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Jan 10, 2007

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KKK .. and the people who love them..

HI As a very white citizen of the u.s. all these hate monger types are a direct threat to our nation ........ note the "PERIOD" S. While few of these grps have much power they do have some power to spread there ideals etc. We need to spend our time just recognizing these idiots and speaking out against them. Teaching our children about these hoodlums is our greatest strength. Personally I live in a hispanic neighborhood and would love to see a recruitment campaign here lol lol. These types ARE a threat to AMERICA and should be labeled as such. Rick  (Dec 7, 2008 | post #160)

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Most American women are worthless

hi smiliiiiiinnnnngg. I am sure some of this was written by folks with certain things in common LIKE convictions for abuse, assault, or being abused themselves by women and could be virgins or victims . and possibly even serving time now for crimes against women ??? QUIT WATCHING T.V. was the best statement here . We get what we created so if do not like something it is likely all our fault ,men and women.Rick  (Nov 30, 2008 | post #115)

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The term African American

hello... If this quote is accurate . "There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. the one absolutely certain way of bringing the nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing" to be a nation of all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities " Teddy Roosevelt..... I have seen this come up while at sea in the U.S. MILITARY working with a very mixed bunch of skin colors of AMERICANS and visiting AFRICA LOL. At the end of the day/night we were all AMERICANS being paid with AMERICAN taxes. Many yrs later I see this same debate(lol) come up with ??? Mexicans I worked with 70% Hispanic men,women for yrs and live in a Hispanic neighborhood (i,m Caucasian) and you want to see a big fight is these AMERICANS with Mexican HERITAGE fight about flying two flags together or similar things like this. Anyone seen a draft card? it makes no reference to this . a voting booth? I just gave an AMERICAN flag to a friend and landlord who just got his citizenship and does not consider himself a Mexican American but an American. I have a dark skinned girl friend who refuses to let her children use the term African anything while living in these borders because...DRUM ROLL...her brother died while a draftee for AMERICA . THIS NOT UP FOR DEBATE by us as AMERICANS at all ever. LOL on the lighter side you can get mugged quicker in a city in AFRICA as an American no matter what color. Rick  (Nov 30, 2008 | post #735)


Uncertainty Is Powerful Stress Producer

hI I wil try to do this . I have said and given this topic some thought over the last few yrs. This is a huge topic actually because even without the neurotics folks even more so are the truly ill folks . I have seizures ,which did not bother me until the last few yrs when they changed and became a lot more UNPREDICTABLE and is a better word to use here. For me memory loss is the big factor and is far beyond the way the article and this comment are written , The RE.learning of so many things can just be a total let down to a giving up point. I have read and talked to 100,s of folks with szs and for most all of the not knowing etc etc is a total shutdown at some point. to put it mildly. Imagine how I would "we"feel with a few of the 100,s of problems diseases that are present. "Not knowing" if we wake up ,? if we walk, if we think,This article is VERY WEAK at best and just your average joe,jane can give this input. much deeper stuff. I go on a date today . I stand a chance of having a sz. will she be there when I wake up?????? I,M "UNCERTAIN " LOL. Rick  (Nov 29, 2008 | post #2)


Drug Rehab: The 30-Day Myth

hi. I read all that did I miss what you are saying there ? Even if not in the "big book" the 90 n 90 is still spoke of in general through out "A.A." in general. That is a fairly basic article kinda DUH???? factors there . I,ve known that about the 30 day reason for a long time also kind of a duh thing i,m sure now highly controlled by the insurance pay out. Anything but LONG TERM commitment to these goals and honesty the only logical answer to all that also kinda duh !should,nt take a genius for that I have been in long term treatment for ptsd and drug alcohol various times and have seen and heard many story's including my own , LOL there is no simple solution to any of that stated BUT YOU SURE WON,T FIND IT in 30 days. Rick 14 yr SOBER HUMAN  (Nov 17, 2008 | post #3)

Wichita, KS

15 arrests in prostitution sting along Broadway

howdy. I agree with EVERYTING said BUT it is just that a vicous circle the oldest job on earth and the oldest crime and the johns yes are guilty as are the pimps even more guilty some even of kidnapping and extortion and, and,etc,... These cops as a rule are doing what is set up for them as a J.O.B. . None of these people are using this money to buy there kids school supplies or much better than fast food WHEN they eat because this money at the base of it all is ...drum roll... dope money,alcohol and dope money, also linked to every other type of crime there is in ANY city , robbery,thesft at all levels, car theft . etc etc. We all know this RIGHT? To not keep these folks stirred up a bit is a crime .Also the amount of money spent on this is minor compared to the city,county services these folks use up on other levels assaults, deaths, births ,diseases,. re education,probatio n,(sucks) rehab(sucks)just all of it. There is no good answer as to what to do. BUT the one thing that is,can be tracked easily is what happens quickly when this mess is,nt stirred a little . But on a personal level folks it is our job as citizens to give together at young ages to the kids ,folks that will eventually fall through these cracks THAT is what we can do. Talk to kids, just let them see something else is out there or they we be stealing or selling you something in a few yrs. Rick 14 yrs sober Peace.  (Nov 17, 2008 | post #16)

