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Jul 17, 2013

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Who would win in a fight to the death in a steel cage match?

not yet  (Jul 17, 2013 | post #4)

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How do I know if a supplier is legitimate?

After narrowing down a list of potential suppliers from a few hundred to five or less, you should contact the suppliers and conduct the RFQ or request for quotation. Their feedback should allow you to narrow down the list further to only the top two or three based on pricing and nonprice attributes.The next step is to validate if the suppliers are legitimate. There are two essential types of verification:Type One is the Factory Audit. This is to verify that the company has a QC system in place and it as the production experience to supply you with the goods it says it can make for you.Type Two is an Operational Audit or Due Diligence. This is to confirm that the supplier has a good reputation and is financially strong enough to stay in business long enough to complete your order. In other words, the company is not likely to disappear with your initial payment.There are professional service providers available that conduct these types of verifications at very reasonable prices. I highly recommend you engage professional support if you do not have the skill set in place to audit factories on your own.Here are some other tools you can use on your own which compliment the work of third-party service providers to verify suppliers.It does not cost you anything to ask for references. If a supplier cannot give you a few happy clients to visit with, this is a big red flag.Confirm that you have the right to visit the production line and check on your order. A supplier that comes up with a bunch of excuses why you cannot visit is one that does not have the ability to make your product and is scared that you will not like what you see if you visit. It could also be as simple as the supplier is a trading company and is worried you will cut it out of the supply chain once you realize it provides little value. Speaking of trading companies, sometimes, especially if your order is small, it makes sense to use them, but I dislike trading companies that say they are the factory when really they are just brokers.Ask to see the supplier's QC manual. If it does not have an ISO- compatible and well-documented system in place for making a given product, run away.  (Jul 17, 2013 | post #1)

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One way to Reduce your cost,Optimize your Supply Chain

Now Many companies are finding it difficult to remain competitive in the marketplace even though continue to reduce the overheads and find new efficiencies to make more profitable. I'm looking for who interested in import goods(steel) from China to get more profit and reduce cost. You have advantage of understanding the local market well like potential chance,end clients etc. My advantage is Speak Chinese and familiar with China suppliers,like contact directly with good manufacturers,supp lier evaluate,quality and delivery control,favorable payment ect. Here is my proposal. When you need to looking for goods from China,I can look for suppliers for you and negociate with them on your behalf,then you will get good quality goods,competitive price,less risk. Your knowledge of local industry and my knowledge of China suppliers is a good fit and will be key in reducing YOUR costs. In return,you pay me commission. About the way I work now,for example If you want to look for some HR/GI coil,I will get some leading mills to offer. I will CC mail to you during the progress,or send you all the quotations once after collected. We share all the suppliers' information together,include the contact person,their email add,telephone etc. For all the suppliers,I will do some bacic evaluate,like production capability,quality approve etc. For each quotation from supplier,I will give my comment which is better,reasonable, then orders are placed. All this based on honest and trust on each other. As far as I know three company operate very well by this way. http://sideralloys .com http://www.globals m And now I am helping a Turkey company to purchase 1000tons st44 seamless pipe from China. For one kind of steel product,I work with only one partner in a country. If any interested in this,please Contact me to talk more details. Best Regards Washington Morgan Skype:yoram2011 Email:brillianthol [email protected]  (Jul 17, 2013 | post #1)

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