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Aug 23, 2010

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Traveling from the US to Rosarito Beach Mexico........?

Hello.. I was a frequent traveler to Rosarito.. I actually was married at beautiful La Fonda in 2008. It was truly amazing... UNTIL my wedding party wanted to go to papa's and beer... where for the 1st time in my 20 yrs of going there, there were masked and heavily armed police in the back of at least ten trucks. this was alarming.. I had never encountered this.. 2 wks later my 21 yr old son went to TJ with 3 friends.. It was rainy cold weather, my son flipped 3 times down large ravine. one passenger had head trama and was taken to s filthy hospital and almost died of brain trama..after contact w parents had her airlifted the next day to SD hospital where they were told she would have not made it through the night. had 3 brain surgeries to save life. my son, because it was an injury accident was taken to jail. we got a lawyer who said they needed 2o grand or he would be lost in the "system of jails" and we would never see him again. He had no rights at all. remember.. their country their laws.. we have our son back safe.... but it was close. no alcohol or drugs involved.. just bad weather and crooked greedy people who only wanted money. I used to love that place... NEVER again. it only cost 5 grand to a shady lawyer and a 72 hour hold with no charges filed. they let him out at 2 am.. no phone, no id, no way to call home... just your free.. he had the lawyers card.. so he called him from the jail. it was worth 5 grand to have him safe. travel safely  (Mar 3, 2011 | post #24)