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Apr 20, 2012


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Beckley, WV

Americans lacking in History and Geography

Please understand that I really DO wish to bepolite, civil, and respectful but in light of the conspiracy crusade that you ceaselessly commit to continue from the carcasses of confuted conceptual corpses that like a conspiratorial black hole has created consummation of counterpoised circumferential compulsion so colossal that no callowness, credulousness, or contemptibly corruptible cortex can even crave to circumvent the cull of its cruel and crude yet captivating coax. And in seeing this cancerous soapboxing to the naive and readily deluded who would follow the corresponding conspiracy claptrap, regurgitating each others gobbled up rejected, regurgitation has been a factor (albeit one of many and of only mild consequence) of what has been making this community so unbearably intolerable that I failed to find any rational reason why I should step in and waste my time and effort to try to correct such willfully defiant ignorance. I simply cannot find anything to generate compulsion for me to even bother engaging in the community thanks to the black cloud of delusional ominous gloom you and your ilk revel in manufacturing. When I see responses like this and inexcusably trolling out debunked assertions to debunk other equally debunked assertions I am powerless to resist the adamant urge to ask one burning festering question. What.... In the ... Actual.... factual .....rainbow striped... undigested peanut smeared.... hell is wrong with you that you would willingly take almost perverse schadenfreude in publicly portraying yourself in such an unflattering and malignant light to the web and this community cesspool to both see, suffer and endure? I wont waste my time with pointing out how laughably your "facts" have been more than amply debunked, dismissed and disproved or are transcripts from the court of $hit I just made up or assumed. It takes obscene Palin-esque logically defiant effort to behave in such a manner that I could bury you in an avalanche of logic, reason and facts and all it would do is push you deeper into the dirt making it easier for your seed of stupidity to take root in spring. Ill not bother to correct you. No one comes to reside comfortably in such a reality deprived existence without protection of countless impermeable foundations. I will just clue you in on some secrets so you can never ever DARE feign that you didnt know any better. If by some abstract miracle a fraction of the bizarrely abnormal mutated ideas you have floating in your Escher-esque existence fact is Obama IS the POTUS. For all the chicken little screaming fire wolf nothing will alter that. Foregoing unexpected cataclysm we will see his admin thru to its natural and legal end in three years or so. For all the monumental effort you have to go thru in order to maintain and junkie fuel the convoluted briar patch of deluded hysteric paranoia that you preach as gospel to the alarmist flock and maligned zealots will never amount to ANYTHING. Your efforts will never impact or add anything. Only subtract. The saddest part is that the effort from all the mental gymnastics it takes keep that paranoid fire going is squandered and could have been used to solve problems, repair what is broken, improve yourself and community. Leave this world just a little brighter. Yet you squander your time and spread your misery to all, leaving the world just a little more miserable. No mark left. All that is left on this world is your stain. I would loved to remain civil and nice. I had a choice. I could tell you what you NEED to be told, or I could have bit through the last strands keeping my tongue together. I am here to do what no one else can or will. Let you know, no more masquerading as a diamond. Someone had let this spade know it is in fact a spade. I feel I made the right call. Vir eroous die diem, in purgamentum viro  (Jul 5, 2013 | post #33)

