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Dec 8, 2013

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Tributes paid to 'Uncle Six', the symbol of a generation

I grew up waking many of his movies and TV shows. They help to shape Hong Kong. Legacy forever.  (Jan 18, 2014 | post #1)

Hong Kong Election 2017

Lion A: “Hong Kong, China and the World can learn much from the operas. Let us continue to explore the limits of Super Democracy.” Lion S: “There is nothing technically new in the so called Super Democracy. You allow the voters to cast Test Votes via the Internet. You only ensure that each voter has one vote. The Hong Kong immigration system with the pictures and figure prints on the Identity Cards already demonstrated such a system is possible.” Lion T: “You add the discussion forums. One group can be unmoderated – allowing any one to express any opinion. One group can be moderated – with humans to filter out the inappropriate comments. A Government sponsored discussion forum should be moderated. It may copy some posts from the many unmoderated forums. Politics will inevitably be involved.” Lion C: “Some may post hundreds of comments. Some may post none. It is still the loudest voice wins.” Lion L: “But every voter is allowed to express his opinion to his heart’s content in the unmoderated forums. The Government supported moderated forum will only extract the best, appropriate opinions. Any one may browse both the unmoderated and moderated forums.” Lion A: “That is why Hong Kong should be a test site before such technique is widely adopted in China and the World.”  (Dec 28, 2013 | post #34)

Hong Kong Election 2017

Lion S: “The USA example of Democracy does not work. Look at Thailand. Look at USA itself. Why should China follow a failed model?” Lion A: “That is why we propose the better model – Super Democracy.” Lion T: “That model has not been tried. How can we be sure that it works?” Lion A: “China is in the process of finding its own solution. Hong Kong is allowed to experiment with a different system (from that implemented in China). Experiments may not work but we can all learn from that process.” Lion S: “What has Hong Kong learned so far? The Loudest Voice wins? The shock statements will attract media attention? Refusal to compromise will get Public Sympathy? Popular Government Policies can be declared illegal by the Courts?” Lion T: “Do not get too excited. Hong Kong still prospers. Hong Kong Citizens will still find a way to live comfortably. All these political happenings are like soap operas!” Lion A: “Hong Kong, China and the World can learn much from the operas. Let us continue to explore the limits of Super Democracy.”  (Dec 28, 2013 | post #33)

Hong Kong Election 2017

A Christmas Story An Accountant in California retired this year and over 1,000 people attended his Retirement/Christm as Party. His success story was told: (1) The Accountant got his University education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the 1970s and emigrated to California. (2) He opened his own accounting firm, struggled for many years. He was very busy during the tax period and was idle for the rest of the year. (3) His first big break was helping Chinese Restaurants to computerize and taking on their payroll tasks. He had year-round income. (4) His wife first worked as a teller in a Bank and worked her way to Branch Manager. They had a son and a daughter. Both were successful. The son manages the accounting firm. The daughter is a medical doctor. (5) Their second major break was helping the restaurant waiters and waitresses to buy their own homes. The income of these waiters and waitresses were not sufficient to qualify for Bank Mortgages. The accountant loaned them money and co-owned the properties. (6) Many waiters and waitresses were very grateful. There was practically no managing of property. When the properties were sold, the borrowed sum was repaid with no interest. The extra “gold” was the percentage of the property appreciation profit. (7) Over the 40 years of the accountant’s working life, the property value of California Property must have increased many times. Such “gold” guaranteed an extremely comfortable retirement and built up hundreds and thousands of friends. (8) Technique similar to this was proposed to the Hong Kong Government and got good initial response. When the Hong Kong property values falls to an appropriate level, we may see this technique in action. Such Christmas Stories will inspire many youngsters. Amen.  (Dec 27, 2013 | post #32)

Hong Kong Election 2017

Lion S: “The USA Government issues Bonds and the Chinese Government buys a lot of them. Is bonds considered as a loan that needs to be repaid? How should the USA Government repaid such debts?” Lion T: “When China buys USA Government Bonds, the payment at maturity is in US Dollars. The USA Government can always issue more US Dollars to honor the Bonds. Thus Government Bonds are considered as one of the safest investments.” Lion A: “By issuing Government Bonds, a Government effectively takes away some of the money in the economy. For example, a Government issues Bonds at 3% interest. 100 units of money go to the Government. That means 100 units of purchasing power disappears from the Market. The Government can spend that money on Social Services etc.” Lion T: “At the maturity of the Bond, the Government prints more money (103 units) to give back to the Investor. Very likely, the investor will use the 103 units plus more to buy more Government Bonds. The Government again has more money to use. This process can go on forever.” Lion S: “What would happen if the investor does not want to buy Government Bonds anymore?” Lion T: “The investor will have the money to buy something else. This may cause potential inflation but a reckless investor may find that he would have wasted the money on many useless items.” Lion A: “A Government is supposed to increase the money supply so that its Citizens can be wealthier. The spending of the money raised by issuing Bonds on Social Services is one way of narrowing the gap between the rich and poor!” Lion S: “Does the Hong Kong or the Chinese Government understand this logic?”  (Dec 22, 2013 | post #31)

