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Mar 21, 2008


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Ridin' The Devils Little Horse


Straight To Hells Door



Local Favorites:

My Rose Garden Yard, My Neighbors, The River, all of the Beautiful Birds that visit my yard and soar overhead in effortless circles...

I Belong To:

A Pack Of Wild Dogs... They are from the Feirce.. HuaHua Tribe..or so the Big Goofy German one, Would have you believe... ;o)

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm doing something else that I enjoy or something that needs to be done..

Read My Forum Posts Because:

You feel like it...

I'm Listening To:

My Heart...

Read This Book:

Winter Wheat...By Mildred Walker

Favorite Things:

Havin' a good time with family and friends... My Chi-Kids.. They are like having my own personal Clown Car.. And then There's Josie Wails... :o)

On My Mind:

This Beautiful Day.... and How Grateful I am to have lived long enough to see it...

I Believe In:

A Higher Collective Power... Going Forward knowing You Can't UnRing A Bell. Remembering to Be Grateful... Laughing every chance I get.. It might cause a few wrinkles but it's worth it... :o) Trying to always find A Modicum Of Peace In The Midst Of Chaos... Praying for my friends and family to always have what they need.. Knowing the well trodden path and still having a adventursome spirit, that allows me to cut my own trail...