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traditional wedding

In a traditional wedding, the flower girl walks down the aisle ahead of the bride as the wedding ceremony begins. She holds a basket full of real or silk flower petals in one hand and scatters them in front of her with the other. It is an important and cherished ritual. Making your own basket is easy and fun, and the task can be completed in an afternoon. Choose the colors of the silk yardage, silk cord, silk ribbon, silk flowers and scalloped lace to match the bridal colors --- or plain white will do.Paint the round box white with acrylic paint, unless it came in white. Let dry for one hour. Place the box near the corner of the silk yardage and lightly trace a circle on the fabric with a pencil. Put glue dots around the bottom of the box on the inside and press down the circle of silk to line the bottom of the box. If want more cushioning on the bottom, substitute quilted fabric. Place the round box near the center of the silk fabric with a weight inside to keep it from moving. From eight points around the box, measure the height of the box, add 3 inches and mark with a pencil. Cut out the circle of silk, and cover the box with it. Draw in the fabric from all sides and fold the extra 3 inches over the rim of the box. Use a glue gun to attach the silk on the inside, gathering it softly or making pleats.Cut a 20-inch by 1-inch strip of white poster board for the handle of the basket. Reinforce it on one side with strip of ?-inch fiber packing tape, folding an additional 1 inch over each end to strengthen. Place these ends on the inside of the rim, on opposite sides of the basket, and staple twice on each side to secure. You'll conceal the staples later. Wind one-inch silk ribbon around the poster board handle, applying dots of glue on the inside of the handle as you wind. Embellish by winding silk cord and a strand of artificial pearls around the handle, and anchor by tying the ends together on the inner side and securing with glue. Glue scalloped lace and pearl trim around the edge of the outer rim of the basket. This will decorate the outer surface of the basket and conceal the staples at the bases of the handle. Tie a bow with two lengths of organza ribbon to the bases of the basket handle and let the ends trail about 6 inches on either side of the basket.Cut stems of silk flowers to approximately 1 inch. Insert a few into the wound ribbon and cord on the handle and secure with glue. Attach other flowers with glue around the top edges of the scalloped lace. http://www.voguedr  (Apr 17, 2014 | post #1)


What Does a Little Girl in the Bridal Party Wear

After visiting dozens of boutiques and trying on hundreds of dresses, you finally picked out your dream gown. Your bridesmaids found dresses they love, and everything is good to go – until you realize your flower girl has nothing to wear. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to keep your littlest bridal-party member looking fashionable on your big day. The flower girl tradition began in ancient Rome, when young girls dressed in light sheath dresses and carried bundles of wheat and herbs ahead of the lucky couple as a symbol of luck and fertility. In medieval times, flower girls wore heavier protective frocks and carried bundles of garlic said to ward off evil spirits. Flower girls as we know them today -- scattering flower petals -- evolved from Elizabethan weddings, with a trail for the wedding procession between the bride’s home and church . The dress is the focal point of the flower-girl ensemble. Flower-girl dresses traditionally were white or ivory fabric with a wide, colorful sash that matched the bridal-party colors. However, many modern brides choose to dress their flower girls in dresses that nearly match their gown. Regardless of color or style, flower-girl dresses are typically tea length, which falls just below the knee. This provides plenty of coverage for little legs, without being long enough to trip over. What is worn under the dress the type of weeding and time of year. Tights are commonplace for flower girls, as they disguise typical kidlike bumps and bruises. Leggings also retain heat for weddings held during the fall or winter. Shoes normally match the dress, and can be either flat or have a small heel -- no more than one inch tall for safety's sake. Headpieces are a big part of the flower girl's outfit. For upscale, fancy weddings, sparkly crystal-encrusted headbands or tiaras show off cute hairstyles and make little flower girls feel like princesses. If the theme of the wedding is more laid back and relaxed, a plain fabric headband accented with coordinating flowers makes your smallest party member pretty and proper without being overdone. A light dusting of glittery eyeshadow and a dab of lip gloss round out a playful, elegant flower-girl ensemble.http://ww /  (Apr 17, 2014 | post #1)


Romantic Wedding Night Tips

When the wedding is over and all the dancing and dresses have been photographed, you and your lover get to look forward to enjoying each other's company. Talk about ways you want to re-connect when you open the door to the honeymoon suite. Discuss your ideas before your wedding day so you can create a combined ideal first night as a married couple. Flirt with each other during the wedding and wedding reception. You will be surrounded by friends and family and they will each want to congratulate you, but do not let everyone keep you from your lover---when you dance that dance together, really fall into it and speak with each other both verbally and non-verbally. After the wedding, whether you're in a hotel room or other accommodation, try not to rush into making love. Talk about the night, your feelings, your passion and let the excitement, happiness and relief build. Pick something a little different than what you usually wear to bed for your wedding night. Make sure you feel confident in it and don't compromise your judgment. Just try to spice the evening with excitement.This night is unique and your surroundings should be as surprising as the rest of the day and night have been. If you do not have much money to spend on a hotel---or you'd rather put your guests in a nice place---at least do not sleep at either of your homes. Putting yourself in an unfamiliar location creates a romantic mood because you will both discover the room, the view and the bed for the first time together. If you have the money to spend, go for a honeymoon suite. Find a room with features like a king-sized bed or a hot tub to add some sugar to the loving. Even if you are not normally drinkers, arrange for at least one bottle of wine or champagne to be waiting in the hotel suite when you arrive from the wedding party. If you already drank at your wedding and you don't feel like more, leave the bottle for another night. But it is romantic to pop open a bottle just for the two of you. When you cheer to your future together and take the first sip, use this time to talk about the wedding, laugh and then loosen up for the rest of the night. http://www.voguedr  (Apr 17, 2014 | post #1)

