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Dec 18, 2009

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Newton Falls, OH

Woman Charged After 11 Horses Removed from Property

I believe Karen, Jill or whoever else commented about Melissa being a good person that fell on hard indeed Melissa herself!! I don't think Melissa has a friend left here on the face of the earth!! I bet even the animals hate her, I think they would stomp her to death and then take a giant dump on her!! I know Melissa can't spell, by the looks of things neither can her friends AKA Melissa. I think there is a name for multiple personality's....hmmmm. The B**** better get some help!!! I know if I fell on hard times I would ask for help or I would find a home for my horse. I would not let it starve to death!! Well I could go on and on but I think Melissa and all of her AKA'S get the idea....or maybe they are not that smart!!  (Dec 19, 2009 | post #43)

Newton Falls, OH

Officer steps down amid horse abuse.....

Good thing he quit, he would have ended up fired anyway!! I knew there was some crooked things going on at that police dpartment. A good friend of mine bought a horse last year. And the woman that just got charged with abuse in ohio hauled my frinds horse. My friend paid this woman to haul her horse but never got the horse. This mentally unsound woman took the took the horse and then told my friend she owed her 475 board. My friend was not boarding her horse at this nut cases place. She stole my friends horse! My friend took her bill of sale to the police station and let the ploice know that this woman stole her horse. The officer said "if you pay the board you can have the horse"! I never seen anything like it, how can you give the police department a bill of sale and yet they let this nut case steal your horse. I guess you can't trust the law either. I think this officer should have to pay my friend for her horse and the money she paid to have her hauled. My friend has still not gotten her horse back and it has been a year. If the horse was a stolen tv or a stereo I bet the horse would have been found by now. I guess my friend should have taken justice into her own hands and stole the horse back. I feel this officer should still be investigated and charged, he was involved and should have to pay!!  (Dec 18, 2009 | post #1)

Newton Falls, OH

Woman Charged After 11 Horses Removed from Property

This is crap!!! Who ever wrote this is as sickning as the woman that starved these animals!! I knew the woman that did this and she is a waste of space, she lies, and she is probably mental as well!! She hauled a horse for a friend of mine last year, my friend paid for the horse and hauling fees to this "woman" and never got her horse!! This mental case kept the horse, lied and told police my friend owed her board. Funny thing was my friend never boarded the horse at her death camp farm!! This woman stole the horse and got away with it, she is beyond the law. I will be shocked if she actually gets in trouble for anything she has done. I don't care if her uncle was sick or joe blow died there is no excuse to let those horses get in the shape they were in. NO EXCUSE AT ALL!!! As far as her friend down the street stabbing her in the back...yeah right!! I have talked to her friend and this woman was stealing hay, grain etc from her barn. I know the woman that was charged and you can't pull any wool over my eyes. And I don't think you can con the public either, everyone seen the picture of those emaciated don't lie!! Who ever wrote this is either the woman charged with starving these animals or else you are just as sick as she is!! She has lied, stole and abused animals long enough. I hope she gets the maximum penality allowed by law! Also please learn how to spell, it would make your letters easier to read!!  (Dec 18, 2009 | post #41)