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Oct 7, 2013

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Could music ever be a real religion?

Musicians and bands in Ayrshire wanted. Please submit music or links to us at our main page. We want to build up a local music scene where some areas have been starved and so far we have done an amazing job and brought some very big names to very small towns and helped to spark a new music scene. Bringing people together in communities where the people deserve good live music every week! We will be holding a battle of the bands competition too, and the winning band will be the main supporting act for a famous band in an Ayrshire venue with professional photography courtesy of Jillian Shaw & Jay Coleman, filming, recording, radio session and interviews at various promotional organizations to really boost the winning bands status and online presence. If this sounds good and you are a musician from Ayrshire, you should definitely get in touch. Spread the word! Bring the music, and we will shine the spotlight on your band! (any local businesses interested in sponsorship / endorsement deals please get in touch, we are fully negotiable and have many advertising offers for local businesses)  (Oct 7, 2013 | post #2)

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Could music ever be a real religion?

I have often expressed that music is my religion as I worship my idols, I prey in the form of song and it brings focus to my life that I would be lost to without it. It is used in every way that religion is used for everything from a wedding to a baptism, funeral to an anniversary, important events, prayer. Music has been heavily exploited so much of the pop music you are exposed to is purely to sell something else, or is only being sold because of the sexual appeal of the artist etc. However music that is good for the soul, no matter what genre or style, is still good for the soul and something that you feel a yearning for. I would like to see music instated as an optional religion for those who have lost their faith, or those who never had a faith to come together in a universal religion which allows anyone from any other religion to celebrate and take part in without having to abandon their own faith or beliefs. I believe world peace could potentially be achieved one day through a Global unition of the people through music. What do you think?  (Oct 7, 2013 | post #1)

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