Beckley, WV

Americans lacking in History and Geography

....And it comes as absolutely no surprise that it just so happens to be in two subjects that the subject matter practically begs and pleads to have a student fall back on wikipedia or metasearch engines because of how quick, easy and reliable it is to obtain accurate answers that are so inconsequential beyond the scope of the class one would have better luck trying to retail water with a sieve..... /ponders how many had to look up to figure out what a sieve is. /head desk I know I may have said it before, but it certainly bears abundantly loud repeating.... Warning: DO NOT!!!! Under any circumstance trust doctors from here on in under the age of 30. The sheer laziness is not only the fault of the students and parents who failed to install a better work ethic, but also the teachers, instructors and professors all across the country without regard of the quality or prestige of the institution who essentially plagiarize their entire course curriculum from other educators, pre-planned "sold" lesson plans by text book publishers and various other sources and have already been presented to such a wide array of students repeatedly that in very intensively medically related subjects such as Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Botony, Epidemiology, Psychology, Genetics, Toxicology, Pathology, and all corners of applied sciences, and essentially every other remotely relevant subject have all been meticulously well documented, collectively researched and validated correctly and left posted within easy reach of even the most basic of search engines and reproduced VERBATIM, even including overlooked spelling and grammatical errors. Today these science and other related classes are more than 70% (in most cases passing) functionally resolvable through simply copy and pasting the question and then supplying the returned results. That does not even consider other technological relaxations such as Online only classes that can hypothetically be completed by anyone with no oversight and the manner of which book publishers have done their capitalistic duty in aggressively pursuing digital distribution of their products in order to completely eliminate their overhead that results in students being taught from a "book" that comes complete with advance search tools and various filters to make locating the subject of any given question near instantaneous location with laser surgical precision. God bless the inevitable state of capitalism. But honestly, as someone who was in college 15 years ago and returned to school for a second degree 5 years ago I confess I too have without the slightest hesitation utilized and benefited from all these counter productive educational proclivities and I know I have not the slightest bit of fear of repercussion for doing so. I welcome you all to this brave new world. Her name is Idiocracy.  (Jul 5, 2013 | post #32)

Beckley, WV

Drugs: Whey are the police doing nothing on Woodlawn.

That would be because the police already have their staging areas ready and every other needed tool for sting operations to build the "trap" prepared on Woodlawn. The appearance as well as the false public perception of Woodlawn acts as the "Camouflage " to keep the officers "trap" from being detected prematurely before a catch and threads on Topix that talk about the rampant drug activity that supposedly goes on around Woodlawn is the "bait" that lures in desperate and gullible junkie hood rats around Beckley to allowing themselves to be captured by the "trap" The police have reasoned that with the area's appearance and trumped up perception makes woodlawn a good place to set up sting ops. They know that the easily duped and slow witted make up shamefully overwhelming bulk of the traffic on Topix, so it means this site is a perfect tool to dupe local morons looking for drugs. The physical location is still prime however given how centrally located Woodlawn is to the center of Beckley. It also either intersects or is readily accessible to nearby major thoroughfares that would allow individual squads to be be easily broken away from the Sting operation should the need for actual police business be called in so as to be prepared and maximize their resources and handle what criminal activity they create with what crimes actually occur.  (Jun 10, 2013 | post #65)

Beckley, WV

Was George W Bush a homosexual ?

Only in the way that Satan takes obscene pleasure in anally raping male Christians that end up in hell, especially the most intolerant of them. With Bush being the brain damaged half witted lackey of the avatar of Satan's embodiment in earthly form in Cheney, a strong case can be made. However, that case is slammed closed instantly because no man can screw that many other men (and women) squarely in the shredded, gaping from almost a decade of perpetual reaming, blood caked sphincter and NOT be considered gay. So yes, in that sense, Bush was not just gay, he was "Incredi-gay " But in a truly homosexual manner? I would say there is little or nothing to suggest it in the way of evidence. Perhaps in the minds of overzealous homosexuals who behave as if many historical figures were homosexual on the flimsiest of evidence. However to anyone capable of deductive reasoning, there really are not many points that would even be enough to support the construction of such a hypothesis. Then again who really cares because why should that even matter to anyone? If he was or not what difference does it really make? His damage has already been done regardless.  (Jun 10, 2013 | post #6)

Beckley, WV

Stong Men More Likely to Be Conservative

In all fairness, I was done with finals at the end of April. I basically have posted nothing because ive been really underwhelmed with what I have been seeing posted as of late. Even if this is silly fun, much of what I have seen cant be so easily dismissed that way. So yeah, I guess I am sort of running low on tolerance, half measures, and glancing at surface points. Even as it relates to my own efforts as I know too often that writing here is such a waste of time that "SHOULD" be put to better use, even if it often eludes me how.  (May 19, 2013 | post #29)

Beckley, WV

We need a Drug Raid in Raleigh co!!

