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Feb 12, 2009

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South Williamson, KY

wendy hackney-baisden

oh and as a final husband now and I were both married when we met...we were both however pretty our relationship a great matter of public knowledge...while we were married to other people..and sadly that seems to be the only occurance in the history of mankind where two people commited adultery and isnt it great that even though he and I are the only two people to ever sin....Jesus still died for it....He must have loved me and my husband alot ! So.... I am responding to this again...only because my sick mother just called me in tears over it...but husband and I are very happily married to i dont know what the future holds but at the moment we are great! Which probably is why you are so miserable that you needed to make your remark ! So seriously just know that at this stage in my doesnt hurt me at all that someone who has no name...who is afraid to ring my door bell and look me in the eye...has an opinion at all about me or my forgive me if at some point your husband left you for me ! or dont forgive me...I dont care ! But know that until today when my sick mom called me crying over this post....It meant absolutely nothing to me or my happy family...and tomorrow I will not be any less happy because of know where i know my phone know my email address...obviously you know my husband....and seem to have been introduced now to my strap your balls on and contact me directly ! Or is your life so pitiful that you prefer to hide in the shadows and gossip...if so...have fun...I will be living a life...a good one..full of happy and joy and wealth and sucess and gosh...i cant believe i wasted this many letters on you ! So again...God BLess You and Have a wonderful day !  (Feb 12, 2009 | post #10)

South Williamson, KY

wendy hackney-baisden

Hello. I am Wendy Hackney from Class of 88. I am a baisden now. I was married to Gary Stewart for 17 yrs and we have a son, aaron. I have a 3 1/2 yr old now and I do own and opperate the B&B in Williamson. However, I am not now in anyway getting a divorce. But if we dated in school you must be one of just a small handful of guys so I would love to hear from you. My number at the B&B is three,zero,four,tw o,three,five,three ,one,seven, four. Please call and lets catch up. I cant understand why you havent called already if you are aware of my owning the B&B as that number is listed...but possibly you were afraid that I was married, etc...but you have my full permission to call anytime...If you are in fact someone that I dated in school....and if you are forgive what else I say here....If you are not someone that I dated but someone trying to put my name up here on this gossip page for the excitement of having my name drug thru the mud...then please know that you have upset my sick mother...far more than I...Because I am a happy person, because my husband is a big enough man and knows that I love him, having my name on a gossip page doesnt upset he or seriously....get a life ! But again...if you are one of the actual three or four guys that I dated in school....please call me....I really would love to hear from you....Oh now Im wondering if it is the long term he is a preacher now and married...or the guy i dated my jr year who was very important to me and I would love to hear from...I have wondered forever where you are..but i dont think its you either as i see your family and mother all the time and i think you may be a preacher now know if it is you...or gosh the one or two guys who I went out with just once or twice..but you know what...i really didnt go out with anyone else other than maybe one idk who the heck you are...but believe me...i will gladly communicate with you by phone or email if you will contact call me...or email me...the email is wendex and then at and then the dot com...and again..that is of public is listed on the web page for the bed and breakfast....and accessible to an actual guy or girl or ex wife or husband or spouses or children involved in my first divorce... or a crazy insane person who is setting alone and bored and pitiful in front of the computer or an honest to goodness person who i dated who would be looking for me...or a person looking to place my name on a gossip there...thats what wendy hackney baisden has to say about being told that her name was on a gossip or call me...if you are a friend...great...i f you are someone trying to hurt me...or my mother....then life is far to0 happy and successful and blessed for a rag like this to cause me to loose any sleep !!! So God Bless you and have a great day and again if you are really someone i dated...please email me asap ! love to hear from ya ! thanks, Wendy Hackney Baisden  (Feb 12, 2009 | post #9)

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Just sat this up to respond !


Williamson, WV

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Michael J Baisden & John Hackney

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I have a real life !

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My mother !

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my/son,B&B,family,husband,skinny ass & all the other things you are jealous of so get a f-ing life of your own & stop tlkin bout me!

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all the other things i could be doing besides looking at this trash !

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speaking the truth and suffering the consequences ! and I believe in "NOT" calling myself a child of God or Christian and living my life to secretly hurt other people !