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Aug 20, 2009

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Jefferson, IA

WSe should give people a ticket for not weaning there sea...

We need to five alot seatbelts ticket's. And there are alot of people here in Jefferson,IA that does not wear them like they need to do & to try to safe other peopl's life.And I think there should be getting into troubble my thePolice.And we need the ploice to get after them for sure!!! And they need to drive around Jefferson,IA& to do alots more of it for sure!!!And I also thik they need to put up psome light on some of the street like at the basball fields & that is the only way for them to really slow down & to also wear the seatbelts & to be more safe around here because somebody can get hurt to they can also get kill too. And they need to work on some roads & they need to put the trap on them too. They really need to do the one by Adams' Court baskball field & there are alots of bad whole's in there too. And that needs down too. And I do not no why they can not just drive around to look & see what roads need to be done for sure & that is all over the town too!!!!!And if anyone wants to e-mail they can do that too. My e-mail add is [email protected]!!!! From, Brenda Lee Batschelet!!!!!  (Aug 21, 2009 | post #2)