Hong Kong Election 2017

Lion T: “If the property price in Hong Kong drops, the Government can help many Citizens to climb back on the Property Wealth Ladder. One technique is to partner would be property owners with investment funds. They purchase the home together; each owning a certain percentage. The home owner is responsible for the Mortgage and also pays a small interest to the investment fund. In this way, the home owner does not need to pay high rents and try to save money at the same time.” Lion P: “This will force the property price to go back up. A very clever control mechanism and politically wise move. Wow.”  (Dec 21, 2013 | post #29)

Hong Kong Election 2017

Lion S:” Let us focus back on the question – should the Government increase taxes and get more money back from the Wealthier Citizens to redistribute it to the poor?” Lion T: “Hong Kong is an unusual place. It is a rich man shelter because of its low tax and free money exchange system. The amount that flows in legally (and not so legally) is much, much higher than what could be raised via higher taxes.” Lion S: “But how would the Government get some of such money and use it on Social Services?” Lion T: “The common ways include the Banking System and the issuing of Government Bonds. People usually place their funds with Banks or purchase Bonds to get some interests. Hong Kong Government should consider such measures.” Lion S: “Are there uncommon ways?” Lion T: “Yes. These include development of New Towns or New Enterprises. For example, the Governments invested in the MTR and then get the money back via Company listing on the Stock Market.” Lion S: “With your logic, a Government should issue bonds even if it does not need the money!” Lion T: “Yes. Issuing Bonds is a way of controlling the money being circulated in the System.”  (Dec 21, 2013 | post #28)

Hong Kong Election 2017

[quote]Lion S:“If more people apply for Social Security Benefits or Welfare, how would the Hong Kong Government pay for it? China may be sending many high-spending tourists to Hong Kong. That tourism money mainly goes to the private enterprises. Does the Hong Kong Government need to increase taxes?” If you were the Chief Executive or the Policy Advisor, what is your proposal?[/quote] Lion T:”One concept being accepted is that – Government is responsible for creating and distributing Modern Wealth to its Citizens. A Government must increase its money supply for its citizens to be wealthy. The increase must be in step with the increase in Meaningful Economic Activities.” Lion S: “If a Government prints money to support Social Services, more money goes to the under privileged class. Is this a way of narrowing the gap between the rich and poor?” Lion T: “Yes.” Lion S: “Will it diminish the spirit to self-improve? Will the Citizens become lazy and rely on Government Handout?” Lion T: “The Government can have policy to entice or force welfare recipients to enter the work force. Hong Kong is at almost full employment. There are plenty of jobs waiting for workers.”  (Dec 20, 2013 | post #27)

Hong Kong Election 2017

【&# 22826;陽 報&# 23560;訊 】&# 26412;港 樓&# 24066;過 去&# 24190;年 受&# 24800;低 息&# 29872;境 ,&# 25104;交 價&# 37327;可 謂&# 40778;齊 飆&# 21319;, 隨&# 30528;美 國&# 32879;儲 局&# 27491;式 啟&# 21205;退 市&# 65292;意 味&# 21152;息 日&# 23376;正 在&# 12300;倒 數&# 12301;中 ,&# 24050;見 脆&# 24369;的 樓&# 24066;勢 遭&# 25171;擊 。&# 23560;家 指&# 20986;, 在&# 36864;市 、&# 25919;府 狂&# 25512;地 、&# 36771;招 有&# 22686;無 減&# 12289;發 展&# 21830;積 極&# 25512;新 盤&# 30340;四 重&# 22846;擊 下&# 65292;香 港&# 27155;市 將&# 38754;臨 危&# 27231;, 明&# 24180;四 、&# 20116;月 住&# 23429;樓 價&# 21218;挫 兩&# 25104;半 至&# 19977;成 。&# 26377;較 悲&# 35264;的 分&# 26512;師 更&# 38928;測 ,&# 20551;如 本&# 28207;競 爭&# 21147;下 降&# 65292;樓 價&# 25110;由 高&# 20301;下 挫&# 20116;成 才&# 26371;見 底&# 12290; Lion S: “If more people apply for Social Security Benefits or Welfare, how would the Hong Kong Government pay for it? China may be sending many high-spending tourists to Hong Kong. That tourism money mainly goes to the private enterprises. Does the Hong Kong Government need to increase taxes?” Lion P: “US is reducing its purchase of bonds. The Interest Rate will eventually rise. The impact to the Property Market in Hong Kong will be a lowering of prices. Many property owners will see part of their assets vaporize. Some may even become negative worth. Business confidence and activities will decrease. Increasing taxes in such an environment is political suicide.” If you were the Chief Executive or the Policy Advisor, what is your proposal?  (Dec 19, 2013 | post #26)

