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Jan 25, 2012

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Houston, TX

The Pentagon, Department Of Defense, To Destroy, the new ...

Im Mr. Walter Glen Stockton,...Did you know, Whites Preservationists, Supporters, are being subjected to railroad attempts, that wrecks the Life, of said, Whites Preservationists, Supporters, through ionosphere heater imagery deviced, racketeering, conspiratorial mass murders, saboteurs, marauders???...Wit ness, Mr. Zimmerman, & the probable predator hemchman, trayvor martin...Support Mr Zimmerman....Suppo rt Me, Walter Stockton,..Here at 17102 Argyle, Houston, Tx, 77049...about richard ingraham, "iris" park!!  (Mar 24, 2012 | post #31)

Top Stories - Syria

Russia, a close ally of Syria, to discuss the crisis ther...

Im Mr. Walter Glen Stockton,...This Is REally About The BEginning Of An Acknowledged Judgement Of africa....a troublemaking history, which horrified Us all withs their "777 Trillion Dollar war crime conspiracy, african union....the new black panther party, led by koffi annan, and hulon mitchell, ...horrified Us, by attacking the Pentagon, Twin Towers,...and not a Prosecutorial, REvengeful Word, Has Been Uttered...Save, By Me, Ands More...The Timing Is Rights, To Get Mean, Ands Curtail, the nation of yahweh, ionosphere heater deviced horrors, ...Get Justice, Comrades, Pentagon, Nato, Russia, Israel, Worlds..  (Mar 22, 2012 | post #1)

Houston, TX

The Pentagon, Department Of Defense, To Destroy, the new ...

Im Mr. Walter Glen Stockton,...03-21- 2012...America, is facing the enormous task of what to do about yahwehzoologyecono my, new black panther party, style racketeering...the violent histories Must not go any longer Rectified....Big Jets & Missiles, Ands The Pentagon, Department Of Defense, Massive REsources, Needed Domestically To Prosecute the black peoples war crime, and their followers,..Nows!!  (Mar 21, 2012 | post #28)

Top Stories - Syria

Red Cross, Russia meeting to focus on Syria

Im Mr. Walter Glen Stockton,..In The Coming Weeks, May Syria, & Russia, China, ETCs...Bring Forward, the troublemaking in the oppositional rebel problems in Syria, Iran,..being sourced from the african union, new black panther party ionosphere heater deviced stalking marauders crisis...and Confront the black responsible peoples...their damages is and wills be enormous and need Immediate Attention, Blame!!(koffi Annan) 777 Trillion Dollar war crime conspiracy..  (Mar 18, 2012 | post #1)