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Aug 9, 2007

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Toledo, OH

We Need to Bring God Back To America (John 3 : 16 )

If anyone of you still check this thread, here is a website for you: www.bringamericaba  (Aug 27, 2007 | post #4)


Hellbound: People who are going to hell

Guys, and gals... Just my two cents worth a Christian, it is these kinds of idiots that give us all a bad name. It is not up to us to judge... www.bringamericaba  (Aug 16, 2007 | post #293)

Welch, WV

Christian Web Site

Thank you much... Ever hear of the Kirby family? That is a lot of who is singing in the songs on my site. They used to travel a lot singing also.  (Aug 16, 2007 | post #24)

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Bring America Back to God


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