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Sep 29, 2012

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Portman Sought For Jackie O Biopic

Natalie Portman Sought For Jackie O Biopic [b][url=http://wat chresidentevil5ret ributiononline.shi]Watch Resident Evil 5 Online[/url][/b]. Jackie, a biopic about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, has been bouncing around Hollywood for a couple years now. And it's easy to see why. She was not only a fashion icon, but also an ever-chic First Lady who had to endure the heartbreak of John F. Kennedy's assassination on a deeper level than anyone else. [b][url=http://wat chhoteltransylvani aonline.iconosites .com/]Download Hotel Transylvania Movie[/url][/b]. Hers is a story that seems destined for an incredible film translation, not to mention a plum role for a poised leading lady. [b][url=http://wat chpitchperfectonli]Wat ch Pitch Perfect Online[/url][/b]. Deadline reveals Fox Searchlight is currently courting their Oscar-winning Black Swan star Natalie Portman to front the film, which will focus on the events following the gruesome death of Jackie's husband, and how the mourning First Lady handled the aftermath. Portman is reportedly intrigued by the script penned by Noah Oppenheim, but is reluctant to sign on until a director is selected. [b][url=http://wat chlooperonline.cla]Download Looper Movie[/url][/b]. Curiously, an early incarnation of this package had her Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky attached with his then-wife Rachel Weisz meant to star. Neither is currently associated with the project, but perhaps with Portman's interest piqued, Aronofsky would be keen to reteam once his ambitious epic Noah wraps. However, if the Aronofsky ship has sailed, it's likely Fox will be able to land another director who could lure Portman to commit. [b][url=http://wat chwontbackdownonli] Watch Wont Back Down Online[/url][/b]. Apparently Steven Spielberg considered helming the project back in 2010, so there must be something special about this Jackie. Should she sign on, Portman would join a long but illustrious list of actresses who have stepped into Jackie O's shoes and classic pillbox hat. Most recently, Katie Holmes played the part in the mini-series The Kennedys, and Minka Kelly will appear as Lady O in Lee Daniels' upcoming White House-set saga The Butler. No offense intended to either of these ladies, but I'm much more interested to see Portman in this part and I doubt very much I'm alone. Why Hasn't Emma Stone Signed On For The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel Yet? Sony confirmed today what should have been obvious: Marc Webb will return to direct The Amazing Spider-Man 2 after his initial film successfully rebooted the franchise and banked a staggering $751 million at the worldwide box office. The studio added that Andrew Garfield would be back in the red-and-blue tights as Peter Parker and his costumed alter ego. But then Sony threw a bit of a curveball by stating Emma Stone was “in talks” to return as flaxen-haired love interest Gwen Stacy.  (Sep 29, 2012 | post #1)