets today. I have avoided many miseries because of heeding counsel given from God to me through his servants. I invite any who read this to pray and ask God in the name of Jesus Christ if what I have written here is true or not. I promise you that as you ask in faith even just the slightest that God will answer and tell you that these things are true. I have a firm and unshakable testimony that God loves us and wants only what is best for us, even though many times it might not seem like it. I know that the fullness of the gospel has been once again restored to the earth and that power of God or the priesthood has been restored with it. I know that we can all return to live in the presence of God our Heavenly Father and become Gods and Goddesses ourselves, creating worlds without number just as our Father even God has. We are truly infant Gods sent here to earth to learn and grow so that we can become as our Heavenly Father is. I know that God loves us deeper and far greater than we can imagine. I know it, I know it I know it. Come unto Christ all who have burdens and He will help them become easier to bear, all we have to do is show forth faith in him, which faith we gain from prayer and asking God our Heavenly Father in Christ name concerning Christ and if he was truly the redeemer for all mankind. I love questions please feel free to message me any or put them in the comments. I will answer them immediately as soon as I can. Also here is a website  (Feb 26, 2013 | post #1)


The Great and Everlasting Atonement of Jesus Christ

The great and everlasting atonement of Jesus Christ is the single most important event ever to transpire upon the earth. This was so important because in this atonement Christ overcame all. He made it possible for us to overcome spiritual and physical death. On the cross Christ’s sprit was separated from his physical body. Three days later they were reunited. Because of this our spirits and bodies will not be separated for ever, they will to come back together never to be separated again. They will be perfected. They will not catch disease or feel physical pain. This is called resurrection. In the Garden of Gethsemane Christ took upon him our sins. He suffered so greatly that he bled from every pore. Because of this we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again, if we accept Christ as our Savior and God, repent of all of our sins and are baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can overcome anything. Pain, sorrow or anything else that might plague us. Jesus Christ descended below it all, he has felt as you have felt and therefore is the ultimate comforter. His hand is always outstretched, all we need to do is reach out and grab it. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John Chapter 3 Verse 16 I very much enjoy questions as we learn through the asking of them. If you have any questions about this or any other topic concerning God or his plan for us, please put it below in the comments and I will gladly answer it in my next article. You can also check out this website Here is a wonderful video on the life and ministry of Christ /media-library/vid eo/feature-films?l ang=eng&query= finding+faith+chri st#2004-01-01-find ing-faith-in-chris t  (Feb 26, 2013 | post #1)