Hong Kong Election 2017

Spend the day talking and thinking about the potential Chief Executive for Hong Kong in 2017. (1) C. Y. Leung is likely to be a candidate. Most Chief Executives would run for two terms. He is definitely hard-working and willing to go out to get Public Opinion. He and his team have four more years to prove themselves. (2) Someone from the DAB Camp. DAB is now the largest political party in Hong Kong. They tried hard at the District Council Level. However, they may not want to have a potential candidate to compete to avoid conflict with Beijing and the present Hong Kong Government. (3) Someone from the pro-Democratic Camp. A potential candidate is the chairwoman, Emily Lau. However, the act of putting a potential candidate without securing an agreed election procedure will be seen as surrender. Thus there is unlikely to be any action from this Camp for some time. (4) One or more independent Candidates. This may be the most likely scenario. Some independent candidates may just want their views known or their names recognized. In this “political vacuum”, any good, logical approach will be appreciated or even welcomed by the General Public. (5) Some of the retirees like us do not have political ambitions any more but we still believe that we have something to contribute. We can air out our views in forums similar to this. Sow the seeds…. Waken Up Lions  (Dec 17, 2013 | post #24)

Hong Kong Election 2017

From Lion L: I believe China has perfected the “Yes, We can.” attitude of President Obama. You call it the improved Silicon Valley Mentality. I shall word it in the following format: (1) Yes, we can become the number one economic power in the World. (2) Yes, we can catch up and surpass both USA and Russia in the Space Technology. (3) Yes, we can get our youngsters better educated than the rest of the World. (4) Yes, we can build a political system much better than the Democratic System used in the West. (5) Yes, we can achieve One World, One Dream without resorting to war and conquest. With that attitude, solving the trivial Election Problems in Hong Kong in 2016 and 2017 is a piece of cake.  (Dec 15, 2013 | post #23)

Hong Kong Election 2017

China's lunar probe Chang'e-3, with the country's first moon rover onboard, successfully landed on the moon on Saturday night, marking the first time that China has sent a spacecraft to soft land on the surface of an extraterrestrial body. Such achievement will continue to improve the standing of CHina in the World. Hong Kongese will be proud to be with the "One Country". How should the Hong Kong Government leverage on this?  (Dec 14, 2013 | post #22)

Hong Kong Election 2017

From Lion D If Mrs. Lam et al push the written statements in the Basic Law, it is likely to be a repeat of Mrs. Ip pushing Article 23. There will be no winners. Mrs. Lam et al may have to take the blame and step down. What a pity. Lion A: “Do you have any solution?” Lion D: “We are the Gods. We can always make rules and propose solutions. My suggestion is to subcontract the discussion to a “Consultant Group”. Let the “Consultant Group” do the many-to-many discussion forums. Let the Consultant Group take the credit and the blame for the project. Have an open bid to award the contract.” Lion A: “Is it too late? The Public Consultation has started.” Lion D: “It is never too late if the Government knows that it is heading along a dead-end path.” Waken Up Lions  (Dec 13, 2013 | post #21)

Hong Kong Election 2017

From: Lion J Lion A, your background story on Emily Lau is helpful. "Playing God" is a bit funny, though. ****************** ***************** Dear Lion J, *** Playing God means we can create new rules of the game. We can ignore the "traditional approach". We can ignore the present political climate. We can just focus on researching and proposing the constructive ideas. *** I watched the ATV show "over a glass of wine" where they discussed the recent set up of a Hong Kong and Macau Study Group in Beijing. Mr. Lau, the former Chief Advisor to the Hong Kong Central Policy Unit is vice chairman. This Group have hundreds of top academics, officials, experts, etc in China, Hong Kong and Macau. It will be the think-tank for the Chinese Government and has funding. Much of its research will be good reference material for the Hong Kong Government and Citizens. Our views will fall on eager ears..... ****************** ****************** * You can google“Emily Lau Hong Kong Legislator” and get some of her background information. I know her brother, the Late Edward Lau, very well. I know Edward since I was 12. He was my Bridge Partner. The Laus lost their father at a young age. They struggled through poverty via education. Edward became an accountant and married Nora Fok, the daughter of the late Fok Ying Tung. Mr. Fok had very close ties with Beijing. Emily entered politics and was very outspoken. She received top votes when elected as Member of the Legislative Council. Many claimed that she was anti-Beijing. Thus if Beijing says that she is patriotic and loves Hong Kong (which is true even though many of her words and actions are not to the liking of Beijing), that will be a hint that many pro-democratic party members can participate as candidates for the Chief Executive. Qualified as a candidate does not mean that she can win the election. She has to further show her capability; beat other candidates at the Universal Suffrage etc. The implementation of Super Democracy and Super Disclosure now will give 3 years for Beijing and Hong Kong Citizens to further analyze her, her policies and her supporters. Other potentialcandidate s will emerge. (C. Y. Leung is expected to run for another term; at least one pro-Beijing candidate from DAB will emerge). Their constructive “marketing” of themselves, their vision, their policies and their supporters will improve the political future of Hong Kong. If the maximum number of candidates in the Universal Suffrage is allowed to be 5, the chance of a pro-democratic candidate in the running will be high. The dead-lock is solved. As total outsiders, we can use the improved Silicon Valley Mentality and play God. Politics is a funny game. There are no forever friends or forever enemies….. Waken Up Lions  (Dec 12, 2013 | post #20)

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