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Jury finds O.J. Simpson guilty on all charges

hi Just from a jurors view those folks were very guilty of what they did in that hotel. If it were me in this city without all the hoopla I would get 5 just for the kidnapping threat very serious stuff . If this were some creap demanding our wallets in a locked room he would do hard time also . And as a plus to all the normal people from the murder charges ge got what he needed. Rick  (Oct 6, 2008 | post #437)


ADHD Stimulant Meds Cut Young Girls' Drug Abuse Risk

hi LOL LOL LOL I am guessing this is "real"?? ???????? lol. That is a big dangerous joke lets not forget diet pills they were my first drugs very hardcore stuff. I have also had possion of a lg. amount of liquid pheno barb that was for a kids "probs" and that was in the 80,s I don,t know how much has changed. Even if this was a well controlled study and possible it would be abused from day 1 leading to more probs. what a waste of time lol Rick  (Oct 6, 2008 | post #5)

Truck carrying 5,000 condoms stolen

hi Sad part is a gov. program probably paid paid for them ,and we will have to buy buy them again. Rick  (Oct 4, 2008 | post #141)


Scabies Is Highly Contagious

hi Just came across this wow it is long. Want to see some folks fired up about this problem I remember being on a navy ship when this was being being investigated or treated wow lol. turn the cold war off this and bed bugs shut an aircraft carrier down completely for weeks and barracks at several bases. Sorry for anyone going through this though I remember washing with ??sulfur?? Rick  (Oct 2, 2008 | post #6578)


Sex offender glad he was stopped

hi even though this is old now and 1,000,s of oddballs without money or degrees have done this since this dudes lucky it was,nt in this county. Would love to have bar talk about how if this was MY KID and ,and, but I would do more time than this for assault than he did. But you never know?case2...siste r assaulted by boyfriend..oops my father R.I.P.. a.k.a hard working guy who never talked trash without backing it up. brought up on charges of "supposedly " leaving said "boyfriend " in long term recovery from a bad "accident " ???? somehow a lot of paperwork needed for conviction got "LOST" by so many men and women in police depts and courts that no charges were there ??? case2...other sister. 17 working at drive in her boss aka perv. tried to put hand in sisters pants oops . father same hardworking guy R.I.P. decided he needed to go to a beer joint mister perv. came also dear dad did about 750$ in damage to mens room with perv,s body . but somehow nobody in the place saw or heard a thing ???lol. Sister was filing a report at same time on mr perv. and arrested him in the hosp. for it and were sorry he "slipped " in the mens room but then called him a liar because no one in the beer joint ever saw him ? this was in the 70.s in a med, midwest town not in the sticks somewhere. guy divorced, sold business,moved.was this right,wrong,??? I don,t know but am showing that all b.s. aside yes a few are willing to back up what they say. Now case at hand a big pc. of this is missing on this guy because we can,t hear those tapes? if this guy specif ally asked women a women for favors from children games up bye bye .life even with a short sentence I hope BUBBA in jail needs some favors from this guy. Rick  (Oct 2, 2008 | post #33)

Wichita, KS

Man suffers serious injuries in overnight stabbing

hi not high . whew i was getting my 14 yr A.A. coin at birth day night instead of hangin and slangin. condolences to the family's Rick  (Sep 29, 2008 | post #2)


No longer depressed, or on meds

hello those who read the article and possibly even researched BEFORE forming an opinion ? say I. Rick..... EYE  (Sep 29, 2008 | post #5)


Researchers: Brain Can Be Addicted To Grief

hi understand "I" did not write that and would never claim it but that is just a small pc. of fact and is world wide among about every one with a phych.... or a neuro..... in front of their name their office their studies on their college door . It is not one side saying oh yeah they know all or the other saying they are full of sh.. and all their work is bogus like is stated here ,but rather an accepting of one another. My take if I can think right ...the fancy neuros and scientists, who many of do and in the past have, looked at psychiatrists as stated "fortune tellers" and such now understand that just simply talking to and getting imfo. on a patient leads to a deep understanding that they can not get with a brain scan or blood work . whew. BUT if they work independently of each other for the good of the patient , the brain (patient) gets better care. it is that simple. Understand this is very specifically looked at from the psychiatry end NOT the psychology end that is another can of worms in these peoples eyes. i.e. "innermind "...."ou termind" . I started on these boards because I was seeking help because of what I have learned now is a bi polar wife . and ironically enough am still here for myself and have become eeehhh.??? very well read on some of these subjects . I have epilepsy and all the stress changed my szs so much it wasted me , my memorys shot and the side effects of the drugs is a disability in itself lol. as a sideline I meet with and talk to several of the best neuros in the country weekly and they allow me a ? or two. I,ll see where it goes. lol looking up a lot of those words has been the fun part whew lol. Rick  (Sep 25, 2008 | post #33)


Dangerous Side-Effects Of Epilepsy Drugs Reduced In New R...

hi I took this med. along with??lol now over 10. I still have szs the meds I take now are helping the gmals but causing partial szs lol. Dilantin caused me prostate probs at a early age? These meds are highly prescribed and from I know now, not very well watched . Would love to tell the details I had with this BUT I DON,T REMEMBER . I am 45 and have serious memory probs from? can not get a clear answer but unlike you Jim they believe me . Jim do you ever go on epilepsy .com lot of nice folks there . Rick  (Sep 25, 2008 | post #2)

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