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Sep 15, 2010

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New York, NY

We Saw it Coming

I read the news today (oh, boy!) that the Westboro Baptist Church is planning protests at the funerals of the Sandy Hook shooting victims. The saddest part is that I was thinking they would. I don't get these people. If somwonw phned me and said we were going to protest someone's funeral, I would want to know why. Being told "Because we have the right to assemble." or "Never mind! Just be there!" simply wouldn't work. I wouldn't go. Some people are hateful, I know, but these folks are hateful with no clear motive!  (Dec 16, 2012 | post #1)

New York, NY

Yahoo, are You Serious?

It started about five years ago. I recieved a message on a web site from a young man, claiming to be interested in me but saying it would be easier to communicate through Yahoo email. This made no sense. Why couldn't we communicate right where we were? I followed his info to see what would happen. It led me to the sign-up page for Yahoo which said I could connect with the man and others by joining Yahoo. I declined. I kept recieving similar messages. Once in awhile, from other men, but almost always from women saying they are looking for husbands and were impressed by my profile and always calling me handsome. These messages are often nearly word for word the same and, since my profiles clearly state that I'm gay, they clearly do not read my profiles. At first, I thought these might be Yahoo members trying to get people to join in exchange for some sort of perks (and, perhaps, some of them are) but research as told me these are probably scammers. Those who scam usually set up fake profiles with photos they swipe from other people online without their knowledge. If you're scammed once, you're placed on some sort of list and keep hearing from more scammers. I haven't actually been scammed by anyone but, apparently, I've made the list because I get messages every week. Perhaps it was that first link I followed which did the trick, even though I didn't join Yahoo. I don't just hear from what they call "romance scammers". Sometimes it's business proposals. Just the other day, I heard from a man who said he found me while browsing the internet. He said he's very rich but has been very greedy with his money. Now that he's been diagnosed with cancer and is dying, he wants to donate his money to charities but doesn't trust his relatives not to keep the money for themselves. For this reason, he sought my help in distributing his money for which I would recieve a percentage. He doesn't trust his family but he trusts a complete stranger? They say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true. This isn't too good to be true. It's too silly to believe. A genuinely wealthy man who found out he's dying but doesn't trust his relatives to do what he wants with his money would have doctors, lawyers, accountants and even friends who could help him. The best thing any of us can do is ignore these things but why not have a laugh over it along the way?  (Nov 25, 2012 | post #1)


Feud Alert! Donald Trump and Cher's Twitter War Gets Ugly

Donald Trump and Cher have a Twitter war?  (Nov 23, 2012 | post #2)


Why are you intrested in celebrity life do you think abou...

I care about celebrities to a certain degree.I like to hear news about those I especially like the same way I like news about some people who are not celebrites and not quite friends. The few celebrities I've actually met and been real and that's, basically, my impression of them. I wouldn't bother a celebrity for an autograph or photo because that's just not me. What would I do with someone's name on the back of a supermarket reciept? Some celebrity news can be annoying. Some actress got engaged or had a baby? So did a lot of other people that day! It's strange when a big deal is made over how many Twitter followers a star has. Why would someone with millions of fans not have millions of online followers? Stands to reason, no? Show me a housewife or street vendor with millions of Twitter followers and I'll truly be impressed!  (Nov 23, 2012 | post #2)

New York, NY

African American unemployment continues to rise and Obama...

The voting is over, folks. Obama won. I think some people just over-expect from him because he's the first Black President. The same thing would have happened if Hilary Clinton had become President and Mormons would have over-expected and been disappointed if Romney won this last election.  (Nov 23, 2012 | post #35)

New York, NY

African American unemployment continues to rise and Obama...

Yes, unemployment is up, and that would include African Americans. So, because Obama is Black, he's supposed to wave some kind of magic wand and make all Black people wealthy?  (Nov 23, 2012 | post #32)