Ok. I too am a student of social problems as well as human psychology. Not in a figurative sense, it is what I am actually currently studying. So Do not get me wrong, some things I agree with, others I dont. I FULLY agree, that Hippy parenting is destroying our future. At the same time, I did not say crime nor drug related problems did not exist. That would be insane to suggest such. What I am saying is what I have pointed to repeatedly, Shown the statistics and facts repeatedly. The position I have preached for about a year and a half on this forum now. Crime and drugs are NOWHERE near the problem that people are making them out to be. Statitistics prove state wide, county wide, nationally, crime is down overall. While there has been many problems with various drugs like Bath salts, Synth pot, prescription pain killers & anti depressants, that is a nation wide as well as a regional increase. The Town of Beckley, and the County of Raleigh are not more prone or immune to its effects. However the result of those effects STILL puts RC well below total number of incidences compared to other parts of the state, contiguous state region, and even across the Atlantic seaboard state region. Now as for voting. Sorry. I wish I could believe such idealism but when held up to even the slightest bit of scrutiny the truth becomes appallingly apparent. One persons vote is irrelevant. Thanks to the civil war, the Federal government has effectively neutered anything resembling state sovereignty. Local leaders have only nibblets of power because all their actions invariably get dictated by governmental levels higher up the chain. Yet, due to the structure, the higher up the chain you go the less represntation you invariably have and your representatives have to have broad constituent appeal in order to get elected and because of that we see our existing "Party platform" system that just mass produces likable pawns who can get elected. Only in the rarest of fluke circumstances do you see someone who is relatively competent who clearly has desire to work for the people and usually the machine finds ways to grind those threats to a pulp quickly. And this is all before even broaching the issue that as individuals our votes are irrelevant when the systems of government indirectly allow more relevance and power to those with money who can buy support through horse trading lobbying, litigation and all other manner of undermining government of the people. Sorry, it does not matter if you "remove" corrupt officials, any official you introduce will eventually be exposed to corruption, and as the medical industry teaches, exposure leads to contamination. And with so few "true" candidates who deserve our attention, the fact that it takes concerted effort in the highest levels of goverrnment to accomplish ANYTHING, the chances of managing to get enough "true" representatives to try to actually change anything for the better is essentially impossible. What is worse is the two party system will invariably whittle ANY attempt to "do the right thing" down to ineffectual comprimises that will be unable to accomplish what they were intended for but it was only with those modifications that such measures could even hope to be passed. So, again, I wish I still had your idealism, but it simply is not the country in which we live. All that those thoughts and well meaning intents are good for is to make the public feel as if they actually have some sort of control in how they are governed when that hasnt been the case in this country for well over a century now.  (May 19, 2013 | post #16)

Beckley, WV

We need a Drug Raid in Raleigh co!!

Like the personality disorder of the idiot who is so filled with self loathing and rage from his anti-American that stems from glorifying a culture of ignorance and bigotry that it lashes out so often and so violently at ANYTHING that does not fit within its razor narrow world view that it cannot even retain a user name for more than a year without getting from a virtually unmoderated cesspool like topix? How bout you STFU already. If anyone needs to hear your level of input into a conversation they could get the same results by giving a retarded chimpanzee an internet connection that had been raised by basking in the warm loving glow of Fox news. Perhaps when you put on your big boy pants and try acting like an adult and say something that is not riddled with your own special brand of "Short bus special" then maybe the big kids might let you play. But as long as you insist on acting like a child, go sit at the little kids table with Uncle Al and the rest of the brain damaged halfwits running around here trolling.  (May 19, 2013 | post #15)

Beckley, WV

cop post deletes

Topix is clearly censoring you because Obama is determined to eliminate your freedom of speech. In fact they now use it as a screening process, so you might want to look out your window because you will likely be droned soon.  (May 19, 2013 | post #9)

Beckley, WV

We need a Drug Raid in Raleigh co!!

Remember, when you vote, all you are doing is giving credence to a broken system. All your vote says on your behalf is "I approve of how this does not work by participating in it, knowing it will not work"  (May 19, 2013 | post #11)

Beckley, WV

We need a Drug Raid in Raleigh co!!

