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Jun 2, 2009


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Blooming Grove, TX


My mother Ethel Beulah (Shepherd) Smith was born in Blooming Grove Jan 16, 1917 and died here in Wilmington, California. She was 92 years of age and loved to go back to Texas to visit family and friends. I'm Jerry her son who left Corsicana at one year of age. My mother got hospice care in my back bedroom by my wife Mary Lou and me. She wanted to go home from the hospital like right now! But because we were restoring her home she had to wait until it was ready, but that didn't happen. Her home is in Harbor City, California and is known as Al Capone's doctors house, a two story brick home with a basement built in 1934. No roots to Al Capone and quite differnt in comparison, she worked hard for the things that satified the desires of a decent person and remembered friends, relatives and her roots, Texas.  (Jun 2, 2009 | post #1)