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Jun 30, 2013

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Removing Scabies from your Environment

Do you use different bedding every night, then? My husband has been through a series of treatments but seem to get reinfected through our clothes. I've been washing our clothes, towels, and linens everyday. This has been fine majority of the time but sometimes I'll feel the buggers in cleaned clothes or sheets and it'll be back to square one. We've been wearing the same series of clothes and reusing the same linens to keep laundering to a minimal but this seems to be a source of us getting reinfected. We both work full time and live in a 2 unit condo with only one set of washer and dryer so we can't hog the machines everyday. I've been using borax and A&H detergent, drying everything for 60 minutes, but I'm still feeling pinpricks when I lie down at night. And yes, our mattress is in a zipper vinyl which I wipe down everyday with Lysol and then wash off with water to keep the chemical exposure to a minimal. The washer is a front load and I'm wondering if the dryer is losing steam from us constantly using it. I just can't see us being cured if the buggers aren't always being killed off. Should I buy 7 sets of linens and rotate? Do I need to put my sheets in a bin with boiling water? I start a new job on Monday and have no idea how I'm going to be to juggle another step to my daily cleaning routine. Anyone else having issues washing scabies out of their stuff?  (Jun 30, 2013 | post #199)