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Dec 2, 2007

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Lewistown, PA


I hear you on the other peoples property part, and I'm basing my actions "such as climibing on roofs" and skating as well. when I was younger and doing this me and my friends werent destructive, just bored looking for a new place to just chill. Plus when I skated I always got permission from the place of which I wanted to skate. I didnt take into consideration that kids anymore dont give a shit, like me and my old friends did. As for the drug label that is mentioned above, just drop that, seriously. That is a stereotypical thing for people to say: Skaters on drugs! You have proof of this drug problem??? Also, if kids dont have the money for a rail, how would we have enough to buy enough concrete to accomplish your thought? (Which isnt that bad actually.)  (Dec 11, 2007 | post #12)

Piggott, AR

Which do you think is more harmful?

This is how it goes. Go to this site: All the facts about pretty much everything on marijuana is there. Seriously though, tabbacco kills how many people a year? Im not sure, but it is an extremely high number, marijuana has killed how many a year? 0. Just go to that site above and get the real facts. Some of its pretty interesting actually.  (Dec 10, 2007 | post #8)

Lewistown, PA


Up above I meant to say "the sport."  (Dec 10, 2007 | post #8)

Lewistown, PA


This is what i meant for, everyones opinion needs to be viewed. Now yeah, the skaters have done some stupid shit, and yes most of them do act immature when it comes to everything, but I myself am a biker, I even used to skate on the back side of shooters. I cant help that the style of how everything is done on bikes and skateboards isnt good for concrete. You have to understand that its actually a sport now. Also, out of all the kids i talk to, out of everytime i went to skate shop I never herd of a windshield getting kicked in. As for the roof situation how can you just blame skaters, come on kids that dont skate do that kind of shit too. I used to climb onto roofs of empty buildings and sit up there with my friends, didnt matter if it was private or not. So skaters cant get all the blame for that because its been done before by non-skaters. As i said before this is a sport, they "stunts" this sport requires to accell is grinding on anything that is an edged surface such as curbs. It's not our fault when you try and get better at this sport, that litterally 40% of the sport, grinds. If the kids are like me when I was younger I didnt have the money to buy a rail, or buy a small ramp set-up, so I used what i had access to, curbs. Sure I'm not gooing to tell you we should have the best reputation, but not all the skaters/bikers are like that. What you need to do is get their description and turn them in then. Because right now you are saying I have a horrible reputation that I honestly didnt earn for myself. You cant classify me and the other mature riders in the same boat as probably a bunch of the 13-16 year olds that just know better but choose not to listen. Really, we're not all bad, some just need to be set straight. So, did I cover everything? Shooters is right down my block also, I never saw a cop car here nearly as much as you make it sound.  (Dec 10, 2007 | post #7)

Lewistown, PA


Im just looking for opinions, maybe a friendly debate. There may be one of these on here already, but I didnt see it. I just want to do this so both sides can get first hand input. Skaters - Non skaters. Please no hateful, spiteful things need to be said here. Lets just here both stories.  (Dec 9, 2007 | post #1)

Fort Dodge, IA

Guardian Angels CEO patrols Davenport

Just a bunch of people running around pretending like they have more authority then the people they are attempting to take into custody. I watched an episode of cops last night and these vigilante's showed no structure. The scene was a guy going to his own house. Because he was younger and I'm guessing suspicious looking.(to them) They asked him if he had proof of him living there, when in the first place a civilian should not question someones residence. Second the way they went about this, asking for a homeowners reciept... Noone carries them on them, not even "the red berets." When he failed to provide proof and pushed him*striking the first move* he swung back, 3-4 of "the red berets" restrained him with force, and cuffed him and kept him cuffed while he had a seizure! Almost dead this man had to be let over to ambulance personal that arrived with the POLICE. So in my opinion, "the red berets" are just a bunch of idiots running around dictating their authority, that they do not really have in the first place. They are as trained as I am to handle these situations. Please stop encouraging these phony, wanna-be cops. Sure they can say, "i place you under citizens arrest" but you do not have to provide ID, coopperation, nothing. They do not have the power to physically do anything. Sure if there is a real criminal, that is completely obvious. Like someone is robbing a house or someone is beating an old lady for her purse, by all means do a citizens arrest and take them down. But these guys can not conduct a rutine stop. So do not provide these pretenders with ANYTHING! Yes just my opinion, but to me, a bunch of vigilantes running around in red vest and berets like its a f***ing militia. Come on.  (Dec 3, 2007 | post #1)

Lewistown, PA

Unsafe intersection draws parents' ire

Not too much else to say, I totally agree on the attempt being futile...  (Dec 3, 2007 | post #5)

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Is George Bush the worst president in history?

All that really needs to be said is he screwed us over in so many ways. Mostly entering our country in a 3rd world war for the oil. Ever notice how even the U.N. said there were no WMD'S but bush kept pushing. Thats really the only point besides his lack of spending money in a very unreasonable manor.  (Dec 2, 2007 | post #387)

Lewistown, PA

Snow falls in Lewistown

Technically, this isnt the boroughs work. The borough approved for an unknown(to me) person(s) to do the downtown area. The way this unknown person(s) is contructing it right now is not in the plan the borough was shown. Instead the whole downtown area is a revised plan the borough never got to apporve or dissapprove. Really the unknown person(s) is to blame, as well as the borough for allowing it. Just thought you should know it isnt just the borough to blame. :)  (Dec 2, 2007 | post #2)

Lewistown, PA

Unsafe intersection draws parents' ire

Well, I agree that this intersection is hellish. I have walked it just not so many years ago being 19 now. With this though, in a little way we can blame the borough boys, but at the same time just last year I drove to school. That intersection is hell for motorist too. The kids arent even complaining, 95 % of them are just walking no matter which side has the green or red, when they can also just push the button and wait to run across completely safe. They however do not use this, they just go out in the middle of traffic, its no wonder it is a matter of time before one of them is hit. Because of this button, and safe to walk sign that is installed there we cant completely blame the borough. We do have to blame the kids as well.  (Dec 2, 2007 | post #3)

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