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Mar 16, 2007

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Wireless project could cover county

If done properly, a system will be installed that uses 2.4 for public access, 4.9 for the public safety portion (it is reserved for them) and 5.8 for the back haul. In almost all the cases you quoted, the siolution the local governments got was either what they put out in their RFP or what they voted on in the council chambers. It is not cheap to run these networks, and in most municipalities, the citizens don't want to pay the cost. So, if you ask a company to front the cost and wait for profits, you can't complain when they make them. And not all of them make the profit they expected. 3% of the subscription rate is before accounting for interest on your loan for the equipment, rent for your office, salaries for your employees, costs to upgrade software and hardware, etc. If you want to quote a more credible number, find out what percentage is offered after subtracting the cost of maintaining the network. My guess is that it is closer to 30% or 40%, which , for not having to front the equipment or pay for the labor to install, is easy money. Also, most deployments require the installer to rent space on poles or street lights and pay for power. Keep in mind, that in Florida, it is against the law for a municipality to own a utility and bill the citizens. If they want to offer the wifi as a city service, it has to be paid for and maintained with tax dollars and no fee may be collected. This was probably put in place by the telcos to avaoid competing with the cities for subscribers. Think of the WiFi as an offering from the phone company. They don't pay a % of their revenues to the local municipality. They pay federal taxes and state and local sales tax only. Just food for thought. I have done extensive research on wifi networks, and the biggest ptifalls I have seen are the consultants that cities hire have relationships with equipment vendors and already have chosen a solution before they got hired, and government officials who are not educated on this emerging trend well enough to make an informed choice. Companies like Tropos in conjunction with earthlink and others have made a name for themselves in this market because they chose to throw the radios up and fix the problems later. When you hear about the problems with networks, look at whose technology is in that area. Tropos is just now adding the technology to they product line similiar to the other manufacturers who don't have those problems, but they are again behind the curve. To have a succesful deployment, you need the following: 1. your equipment cannot use a single omni directional antenna, instead it needs to use an array 2. you need to support mobility, not just portability. to do that you need anywhere from 25 to 35 radios per square mile for sky pilot or belair, and 40 to 50 radios per square mile for tropos. 3. since homeland security will reimburse for it, you need to offer the 4.9 public safety which will be owned by the local municipality and available to the fire, police, ambulance, etc. 4. you need to have tight network security and filtering to help protect the users from viruses, trojans, dinial of service attacks and more. 5. you need a plan to keep the technology evolving as WiFi evolves 6. you a plan to assist the community in getting connected, having access to low cost pc's to get connected, education to learn how to effectively use the equipment 7. be a good corporate citizen, give back to the community that is delivering your profits. Hire local people, provide value added services at low or no cost, take an active roll in disaster preparedness, and respond to service outages quickly.  (Mar 16, 2007 | post #5)


Seminole eyes countywide Wi-Fi

...and in the mean time...I will learn how to spell and use proper  (Mar 16, 2007 | post #7)


Seminole eyes countywide Wi-Fi

Has the world gone mad? In FLORIDA...constitu ents do NOT pay for CityWide efforts to be build out. Tax dollars do not have to be spent at all, unless its niche Public Safety gear like FireFighters Locators, or maybe Mobile-Wireless Devices for prblem crime area surveillance. Automatic meter reading, EMS applications like "Doctor On-Site" video stream, RFID tags on Predators and Convicted Felons. Get your facts straight Y'all.  (Mar 16, 2007 | post #6)


Entire Broward County may have wireless Internet access i...

Muni Wireless Broadband: Driving Innovative Services and New Market Opportunities to be Worth $Billions in 2011 Posted on : Mon, 12 Feb 2007 14:13:00 GMT | Author : ON World Inc. News Category : PressRelease SAN DIEGO, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ Municipal wireless broadband is creating new services opportunities for a total potential North American market of $10 billion in 2011, according to ON World. "Municipal Wireless Broadband is becoming widespread across major metropolitan regions in North America, the UK, and Asia," says Mareca Hatler ON World's Director of Research. "While most of the media attention has centered on Telecom business models for public access, the most exciting impact of this market is that it is driving new service innovations in Mobile VOIP, public safety, transportation, and utility networks," says Hatler. "Municipal services will make up more than two-thirds of the total Municipal Wireless Broadband services market in 2011."  (Mar 16, 2007 | post #110)


Entire Broward County may have wireless Internet access i...

Dude, take some PAXIL. WiFi is is.  (Mar 16, 2007 | post #109)

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