Sorry, no. Voting does not work. Our system is far too broken, nationalized for voting to work. And this whole concept of a drug raid is ridiculous. First off the statistics do not lie. Crime is down. What is up is fear mongering and paranoia. Little ole ladies are not being beaten and raped at some astronomical rate, Only the perception thanks to living in the age of information that makes people think crime is worse now than it was back in the good ole days before the internet, the SRJ website online newspapers and such that before someone living in sophia would not be as aware of crimes occuring around beaver and the like. And its been shown over and over again, the war on drugs is a failure. It has not reduced demand for drugs. All it has EVER done is CREATED criminals. a/commons/e/e2/US_ incarceration_rate _timeline.gif And once someone is in the system, thanks to the way our system works and these people are left to rot with many opportunities to better themselves after they have repaid their debt to society being confiscated away only keeps them locked in a perpetual fringe state of future criminal activity.  (May 19, 2013 | post #10)

Beckley, WV

Stong Men More Likely to Be Conservative

Such silliness, amongst an abundance of silliness on this forum as of late. Despite not being one I have been called a liberal more times than I give ashit to count. Yet im 6`6, 225lbs and for most of my life built like a brick (I confess Ive gotten a little softer in my old age) and I was far larger and stronger in my prime than 98% of the others I ever encountered So where exactly would this theory leave me? In some special state of limbo because I am have an IQ over 150 and that somehow throws my physicality into flux? Look it fails because body type has nothing to truly do with this. As "Hmm" suggested, it is rooted in the Alpha male stereotype that also revolves around the concept of "Big, dumb and pretty" I mean really are we going to devolve political discourse here to be just another extension of high school mentality pitting the jocks against the geeks nonsense? Come on now. Sorry, really disappointed as of late since I got back from finals and between seeing nonsense like Uncle Al Run Amok, conservative "I like you because you agree with me" philo, More nonsensical rantings about pointless garbage like umbrellagate I really have found it difficult to muster the energy to even giveashit to bother commenting. (CP this analogy is not directed at you personally, simply pig related) I guess what I am saying is that if the pigs are happy wallowing in their ownshit, I am finding it harder and harder to try to intervene and more willing to let them continue to fatten themselves up in preparation for slaughter. So disappointed.  (May 19, 2013 | post #26)

Beckley, WV

EMS wages

I will validate from years of Crew supervision, payroll and staffing a private EMS fleet of roughly 50 crews between EMTs, Ambulettes, Medflight in dispatch. Typical rate of EMT-B or NREMT is not that much above minimum wage. Your Ambulette drivers (Non WV w/ CPR card only) EMT-C(Military reg) is dead at minimum wage. First year EMTs generally only get about a dollar more per hour on average in the region. As Hourglass suggested, those people are EMT-I(where acknowledged) and EMT-A, or otherwise known Paramedics. Honestly though 25$ per hour is a high amount even for a medic in this region unless they are Medflight, additional specializations like PEPPs, MCCU, licensed Respiratory therapist, Or in rare cases the Medic was exceptional at negotiating salary or the Owner is going out of their way to buy a "name" to be on staff. Usually medics might rate closer to 12-18$ an hour dependent on exp and with the nature of EMS and how the beast chews up and spits out Medic & EMT spines its somewhat rare to see 15-30+ year medics. Now while EMTs and most EMS staff see nothing like that money EMS is one type of job where it is fairly common to at the very least have access to overtime if not simply winding up with a few hours over by the end of a pay period thanks to long unexpected runs/rushes. So OP I would just chalk it up to people who only have an inkling of what they are talking about and are getting their third hand facts mixed up. If you work in EMS, you know how much you make so why worry if someone thinks you make more or not? Just carry on and let em be wrong.  (Apr 27, 2013 | post #13)

