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May 20, 2009

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Rockaway Beach, MO

Homeless count nears in Branson area

Hodge-Podge I have to totally agree with you and practically everything you have said about the area. I moved here from Chicago in 1981, I used to have an ASE Certification as a Master Bodyman and I used to teach it. So when I moved here my thought was that I would get an excellent paying job like the one I had in Chi Town at 50 to 60K a year. Was I in shock when I was told that they liked my experience and that they would pay me a top wage of $6.75 an hour. Talk about shock and disbelief! I ended up taking a job in Kimberling for $7.00 and hour and worked there for 5 years when I decided on a life change. The better paying jobs were at the time in the restaurant business. So starting at the bottom I ended up after a few years in management at a restaurant that is still in business today. When the corporate restaurants started to open in Branson I was head hunted by one of the largest. I was offered $11 an hour when the average wage was at $8.00. That panned out until 1993 when the new construction craze started. My family saw an add in Chicago for our area and they were apalled at what they saw. The add predominantly showed the construction with full dump trucks and stalled traffic because of the construction. I was told that why should they come here and sit in the dust and the traffic. I can remember back from 81 to 92 it took almost 2 hours to go from one end of the strip to the other. Since the construction I have yet to see it take that long except when the Aug. car show is in town. With the influx of new construction new jobs were made and in comes the ILLEGAL worker. I stopped cooking in 2000 and went back into the paint and repair business at the place I worked in Kimberling. I left after 2 years because the owner passed away and went back in to the restaurant trade. Talk about shocked, with all of my expeerience behind the grill and in management the average wage went back to what it was back in 1989 $8.00 per hour. And why? Businesses could hire illegal workers for minimum wage and not have to pay the state and federal taxes on them and they could work them for more hours still at the regular hour wage than an American citizen would work. Now comes the tricky part, what can we do? Can we as American citizens walk up to a person that we feel is an Illegal and ask for thier green card. What about the businesses that hire known illegals, should we stop going there? Because of the recession even though our local "Good Word" newspaper reports that business is up and there are more tourists than ever, we as the people that actually work here know better than that. Hours are being cut, tips are down and business owners are feeling the pinch when it comes time to pay the mortage. I love this area even though it has been ravaged by ALL of the new construction and those damn billboards. It used to be nice to take a sunday drive along tree lined roads. Now those tree lined roads have sub divisions and low income housing every few hundred feet it seems. I have nothing against progress, in fact I like alot of the stores that have sprung up in the area. That's not what I am complaining about. My complaint was with the building of motels in the area that today are not even half filled through the year. Restaurant after restaurant, one right after the other along the street, again not even half filled. Our charm is gone because of what you stated "GREED". How deep does the greed go though is my question? How many palms were greased? ALL major construction needs to stop in the area. There are enough empty homes to satisfy the industry for a few years. The illegals need to be rounded up and set packing! AND business owners that have hired or hire new illegals need to be fined HEAVILY. We have lwas on the books already to do this, what we need is a goverment that will enforce tham.  (Sep 17, 2009 | post #22)

Rockaway Beach, MO

ALL NEW Benefit CAR SHOW June 19-21

QUOTE who="frog "]what another flop good going guys 200 cars yeah right......what a joke[/QUOTE] WHAT? Did you even show up at the show? Not one single teeny weeny (like your mind) time was it ever mentioned that 200 cars "WERE" going to show up. What "WAS" said was, and I quote " If all of the people that were spoken too and letters sent too or called about the show showed up, there "COULD" be 200 or more cars, I am expecting 50+ cars". And hey, guess what dip stick, 48 paid entries and 23 other cars showed up after the registration time, so by my count how many does that make, can you tell me? Oh thats right, small minded - 71, ta da. And according too a couple of very reliable sources, one being a participant at the Rods and Relics show, we had ALOT more people than at that show. So how the heck can you say it was a flop? Now how about telling all of us what you have done to promote the city lately, ok how about the last couple of months, years? I think that the only joke is the one sitting in front of your computer screen!!!!!  (Jun 22, 2009 | post #3)