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Aug 4, 2008

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Springdale, AR

SPRINGDALE : Macadoodles under way

heheheh how do some of these people even have the brainpower to navigate to this page and then make such retarded shit posts?  (Sep 21, 2009 | post #3)

Springdale, AR

Bono Chief of Police Charged with Sexual Assault

shit bono got charged???? Sexual assault???? dream of californication??? ?  (Sep 14, 2009 | post #31)

Springdale, AR

Anyone know Jay Thomas

I know a Dave Thomas.  (Sep 14, 2009 | post #2)

Springdale, AR

Springdale Washington County Inmates List

Im from arkansas. my mugshot has been on there too, and i look pretty fucked up. I have a collection of everyone i know's mugshot on my myspace page. it has provided me with many an lol. sure NOT EVERYONE is like anything. theres always an exception to the rule. but if anything is possible then is it possible that something can be impossible? thats the real question.  (Sep 14, 2009 | post #13)

Springdale, AR

Pervert at Ryan's

i was at that same Ryan's and this hot chick in a thong, clearly visible from the backside, you know some nice ass cleavage. well she was like, whoah, youre a bad boy arent you? i bet you like to get freaky! i said "sure do bitch!" so i say lets ditch this shitty restaurant and go have a real dinner at my crib. so we go back to my house and as soon as we walk through the door she grabs me by my jacket and throws me on the couch. we start kissing frantically and shes unbuttoning her shirt and breathing heavily. so i say "lets have a bowl of Reese's" and she says "Candy for Breakfast?" and i say "nah bitch its Reese's cereal you dumb slut." so i slide her a bowl. and the rest they say is history.  (Dec 11, 2008 | post #53)

Springdale, AR

All Schools

make me a vest from the movie WARRIORS.  (Nov 15, 2008 | post #3)

Springdale, AR

Marshallese in Arkansas unhealthy, ineligible for health ...

marshalese people are cool. i used to hang around a bunch of em and drink beer. couldnt make out a damn word they said, couldnt even make out a word. sounds like worse gibberish than spanish, but spanish is latin based so i can usually fumble my way through communications. mainly we just sat around on the apartment stairs and drank beers. one guy spoke some english, and he kind of introduced me. i would play heavy metal for them. hahah  (Oct 9, 2008 | post #7)

Springdale, AR

Second Prostitution Sting Nabs Six In Lowell

haha tiree sub division is now a meme. i kinda wanna go check it out now and see what all the fuss is about. as for the presidency im voting for marilyn manson. mccain/palin is the stupidest idea since bush and cheney so im fairly sure they will win. not gonna get into how the elections are rigged, or how it wouldnt make a difference if they werent. just know that governments are space aliens.  (Oct 9, 2008 | post #22)

Springdale, AR

Illegal Immigrant (we wan`t springdale back)

hitler would have run tests on them and then buried them in a mass grave. im pretty sure theres a difference here.  (Oct 9, 2008 | post #128)

Springdale, AR

Crossbow Killer Back In Jail

hhahahahaha uhhhh yeah what he said  (Oct 9, 2008 | post #16)

Springdale, AR

the plot thickens... OBAMA/BIDEN OsAMA/BInlaDEN

palin could also be a reference to palistine one need look no further than the similarities between the kennedy and lincoln assassinations to know theres a very large and very well thought out plot behind this shit. i like how ignorant pukes call me stupid without checking any info. but that is of course, the very reason they are ignorant. because they intentionally ignore things. what makes them pukes is they think because theyre ignorant that gives them the right to have an opinion.  (Oct 6, 2008 | post #5)

Springdale, AR

Second Prostitution Sting Nabs Six In Lowell

so what is your problem then? did you catch something? tell me what the damn deal is.  (Oct 6, 2008 | post #15)

Springdale, AR

Second Prostitution Sting Nabs Six In Lowell

you must be an amazingly butthurt homosexual. i dont see any straight guy getting this obsessed over girls having sex unless theyre either gay or they caught aids. so which is it?  (Oct 5, 2008 | post #12)

Springdale, AR

Second Prostitution Sting Nabs Six In Lowell

yeah people say pimp like its a good thing.  (Oct 4, 2008 | post #10)

Springdale, AR

Illegal Immigrant (we wan`t springdale back)

youre all here illegally. unless youre native american STFU. you pigs have enslaved and murdered more than enough people to lose your land priviliges. oh noes, you might have to pay ten dollars more for your HD TV that was constructed by sweat shop workers. what a shame.  (Oct 3, 2008 | post #101)

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springdale, born and raised.


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wal mart. lol

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im a government experiment. but shhh im not supposed to know that.

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