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Oct 15, 2007


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Northern Ireland!



Local Favorites:

tractors cows and the wife my kids (Aaron & Darren) and sweetcorn!!!!!!!!

I Belong To:

The wife. Darren & Aaron $ the twins. Tractors, cows, calves, bulls, bullocks, sheep, buffalo, pigs, chickens.

When I'm Not on Topix:

Looking after the kids or the wife. Working on the farm.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Thats what the site is for!

I'm Listening To:

The green giant (sweetcorn ad)

Read This Book:

The Glass Menagerie.

Favorite Things:

Bongoes! (mr millions) cows, bulls, calves, bullocks, and importantly Sweetcorn!!!! My kids and wife

On My Mind:

The kids, they seem to be all I think about!!!

Blog / Website / Homepage: or www.cornthatis,

I Believe In:

Creating a better futre for my 4 kids. Banter with the wife, I love her really"