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Apr 18, 2012

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Concord, NH

At Work or At Play

It seems that many twenty somethings deem sex in the workplace as proper and ethical. Would it not be 'wrong' therefore, to stop and desist when the advancements are longer wanted. When your younger boss pleads, 'Oh, come one just one more time!' And, you state, 'No, it isn't right' Harassment can come at any stage during the workplace game?  (Feb 19, 2013 | post #1)

Franklin, NH

Charlie Cournoyer, electrician-politian?

For several reasons I just can not let go of last night's city councilmen meeting; topic-request for funds from outside agencies. I don't know if it was councilmen Cournoyer's remark about shooting stray cats. His strong arm tactic of raising his voice to every woman that approached the podium or just his blatant lack of respect for anyone other than himself. I had been in virgin territory, I admit, when attending only my second big city of Franklin Council-Retire-Men meeting. Thank god I have medications that I take for my ailments. Charlie C., seems to have missed a few doses. He single handedly lit into a represenitive from C.A.P. A woman of course. He than grumbled about, "well we give you guys a place to hang a sign don't we?" C.A.P. rep., was aghast, as was I. Of course, you give the wonderful folks down at Community Action Program a place to call home! They do all your dirty work! Charlie must have leveled out on the Lithium for the next two speakers requesting monies from the city were given a chance to represent themselves. Oh, wait, Charlie didn't just level out, the next two speakers were men. Now, it's all making sense. By the time I approached the bench, nose pierced, skin art and rainbow happy, Charlie had had just about enough. "Who are you? Where did you come from? Do you even live in the city of Franklin?" Geez, I hit pay dirt! This lunatic, after hearing of my sincere desire to keep an Animal Shelter in Franklin, decided I was a lesbian spawn that needed to be evicted. In ending, all the boys had their way with me. Yammering back and forth about stray cats and shooting them. I guess the most unfortunate part to this whole verbal defecation via Mr. Cournoyer is we have him until 2015. Look out ladies, Charles is in Charge!  (Jun 20, 2012 | post #1)

Franklin, NH

Non Elected People of Origin

Hey, city of Franklin, you've got two days to set things right. Question is: has the city of Franklin already signed a contract with the NH Humane Society? Does the council and it's hench/woman already have our strays boxed up and ready to ship to Laconia or maybe Concord. Does the town of Franklin have a right to know that most of our animals won't be given the time of day when housed at either of the above locations? Does Franklin's citizen understand that unless your dog or cat is impeccable-up to date on shots, mild mannered, potty trained and good with kids-the above mentioned shelters will send you and your animal packing.  (Jun 2, 2012 | post #2)

Franklin, NH

Doomsday: Punch Brook Rd. Franklin, NH

Ever asked the city manager, Elizabeth Dragon, where she adopted her dog? Or, if she has a dog or cat, at all? What about Ken Merrifield, hey, mayor, when was the last time you visited the shelter?  (May 29, 2012 | post #1)

Franklin, NH

Non Elected People of Origin

Recently, it's been written that the Franklin Animal Shelter, Franklin NH, will be closing. Okay? So what elsse is new? No, money in the budget, blah, blah, blah, Franklin City council. Mildly delayed good intentioned Board of Directors running the show up on the hill, Punch Brook rd. Bad Karma tossed between the two governing bodies like spit on a bulldog! I reached out to the mayor of Franklin. He seems nice. Pretty evasive like most politicians. I even gave the city manager, Elizabeth Dragon, a nod. Not wishing to beat the whole, 'you do know that no one from Franklin will drive their pet to Laconia for a surrender' routine into the ground. I just wanted answers to questions. Ken Merrifield was as polite as the polish on my easter shoes and as non committing as my sister's fourth and fifth husbands! What of Elizabeth, though? She pretty much bitch slapped me with paranoia and numbers. Moreover, after I got done with my, hey, I'm kind-of on your side cyberspace letter, she never got back to me. Elizabeth was appointed by people we voted into office. We did not elect her. Furthermore, Elizabeth is not even living remotely close to Franklin. What's up with that? She does have a dog. Or, maybe that is just a stand in for the city's website. Either way, there is not much civility in our civil seravants VIA Franklin, NH.  (May 25, 2012 | post #1)

