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May 14, 2011

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Norway best place to live, with U.S. falling behind state...

What creates American jobs?Do you ever listen to the news?Employers are being cautous about expanding their business and hiring until the supreme court makes a ruling on the health care mandate later this summer.Talk about jobs,all you 18-26 year olds need to get a job for your selfs and buy your own health insurance plans.All that Obama is trying to do is buy votes from the young people.You think that by having this age group on their parent's health insurance plans that it will be free?No way!Someone is going to have to pay for their health care services.There are plans for major tax increases on many people like home owners that sell their houses.They will have to pay a 3% surcharge on the proceeds of their houses.Medical device equipment manufactures will have to pay a new tax on the sale of their products.If the Bush tax cuts are left to expire,there will be tax increases.Obama wants to raise the capital gains taxes and taxes on dividends to help pay for the health care reform.You see,someone is going to have to pay for you 18-26 year olds health care services.It's not free.What do you mean when you say you don't care about religions?The health care reform will have exemptions for some religions(Amish).F ederal unionized employees will be exempt from this health insurance mandate and so will McDonalds.The politicians that voted for this health care mandate have their own "cadillac "health insurance plan.Tell me why don't the politicians that voted for this health care mandate include them selfs on the health insurance mandate.They make them selfs privileged.From what I have been reading about you you sound like you don't have any responsibilities.  (May 23, 2012 | post #306)

Racism in Norway - Is it like this or better that this?

A young Norwegian man your age might fall in love with you and propose to you.Easy way to immigrate to Norway or another country,marry a man from the country that you visit.  (May 20, 2012 | post #588)

New Zealand

Does New Zealand trust Obama?

I don't.I wish Obama would resign because of the Solyndra scandal.Special interest groups "buttered is bread",labor unions and hard core environmentalists and some wall street firms.  (Oct 4, 2011 | post #3)

Racism in Norway - Is it like this or better that this?

I am asocial,good for me!I was critisizing the immigration policies of Scandinavian countries,why do you have a problem with that?There are to many non whites in Europe.Many of them don't have any job skills and are not interested in assimilation in to European culture.These immigrants are mostly Muslims and come from African countries and the middle-east and they are not compatible with Europeans.The same could be said for my country.  (Aug 12, 2011 | post #539)

'Big oil find shows North Sea still vital'

This is good news for the Norwegian treasury department.More money coming in to the "community chest"to keep those cradle to the grave welfare state benefits flowing to the citizens and the lazy immigrants that only want to live in Norway for the generous welfare benefits.  (Aug 8, 2011 | post #1)

PNG males and Norwegian females...

I have googled so information about Norwegian women and I don't see how a dark skin man from a poor country like you can have a Norwegian women unless she has very low self esteem and is more than willing to be submissive to you.Google"No rwegian men and import brides" and "high maintenance Norwegian women".You had better study more about Norwegian women!About Norwegian men being an inferior match for the perfect Norwegian woman.When you read the information about the Norwegian men from the first information,you will see that the Norwegian men are a "best kept secret".You should not even considered using the word "inferior " when comparing your self to Norwegian men.Study more about gender equality in Norway and you will find that Norwegian women like to live in cities and like to have a career and are more educated than the men and some earn more than the men.You had better study more about these very high maintenance and sophisticated pale Norwegian women before you marry one,if you can get lucky enough.I think that you would be better off marring a pale Latina(Latino) woman because they are more domesticated than white women from white nations.Maybe a Thailand woman might be a better choice than a pale Norwegian woman because they are also more domesticated than Norwegian women.If you are not a wealthy man and I don't think that you are,you can forget about having a high maintenance pale Norwegian woman because Norway is ranked number one or two as the most expensive country in the world.  (Aug 8, 2011 | post #16)

Islamism has taken strong roots in Norway

What kind of industries exist in Trondheim to employ unskilled Muslims from Pakistan and Somalia?I see that one white Norwegian girl was depressed and committed suicide.A few more girls were raped and a girl brought a gun to school and waned to kill Muslim students.Are you Marxist Norwwgians and feminist liking your multiculturalism?W e are having some problems with Somalians in U.S.A. Google Minnesota's Somalia Madness and you will see what problems they are causing to America.Since when does Norway "a small fish in a big pond"have to be obligated to allow tens of thousands of Muslims as refugees and asylum seekers in to Norway because they want to escape from "hot spots"?Now Norway is becoming a "hot spot"like the countries that these immigrants come from.  (Aug 8, 2011 | post #1)

Queen's shock over Norway killings

I have looked up the definition of wanker.It is a part of the British vocabulary not American vocabulary.I have never heard that word.Stop calling me Mr.Storm front or other words related to white power groups.I have told you that I am a black American man.I respond to what I read on the Internet.  (Aug 7, 2011 | post #29)

Muslims taking over Sweden, exterminate?

I wish our politicians and their "sugar dadys"and international releif organizations would care about Americans first and last.No more helping Afghanistan or Somalia or any other countries.And your government would focus on taking better care of the citizens of their country instead of Muslim immigrants that want to conquer Sweden and other white Christian nations.  (Aug 7, 2011 | post #65)

PNG males and Norwegian females...

