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Nov 29, 2011

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To whom this concerns, Why is it that education is always about money? How about asking the teacher to take a pay cut or the board ? That would make too much sense or cause a grievance with the unions. It disgust and make me sick that you all put the well being of our children second to saving money and doing the right thing. If you want make difference in these kids education, then instead shipping them off to another building where they do not belong, find them their own building. Sure a handful are good kids but what about the ones that still do not want to be there and have resent. I recently moved to the East China schools because I heard and researched East China schools. I liked I saw, apparently I did not do enough. I am disappointed in this school system. You really think this will save the district money, what do think other potential parents/tax payers will think if they find this out .This will have a negative long term effect. I would surely think twice. I personally hold the East China school board and you the Superintendent and both Principles accountable. This is unacceptable.  (Mar 8, 2012 | post #1)