Franklin, NH


For years, my partner let me get by with using the word 'disconcerning', in my sentences. In my spoken word, my written word, my documented word. All the while giggling silently to herself; keeping the truth like a private joke that is shared with no one. Finally, she let it slip “there is no such word.” She broke the news to me quietly and gently. Most likely, after I had said it numerous times in one sentence while in a formal setting. What of the forgotten word? The strange product? The things that just don't make sense to us yet, we dare not ask others about this 'item/word/thought for fear of looking foolish! There is a threat of national proportion out there and everyone is choosing to ignore it. It is the threat of non threatening products, sense of style and/or misguided beliefs. What does it mean when someone is asked to not top off at the gas pump? Furthermore, why isn't there a picture at the pump explaining why topping off is bad for you? Why do I have to give a password to my own computer? It's my own -----ing computer. It really pisses me off that I have to explain myself to soulless piece of machinery. Again, the question begs, why am I a threat to my own computer? Why is there still a photo-mat or photo-lab? Does everyone else know something I don't know? Why doesn't Mr. and Mrs. Smith develop their photos at home like everyone else? Now, this, this is really bothersome, jackets for dogs! My three dogs all have coats. They were given them at birth. Yet, every year, like clockwork, my partner and I are out shopping for the latest and most expensive trendy Old Navy jacket and the outlet malls in Tilton, NH. I think a doomsday of an epic magnitude will hit when people in Massachusetts realize that there are mountains in their state and they should just stay down there and leave New Hampshire alone. Doomsday is coming. Are you prepared?  (May 4, 2012 | post #1)

Franklin, NH

The 'Look'

I know that look...I have and had seen it many times before. When I returned home from receiving that “Look” my partner knew of which I spoke. She had seen that 'Look' before too! Let me describe for you the 'Look' and perhaps, some of you will know what I'm talking about, as well. Description of the 'Look' The facial expression is never any different whether it is on a woman or a man! It is a scowl coupled with a hatred born from ages of tyranny. The disdain and repulsiveness is not from the scowl but from the eyes! Again, it is never any different whether it is from a man or a woman. The eyes, be them blue, green, hazel or brown, become black slits. Almost invisible to those of us without twenty twenty vision. Yet, none of 'Us' really need to look these people in the eye because we can sense the 'Presence'. The 'Presence' is remarkable in that it only carries one tone; vanity mixed with ignorance lacking charity. What happens when you turn your back on the 'Look' that denotes a 'Presence' of popular majority? I can only describe the 'Feeling' which is aroused! The 'Feeling' retreats way back into the archives of my younger years. A sense of sadness. A notion of not being good enough, ridiculed, scared and most importantly, alone! The 'Question' is always what follows the memories of 'Feeling' a 'Presence' of a 'Look' that I've known for so many years: Why was I born this way? Why don't people like me? How come I feel so different? And, for those of us older than Rainbow flags and Pride Parades, who can I talk to? Let's face it, I'm gay. Many other out there are, as well. We don't want to walk into a church, a store, a job interview, a business meeting, with our 'Pride' on our sleeves. We do want to walk on our city streets, into our town hall meetings, our Earth Day celebrations, without the 'Look'. The 'Look' that has caused 1 in 3 homosexuals to take their own lives. The 'Look' that won't allow us to openly care for each other. The 'Look' that claims we are deviants to society though, most crimes are committed by middle class, heterosexuals white males. If I were granted just one wish it would be simple: To never feel reduced, hated, sad, misplaced and unwanted by the 'Look' ever again!  (Apr 25, 2012 | post #1)