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Mar 7, 2012

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Berne, IN

any thoughts on FCC Adams?

btt  (Mar 29, 2012 | post #14)

Berne, IN

any thoughts on FCC Adams?

Look who's back!!! Ban me for posting about a factory when u can get on here and make fun of dead kids what kind of shit is that? Somebody get there feelings hurt? Typical fcc office worker making fun of people with mental disabilities great job! As dave said 35k a yr my ass. Break out ur calculater and take out salary and management and tell me what u get? U say its easy work then why is ur die cast a revolving door? It was like the baton death march was going on again when i was there. Dave do u work there? If so do they still run 500 ton parts on a 350 ton press and hurry up and change over b4 ford visits? Die cast was by far the hardest job in there and they got treated like rejects maybe show some appreciation and u could get some good workers to stay. Dont worry i graduated high school and didn't leave on bad terms i just got a better job. I wasnt the captain so i wasnt sinking with the ship. And if taking the ford audit twice dont tell u they failed failed the first 1 then no use to argue. Now go ahead and get me banned again dont worry i will be back. Parr road if u want my wife u have to be a chomo because my oldest is 14. Since im serving life u can have her!!! t  (Mar 7, 2012 | post #13)