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Feb 11, 2014

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Los Angeles, CA

(Unofficial) Gay Days at Disneyland

PS. I just scrolled through the last 5 pages of comments and I feel like I just read some high school blog or grammar school "sticks and stones" idiotic, useless comments. I had no idea topix was like this. Does anyone have anything intelligent, sensible.....meani ngful, maybe a good point or even challenging to say???  (Feb 11, 2014 | post #112)

Los Angeles, CA

(Unofficial) Gay Days at Disneyland

This is getting ridiculous now! EVERYTHING. All of it! Life, people, so called "Leaders " (corrupt sociopaths). The world is a freeforall. | Why do I have a problem with this? First off, I want to make this clear: I have nothing against gay people. I have gay family members, friends and even a Doctor who is gay. It is my belief that one is born this way & I can only imagine how tough it would be to feel an attraction only to the "wrong sex". And to put it bluntly, that's exactly what it is - maybe it feels like being born the wrong gender...who knows? In any case it wouldn't be easy. HOWEVER, I don't think it's something that should be "normalized " and even "celebrated " like "hey society, hey children, there is nothing "wrong" "abnormal " or even "weird" about being "Adam & Adam" or "Eve and Eve" or having 2 mommies - pretending they made a child together. What next? Will it be okay if 40 year old Dan prefers 14 year old boys or 10 year old girls? What if he wants to marry one? Should we "live and let live" have a parade about it? What does it mean to be "gay"? What is gay?---- I know! It's a sexual preference so to speak - yes? It means I'd rather have sexual relations with a woman (I'm female) So what are we talking about? A sexual preference? Okay, let's talk about that then ( the core of gay boils down to sex). NOW WHY ON EARTH ARE WE ANNOUNCING OUR PRIVATE SEXUAL DESIRES AND FORCING IT TO BE OKAYTO DO IN PUBLIC? You don't see bondage parades or oral sex parades or the "anal" group do you? So why the hell are we doing this with gay?? Keep it to yourself & please do not force me to welcome your bedroom to Disneyland or wherever it is this is happening. There are some things we just don't need to announce.  (Feb 11, 2014 | post #111)

Los Angeles, CA

Advantages of Self Storage Facilities

who cares. they're a ripoff.  (Feb 11, 2014 | post #2)