You say you doubt that Norwegian men give a rats butt about his opinions,Anders Behring Breivik was upset about Muslim immigrants (men)and people like the PNG man for wanting pale and young Norwegian women and girls for their sexual pleasures at their convenience.I am enjoying talking to you,this is fun!This morning I was enjoying a cup of coffee in a Starbucks coffee house and I was enjoying "girl and women watching"Whit e women.I like looking at their legs!Soft and smoooooth white legs!Then I watched a white woman walk in to the coffee house and I immediately notice her two little mulatto daughters.You(I)co uld tell that they were from a black man,their hair was not like a white female's hair.Straight and silky,the little girl's hair was nappy and I looked at their skin complexion,it was of a half white/half black pigmentation.I see mulattos all the time!The little girls were not as attractive looking as young white girls their age.I would bet that if the PNG man was to look at these two mulatto girls he would be looking for some very pale American women to look at immediately!  (Aug 7, 2011 | post #15)

PNG males and Norwegian females...

The Finnish did not get fired from her job,her statement angered her Jewish employer and almost got her fired.What is atm?What are the other "bigger fish to fry"?This PNG man and I both have sexual fantasies with white women,I also extend my sexual fantasies to young women of all races and some ethnicties except Muslim women.I won't hush!The PNG man wanted to discuss this subject and that is what I will do.I don't care how many times he gets "lucky"w ith pale Norwegian women or pale English women seeing that he is posting some where in England.Who are you?A Pakistan man?  (Aug 7, 2011 | post #14)

Oslo attacks: Accept diversity and live in peace with others

As long as there is an Islamic community in a "white Christan nation"and as long as there is multiculturalism and black Somalians and North African Muslims and middle-eastern Muslims living in the "white Christian nations", there will never be peace unless we infidels become submissive by converting to Islam or get murdered.Muslim men from the lower social-economic groups have a habit of raping their own women and girls when ever they want to have "sex on demand"Islam wants to have conquest of the white Christian nations through rape and and will want to impose sharia laws.They want Wahabbism forced on to the conquered white people of the world.It looks like Sweden and England are the first to become submissive to Islam.And then Norway.The author of this article is a fool if he or she thinks that there will be peace among people of different races and from diversed cultures.  (Aug 7, 2011 | post #1)

PNG males and Norwegian females...

I am a black American man and I see young white adult and teenager women every day.Like most but not all black American men,I am attracted to slender to volopsues white women that are teenagers to about forty years old and have no serious flaws.You need to understand that if it weren't for the Norwegian man there would not be any pale Norwegian women for you to look at!So no racism intended?What do you mean by this statement?I think that you are being racist towards white Norwegian men.How do you know that you can sexually excite his pale skin Norwegian women better than he?You just having sexual fantasies when you say that your darker features look good when having sex with her pale skin.I have the same fantasies but I never consider Norwegian men or other white men inferior in any sense and I never consider Norwegian men not as good as a "match" as any non white men.Never.Who do you think you are by saying "I mean it isn't as good a match as PNG male is for Norwegian female"?Only the pale Norwegian women will decide if you and other PNG males are a match for their brave Thor and Sven and Lars and what ever other Nordic name there is.  (Aug 7, 2011 | post #12)

PNG males and Norwegian females...

I am a black American man.Why should I lie?I like sexually attractive pale women like many of my fellow black American men and other non white men all over the world.Did you thought that I was a white man feeling threatening about black and brown men wanting pale women?What I don't understand is why just pale Norwegian women or other pale or white women when young Latino women from countries like Brazil and Columbia are just as attractive as any young pale woman from Scandinavia women or any other "white nation"Young Asian women are just as sexually attractive as any pale woman.Have you ever been face to face with Latino women?They are white through the Spanish or some other Southern European ethnicity, with or with out the indigenous in their bloodmet once met a white American man that like Thailand women only.I believe he said that he was stationed in that part of th world like many white military personel are.There are many white American men in the navy that are stationed in the Asian countries that fall in love with an Asian woman and never go back to their pale/white women.Just because a light skin woman is not as pale as the Scandinavian women doesn't mean that they are not as sexually attractive.There is a pale Finnish woman journalist that pissed off her Jewish employer when she was a radio talk show host,she said that she dates Scandinavian men only.She almost got fired for that statement.Finland has powerful hate speech laws and her statement was on the "border line"as a hate speech violation.Viivi Avelon is her name.Google it and you will see her "racist statement.She was saying in an interview that she dates white men "north of Berlin"only!W ho are you?Sounds like you are a non white man like me!All Inever see when I look in the mirror is a brown skin man.Black people are not black,we are different shades of brown.I have some Mohegan (native American)blood from my maternal grand mother,her farther was Mohegan.Do you prefer pale women only?If so,then why?If that PNG man was blind folded and had sex with a "darker" skin white Latino woman or an Asian woman,he wouldn't know the difference!  (Aug 7, 2011 | post #11)

Are norwegian girls really that dirty?

No.You do know about the problems that the Muslim immigrant men are causing in Europe don't you?I do.I have beebread reading about Muslim men raping and some times killing young white Finnish women.her is the name of one Somalian Muslim man that did this in Finland.Abdigadir Osman Hussein.Google his name and you will see what he did to one young Finnish woman.  (Aug 6, 2011 | post #27)