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Jul 27, 2013

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How I Killed Scabies In Less Than A Hour, naturally, and ...

So sir, I took your wonderful advice for a few days and stopped the "DIRT" and guess what friend? BIG MISTAKE it certainly helps significantly reducing numbers even if it is not a cure and ever since I have been using the grapeseed oil/foodgrade diatemacious earth on my feet, no new sores, so I dismiss claim that that does not help. I went to my doctor and "IVERMECTIN " while I believe it works IS NOT APPROVED BY THE FDA FOR TREATMENT OF SCABIES even though it is technically a scabicide and there is our stupid government who seems to be worshipped by the foolish masses today hard at work. Now the so called doctor offers the permethrin cream and tells me there is no "pill that can be prescribed" ok crappy doctor but you act like scabies isn't a problem. It isn't called the seven year itch for no reason. And no matter what you use to get rid of them the biggest problem is reinfestation... Well what if the asymptomatic people around you refuse to get treated? I suppose if Iwere a sociopath a tranquilizer gun could aid in me treating my environment but yeah that's crazy, and so is your simplistic approach that ignore the bigger problem of reinfestation. I am disabled have no bank account to drain on bs and limited acess to my choice in doctors so I guess if I want ivermectin I have to be an ass since no one seems to want to prescribe it. I am about to seriously consider moving to another state after I get cured just to get away from my own family (I am single so I am not referring to a wife and children FYI) who are asymptomatic and in total denial. Good day to you as well.  (Aug 9, 2013 | post #308)


How I Killed Scabies In Less Than A Hour, naturally, and ...

Now you are just being a smart as pluging the same crap you just condemned people for... If you don't care about people suffering and actually want to help, well it's kinda hard to tell and yes that was sarcasm. Grow up and offer something helpful or get a job in the Obama Adminstration they need more jerks to lie and Lord over the American people and you lack of helpfulness will surely cure that pesky liberty thing people can't stand. Thanks for nothing then.  (Aug 2, 2013 | post #304)