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Dec 22, 2011

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Hi my name is Wayne Walterscheid, recently worked for a retail consignment company called Terri's Consign and Design and since there were several ethics, employee and customer fraud violations I am no longer by choice working for this company of absolutely no character or virtue and not even when it comes to paying their own consigners and employees. it has been now several weeks since I terminated my employment for obviius reasons of ethics and their personal lack of integrity and not but including still to this day not being paid or recieving a payroll ck from these scheisters! it has niw been weeks, made numerous attempts contacting Terri herself and Dan who both seemed to avoid me at all costs and do not keep their promises or their integrity and have violated about every rule and reg in az dept of labor laws taxation and employee ethics and consigner ethics and their privacy defrauding bith employees and consigners and customers alike! it has been weeks since this whole mess began and I left this organization standing up for my own personal ethics and character integrity even contacted cbs 5 red action button reporting this to their fraud dept and no help there either or even a single reply or acknowledgement of such investigation. so finally went online to az dept of labor and AZ DES employee payroll fraud dept and obtained a court order in persuing a suit in ciurt and including state taxation audit and internal audit of personal employee and privacy and taxation and previius ciurt orders again Terri's Consignments at their Tempe Corporate level and in leui of infractions and several violations in many of their retail locations espcially and including their Chandler location next to Hobby Lobby at 101 and Chandler Blvd. I am thankful to AZ DES and Dept of Labor Commmission and the AZ taxation division of locals businesses in AZ. Questions and concerns when emails and correspondence goes unanswered and I am still NOT paid for services rendered to Terri's Consignments.... beware of being taken advantage of, scammed and defrauded and your personal rights and ethics and your own ethics and integrity questioned and challenged and most of all violated according to AZ state law and statutes. I am also very concerned that after taking time to hit CBS5 red action button writing and directing my correspondence to Dave Cherry investigations that not a singke reply or correspondence resulted after taking my own effort and time to bekieve faithfuly I would at least get a response ....guess its all about politics who you really know and if they think yiu are even for real or have a real concern of unethical behavior or gross and intolerable character and privacy and payroll fraud throughout this company! I just want to forwarn all who conduct business with Terri's Consign and Design please use extreme caution and investigate thoroughly the many thousands of wthics and fraud violations found online with complaints and law suits filed against this fraudulent unethical company let alone the many thousands of cudtomer and employee complains and infractions! it goes to show tgat I guess when you take a stand for what is right and ethical and stand firm in good character you are just ignored and taken advantage of and that if its a small case when deaking with the media yiu dont even deserve an acknowledgement or reply back! thx cbs5 and your excellent service of your red action button found on your site not to be praise worthy or effective! -wayne walterscheid [email protected] thx guys!  (Sep 30, 2013 | post #1)

Winslow, AZ

Parking Lot Deaths Become Issue At Winslow City Council M...

I was employed there.....left because of that nasty lulu and she has absolutely no personality, ethics, integrity or virtue as a woman or a leader, wrote to corporate about all the lies deceit and poor leadership practices as a so called manager....witnessed her on several occasions as well as other co-workers who witnessed the same thing...seeing her constantly on her stupid cell phone talking to her boyfriend and texting as well to him about every five minutes and under their video cam and they did absolutely nothing about it. Not only did customers but co-workers constantly bitch and complain that she would not even answer the radio and she was no where to be found. When I did a restroom check I found her several times over in Denny's gossiping to others and including her boyfriend out in the parking lot at our busiest time at the fuel desk when we needed help or customer assistance, she was just out messin around being stupid. Even had many customers come up to me asking me who corporate was and how to file a complaint against this type of behavior. That place has fallin apart since her arrival there especially their moral and customer service during their evening shift. I am happy I made the decsion to leave that stupid place and stand up for what is right instead of putting up with a no good loser as herself! (Krystal) what a joke! that place has no integrity or good intentions or assets with a woman of that low caliber. She will only take their profits right into the ground. Karma will come back to bite her hard in the end very soon...unfortunately, Flying J's caught right in the middle of all the drama, deception, and her screaming matches as well as her truancy as a slacker. Her day will come to an end soon as far as her freedom to do as she pleases with no consequences for her actions. -ww  (Dec 28, 2012 | post #3)

Carlsbad, NM

Say it in six words

nicely said ;-) waynesworld  (Feb 15, 2012 | post #6698)

Carlsbad, NM

Say it in six words

Carlsbad will get a white Christmas  (Dec 23, 2011 | post #6446)

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