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Dec 21, 2012

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Arnold, MO

High ridge Home Invasion

This guy worked @ JUST POOLS.Does any one know what became of the children after they found drug's & stolen merchandise @ his house? If you had a pool put in & might have something missing, it might be @ the J.C.Station.  (Dec 26, 2012 | post #1)

Festus, MO

Kidnapping in HighRidge

Do you know what became of his children after they went thru the home? His wife?  (Dec 26, 2012 | post #3)

High Ridge, MO

Suspect kidnaps woman, runs from police after home invasi...

This guy Derrick Stewart is employed and on a salary position at JUST POOLS in Anold,MO. Makes you wonder how many other people he was plannng on robbing. I think that JUST POOLS should be more careful who they put on their payroll!!  (Dec 26, 2012 | post #5)

Festus, MO


The other day on my way home from driving a truck over the road,I was thinking how I could help some Children for Christmas! I remembered the when I was a child being brought up here in Festus,with out a father,my mother was having a hard time taking care of us kids! Every wed nite and sunday morning,our mother would take us to church {1st Baptist on the corner of Truman Blvd & Bailey streets. They helped my mother with Christmas for us kid's. Well,I decided to stop by and make a donation on behalf of a needy family with children! Just so hgappen's that an older couple was there in front of me asking for help for their Grand Children and if I had Not been there I would have not beleive what they were told by the receptionist! QUOTE UNQUOTE {WE DO NOT DO CHRISTMAS} was the answer they got! At the same time they were having a catering service bringing food in for a get together or some thing!I totally lost my FAITH in churches in this area! God was in the rite place @ the rite time,more than I can say for 1st Baptist Church!Needless to say my donation was NOT given to this place of MONEY NOT the PLACE of GOD! Come to find out, this couple WAS having a troubled time the wife with Cancer and the husband on disability and YES I helped this aging couple with wishes for their Grandchildren!!I ask one of the churches why they could not help and their answer was and I Quote {So many people come in here wanting help and some of these people use the church for their advantage,so we do NOT help} I thought that this was a church not a jury room. All though I STILL have faith in GOD, I have lost my faith in the churches of this community.Who are these people that put their selves before GOD and determine who get's what! I DON'T think that is what our lord would want but that seem's to be the way of churches! {we'll gladly take your donation but WE DON'T DO CHRISTMAS! Thank you for your generous donation!!} Now when I see a church in this {GREAT COUNTY-YEA RITE} I see a bank in disguise as a church. Do you REALLY KNOW how many thousand's of dollar's these place's have. I'm sorry if I offended any one but I have been affended here too by these churches with GOD beside me, so don't start defending these churches that you may belong to, cause I have seen and heard for my self! Million's of donated dollars to build a gigantic church to stand out in their community as power. W.W.J.D? WE all ready know what these churches and their reprensenative's DO.Shame on you 1st Baptist Church! As a over the road truck driver I'll be sure to spread your word's though out our country!  (Dec 21, 2012 | post #1)