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loved wedding

You've always loved weddings; you love the colors, the flowers, the themes, everything. Perhaps this love of weddings has inspired you to start a wedding planning business, but you don't have a ton of cash to advertise or promote yourself. What do you do? Here are some tips for starting a wedding planning business. Develop a website. If you have the skills to create your own site, there will be minimal start-up costs. If you don't have those technical skills, work with a freelance web designer, who will be much cheaper than a web design firm. You should probably spend no more than $300. After your site is up, you will only pay for your domain name, a service provided by a number of hosts. Often, your web designer can take care of this for you, and you would pay them the fee. Educate yourself. Read bridal magazines, and study fashion and color trends. Make yourself comfortable with every area of wedding planning so that you are not only an expert planner but also an expert florist, decorator, photographer, videographer, caterer, cake designer and linen specialist. You need to know not only the names of every flower, but the colors they come in and how much they cost. You also need to identify vendors that you love in your area. Once you have chosen these vendors, try to create an affiliation with them. This will help bring business to both of you.Create documentation. Print business cards and brochures. The best way to do this without breaking the bank is to design these yourself, and then find an deal from a print shop or an online printer. Distribute your cards and brochures to your affiliated vendors, and ask them to hand them out to their clients. Offer to return the favor for them. Market yourself. Meet people, attend bridal shows and tell your friends and family about your business venture. Promote yourself by all means possible without exceeding your budget. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Craigslist can be very helpful for free promotion. Strive to get your website as many hits as possible. If you can afford it, advertise with large wedding websites as well. The more people hear of you, the more people will book with you. http://www.voguedr  (Apr 17, 2014 | post #1)

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Every woman probably spends at least a little time fantasizing about her perfect wedding day--well before she meets the one she wants to marry. Your wedding day only happens once, and it is for this reason that many women want to get every little detail right, especially the wedding dress. The majority of women are not built like supermodels, nor should they be. So how can the average woman find the right dress for her body type? Follow the steps below to find out. Determine what your body type is. Are you full-figured? Petite? Large-chested? Bigger on the bottom? Before you can even begin to look for that perfect wedding dress, you need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are appearance-wise. Don't let this part of the process get you down: No one is perfect. All women have areas of their body that they aren't happy with, and which they do their best to conceal. (Than again, many of them have other parts of their body that they love to show off.)Go for an A-line dress if you are full-figured or petite. Since an A-line dress works to lengthen your whole body, no unnecessary attention will be drawn to your waist. The dress will help you to achieve a slimmer overall look if you are a full-figured woman. If you are a petite, then an A-line dress works great for you, too, because it will appear to give you some extra height.Look for a dress that is more form-fitting on the bottom if you are larger in the chest area. Purchasing a dress that is full on the bottom will only work against you, making you look full all over, rather than just in the chest. Avoid strapless dresses if you are petite or full-chested. Petite women will most likely have to raise their arms a lot when it comes time to dance at the reception, and this could lead to disaster should you have a wardrobe malfunction. Women who are larger in the chest area need more support from their dress, and wearing an off-the-shoulder design can also help take some of the attention away from your chest and bring it up to your shoulders. Go for a dress that is full in the bottom and has a more structured top if you are larger in the bottom half. A nice, corseted top with a big, puffy bottom will help to create the appearance that the slimness you have in the top half of your body carries all the way down.Look for a dress with [url=http://www.vo ding-dresses]Disco unt Wedding Gowns[/url] a scoop or v-neck if you are a full-figured woman. These styles usually look best on a woman who has a little something on top.If you are petite, avoid wedding dresses that are large on the bottom; they will only make you look bottom-heavy and shorten you.Focus on showing off your back, arms and bust if you are bottom-heavy; this will distract the attention away from your bottom half.http://www.vo  (Apr 13, 2014 | post #2)

Glendora, CA

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Most people do not consider a wedding gown to be a "wash and wear" type of garment, particularly considering how expensive most gowns can be. But if you are planning to wear a second-hand gown and it is in need of cleaning, you have many options. You can pay to have it dry-cleaned, which can be an outrageous expense, or you can try to wash it yourself at home. Set the washer to the delicate cycle and use cold water only. This is a shorter cycle, which keeps the delicate fabrics from tossing too much and risking potential damage. If you use hot water you will run the risk of having your gown shrink, which would be a very unpleasant surprise when you are ready to wear it for your own wedding. Roll up the gown the best you can and stuff the entire thing into the washer. Don't worry about rolling a bulky wedding gown, it can be done. Just grit your teeth and do it, as the gown can take it. There will be some wrinkling when the gown comes out of the washer, but this is minor and can be repaired later by the use of a fabric steamer. Remove the gown when the cycle is finished and hang it on a clothesline. If it is raining or in cold weather, you will have to hang it up indoors, but it is much better to hang the gown rather than trying to dry it in the dryer. The dryer will heat up the garment , which may damage delicate fabrics.the main garment since you do not want them to catch on the washer's paddles and tear the fabric of your gown. Assuming that your gown is second-hand and came to you dirty, you will definitely need to wash it or dry clean it. Washing it yourself is a lot cheaper. Turn the entire gown inside-out so that when you put it into the washer the beads and sequins do not bounce against the interior of the washer and possibly break off from the garment. Even if there are no beads and sequins you should still turn the gown inside-out to protect any delicate lace from getting torn during the tumbling action inside the washer and to prevent any discoloration of the exterior of the gown. If discoloration occurs from contact with dirt you will always find inside a washer, it is much better that it should be on the inside of the dress where it is not visible.http://www  (Apr 13, 2014 | post #19)