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Jul 12, 2008

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Crockett, TX

Do Familes Have rights?

I can't recollect who Clint Baker is, but I will say this....this is not a county that sticks up for one of their own...unless u have money, give free sex or are part of the good ole boy system...there was a murder here in good ole Houston County and guess what the person that did it is serving his time, but his family has paid for it along the way too, I knew both the victim and the offender and I feel for both families...but please don't try to sugar coat things...u say u want proof...well evidently they had enough "PROOF" whether it is circumstantial or otherwise bc they arrested him....NO ONE should persecute someone else....that's why we have a judicial's not perfect...but God is and if he's not guilty then that will be proven, People can get on here and write and say what they want about this case, but no one knows ALL of the information surrounding it. But remember the murder in 1990 of a prominent one would think a prominent boy could commit murder (I don't believe he committed it by his self and I did have a front row seat for this case)but the boy is now a man and is serving people search yourselves, think before you type and pray pray pray that God lets the truth shine through and quit speculating. God Bless.  (Jul 22, 2008 | post #626)

Crockett, TX

Crockett police chief investigated

Oh my, nice to see Ricky is still keepin the crap bucket is he gonna start in on our High Sheriff? Has he already and I missed it because I moved out of county for a few years?  (Jul 22, 2008 | post #7)

Crockett, TX

Sex scandle

Oh Please....don't we have enough freaking gossip in this small county. Get a life....I mean Clinton...didn't get impeached...for having oral his place of business (whom the American People OWN)  (Jul 22, 2008 | post #4)

Normangee, TX

Jeanne Lynn Webb-Lang-Thompson

You know who this is, if you are really pg, please let me know, I will help you anyway I can and so will JMD. I would really like you to do as you told me and sign the papers.Please don't call and lie to me anymore. Don't call me every six months thinking that is going to help keep any tie to our baby in the legal sense, it won't matter in court...our meaning JMD and Me. Your Mom could get into serious trouble if you don't let someone help. You know how to contact me. I have always been here for you and you know that.  (Jul 22, 2008 | post #1)