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Aug 9, 2008

West Valley Dave Smith Profile

Q & A with West Valley Dave Smith


America & LEGAL Americans 1st



Local Favorites:

Dodgers, USC football, Tommy's, Chatsworth HS baseball (former player)

I Belong To:

Myself and my kids

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm out helping families in my financial services business. Building my business. Need a part or full time job in the Los Angeles area? Message me.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Because you think they way I do

I'm Listening To:

Classic rock, sports talk

Read This Book:

Chesepeake by James Michner or The Devil's Advocate by Taylor Caldwell

Favorite Things:

My Fender Stratocaster, family heirlooms, animated TV shows

On My Mind:

Illegal aliens; people who aren't responsible for their own actions; pork barrel spending; government officials who don't care.

I Believe In:

Myself, other peoples rights if they don't infringe on my own, my kids future, my ability to solve problems, my right to leisure time.