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Jun 15, 2014

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Mimbres, NM

A very low humm heard at night

Do you hear a very low Frequency humm almost like a diesel truck is way down the road with engine iin? Or like a low idle going on? Does this keep you awake too? I stand up and don't hear it but lying down at night yes I do hear it it adds to my aural sensitivity and I don't like it. the dogs around here bark at night too! In bed lying down I do hear it. It started about 6 months ago. As a musician I deal with Tinnitus but recently this has now shown up at night ! I want to hear from other MimbreƱos or Silverers if you hear it too? And could it be cell phone waves or the mining operations? Or what? Putting earplugs in makes me worse So I know I am not the only one hearing this constant thud/whirring sounds like a low car stereo in bass lid ness Could this be a test for UNM or transmitter towers ? All if you who know what this may be write back your experiences so we can take them to EPA?!  (Jun 15, 2014 | post #1)