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Sep 15, 2008

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Averill Park, NY

Health Care - Averill Park, NY

Goverment can not manage anything without it costing more.  (Oct 2, 2009 | post #1)

Averill Park, NY

Grant for the Town Of Sand lake

I understand that the Town of Sand lake is going to get a grant of $42,000 for planning of the three villages. I think that is great and it's about time that the Town is moving forward.  (Feb 11, 2009 | post #1)

Averill Park, NY

1950s farm outside village

It was called Bon Acres. There is a mobile home park on part of the property and a new development is planned for the rest of the property.  (Feb 11, 2009 | post #2)

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Sand Lake


Averill Park