Beckley, WV

Obama phone abuse

This is something I feel highly out of the loop on. I just learned of this "Obamaphone " last month because I was talking to the desk clerk at my doctors office and the doctor has been hounding me to provide them a phone number. So as is the case every visit while scheduling my next appointment asks "Do you have a phone we can put down?" to which I told her, No. Phone isnt something I would waste money on. She said, "You know you can get you one of dem Obamaphones" I assumed what that would be and explained to her I used to work in telecommunications , Ive have too many voices in my head as it is. Plus im a Gemini ;) But I can see where the program is actually something good. Granted I dont want a phone, but I wouldnt want to waste money on one either. However living for years without having a true phone (If I REALLY need a phone call, I can utilize 1 way VOIP tech, but that is rare) I know personally how much of a pain in the ass the world makes it on you if you dont. I even recall watching some day one trainees at radio shack cross his eyes being purely overwhelmed at what to do when I couldn't give a phone number but his screen demanded it. Beyond that, I think technically everyone (myself included) NEEDs access to a phone, if nothing else for emergency purposes. Many of those who are on those assistance programs are on them BECAUSE they are not healthy. So those people would definitely benefit by having access to call 911 if they are grannie having a heart attack or Uncle Schizo thinks the walls are talking to him again. Thing is yes it sucks to see people gaming the system. It sucks to see people abuse the system. It sucks to see people be filled with epic levels of sphincterocity and taking something from the government they had to take from someone who worked to pay their taxes. It truly is awful that such a thing can occur. Why does it? Human nature. Its in our nature to seek out the easiest means to the ends. Unfortunately too many lack the moral compass that reminds most people that it might be easier, its clearly wrong and stop them from doing it. But as much as that sucks and is completely wrong because it is simply in our nature, we have to remember that it is not the only cause as our economic structure is built around rewarding and compensating for that exact same trait in human nature. So yes it sucks. It should never happen. It would be nice if we could do something about it. However the only way you will ever be able to effectively do something meaningful about it Is to destroy the system that relies and helps proliferate that same trait. You can never hope to put a stop to people gaming the system out of greed and retain a system that encourages and is built to compensate for greed by allowing it to exist in a less harmful environment. It is simply not possible. Even with the cases of gaming the system abuse I really doubt anyone will be tolerant of the fix and rather accept the abuse instead of losing their own access to greed.  (Apr 22, 2013 | post #11)

Beckley, WV

What would you do?

FUUUUUUU - Forum ate my post. The article was stored on a PC having some issues e and it forced me to write this in IEX http://www.motherj 2013/01/conspiracy -theory-partisan-b ias It is a liberal source in Mother jones, It is not saying its conclusive evidence, and its not doing it in an "everyone who doesnt think like us is stupid" vein. It makes interesting suggestionsThis makes some sense to me. I know I often butt heads with conservatives and I know how my brain processes information. I try to hold off on making assessments till I have information and considering multiple angles to a situation. I instinctively do not wish to assume anything but if I do airing on the side of caution and siding with the assumption of good/positivity first and allow facts to alter that view. It reminds me of when I learned one of my ex's was a closet conservative. We never discussed our politics often (I think because we never had a shortage of things to bicker over with us both always being right) but I recall watching TV with her and it was a news story on fox about a child abuse case. Internally I found myself perturbed at the newscasters commentary because I felt it was too much assumption of guilt. I recall what my Ex said. "Where there is smoke there is fire" Now neither of us had more info than the other. Neither of us could claim guilt. All either of us could do was speculate. I wanted to believe there was no wrong doing, so I sided of caution and would not make ANY presumption. She on the other hand had a fixed way of thinking that she gained through learning, experience, probabilities and other factors that pushed her to lean more to a presumption of guilt based on that it was the most probable outcome. So she felt that you dont get charged and arrested for something if there isnt something suggesting you did something wrong, so most likely they DID do something wrong. In the end she was correct. I did at least appreciate at the time the practicality and efficency of such a philosophy but it wasnt anything I could ever do. I can see where it makes sense. So the notion that conservatives have more "fixed" viewpoints, and instinctively want things to be able to resolve into logical and practical ways and that in turn drives the way they will process new information does seem plausible. To be able to identify things as right or wrong, Good or Bad, Safe or dangerous is an almost ideallic methodology. So when presented with things that are not so easily deciphered or more questionable in nature it would stand to reason they would still strive to process acording to fixed ideas. So for example if we see a situation like Benghazi, and know there are an abundance of unknowns, the more blue mind will hold off on making judgement, while the red mind will want answers. When those answers didnt come forthright it created suspicion and if they were not willing to provide the answers, there had to be a reason why. If you dont want to admit to something, it usually means you are trying to hide something. So then we see a whole theater of "what is the most probable" assumptions occur that either intentionally or inadvertantly construe the situation as one infinitely more sinister than it ever actually was. LOL I might be undermining my own interest in the article again by making it worse than it actually is. I dont think the suggestions of the study are trying to make conservatives look paranoid, Just help to illustrate the differences in how we process information and add it to what we already know.  (Apr 22, 2013 | post #53)

Beckley, WV

Flaming Trolls

LOL. I had shift this morning, and been too busy working on one of my properties for the inspector to verify up to code status so I can rent it out again. Sorry to disappoint And sorry Billy to use you as a middle man quote, but in this context it works.  (Apr 22, 2013 | post #85)

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