New York, NY

The Strange Road to T159

A few days ago, I recieved a special offer in the mail from Tmobile. For a limited time only,I could bring my 2G phone to any Tmobile store for a free trade in and recieved any one of four styles of 4G phone. All I had to do was hand in my T139, have the sales person swap it for the new phone, at no charge, and they would even waive the $18 upgrade charge. It seemed worth looking into. I first went to the store on Madison Ave near 42nd. The info the clerk gave me was surprisingly different than the letter offer. He said I would have to pay the cost of the new phone which would be "rebated " to me later. That was not the deal offered to me and, for reasons I won't go into, I did not have that amount of money. Besides, when I browsed the internet later that day, I found out that Tmobile does not have a very good track record when it comes to honoring rebate agreements. Since I live in Queens, I decided to try the store on Broadway near Stienway the next day. I was not expected to get yet another story. The clerk there said trade-ins are only handled online. That one didn't even make sense. A lot of things can be done online these days but you need to be physically present somewhere to trade one item for another. I did gloat as I walked out of the store and down the street because I knew I had something to write about on Topix today. Before I went home, I tried one more location. The store on 21st near Broadway. It was on the way home and was actually the store Tmobile suggested on my trade-in coupon. I really wanted to see if I got a third different story. I spoke to a wonderful clerk named Marlon who took my coupon (only the first of the other two people asked to even see it), took a look at my account online (niether of the others did that) then made my phone exchange with no problem whatever! My new T159 is an updated version of my old phone and I love it! I'm glad I trusted my instincts and kept trying!  (Nov 18, 2012 | post #1)

New York, NY

A Strange Case of Nanny Murders

The big story in New York this week, besides the approach of Hurricane Sandy, is the tragic child murders on the West Side. A nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, allegedly killed her young charges (six year old Lucia Krim and two year old Leo Krim) with a kitchen knife before attempting suicide by cutting her own throat with the same weapon. The mother, Marina Krim, found the bodies of her children, fully clothed, in the bathtub. Cuts on Lucia's hands and forearms indicate she put up a fight. Yoselyn was either found on the floor of the same bathroom or she cut herself when Marina walked in. depending on which news media you hear from. In today's Sunday paper, two articles appear, side by side. One uses interviews from other local nannies, the other is a tearful interview with Yoselyn's sister. This borders on being bizzarre. The nannies who knew Yoselyn describe her as anti-social. They assume she cracked under nanny pressure and say she could have turned to one of them or even the building doorman for help if only she had been a friendlier person. Yoselyn's sister gives a strikingly different image. She descibes Yoselyn as VERY friendly and outgoing. She says her sister had a very close relationship with the Krims to the point of being like family. There was even mention of outings the Krims and Ortegas took together. It would seem the reason Yoselyn never turned to anyone outside of her family and extended family for help was because there was no apparent need to! So, what really happened here and will we ever know?  (Oct 28, 2012 | post #1)

New York, NY

Impeach Me!

I've been seeing them on the streets of New York since my return from Utah in the Summer of 1999. People calling for the impeachment of the President. Any President who happens to be in office, it seems. I didn't take them very seriously during eight years of George W. Bush. Just of bunch of over-enthusiastics who didn't like Bush and really thought they could have him impeached just like that. Now, they're want Obama impeached, just weeks before the election! Why can't they just not vote for him, if that's the way they feel? Easy. It's a scam. The money they collect is for them. If the last elections had turned out differently, they's be waving "Impeach Mc Cain" posters. If the Democratic Primary had turned out differently and Hilary Clinton became president, you'd see her photo with the Hitler moustache. If Romney wins this election, they'll be claiming to want money for his impeachment. These folks should hope Obama gets re-elected. They won't have to change their material for another four years.  (Oct 21, 2012 | post #1)

New York, NY

The Somewhat Perplexing Case of Amanda Todd

Just yesterday, someone I follow on Facebook created a post asking us to follow a page called RIP Amanda Todd. Who is she? In brief, Amanda was a 13 year old girl who made friends on the internet. Several people told her how attractive she was and at least one guy encouraged her to submit a pic flashing her breasts. She complied. Shortly afterward, some creepo told her to send him sexual pics or he would send her topless phot to everyone. She ignored him and he sent the pic to everyone. Before long, she was being harassed and bullied by everyone, including the police, who came knocking at her door at 4:30 am! She turned to drugs and alcohol to console herself then, finally, committed suicide. I found a few holes in the story. Where were her parents through all this? Why did the police come to her door at such an early hour over one topless photo? Where did a presumably innocent 13 year old get the money and contacts to buy drugs and liquor? One person who recanted her story online asked which 13 year old wouldn't be flattered enough by the attention to flash for the internet. I don't know. One who, in spite of the compliments, might be scared to? Anyway, I "liked" the RIP Amanda Todd page after reading my friend's recommend. By the end of the day, I "unliked " it again. The person running the page seemed to have flipped out! He/she created post after post IN LARGE PRINT LIKE THIS saying random things to justify their creation of the page against some would be attackers. People were baffled. I don't know what that was all about or if Amanda Todd was even a real person but I do know that bullying and teen suicide are very real, indeed! I think, if any of us are concerned about this issue, the best groups we can turn to are the already established and well reputed people like The Trevor Project. They can be found on Facebook and Twitter as well with no confusing nonsense.  (Oct 14, 2012 | post #1)

New York, NY

Jesus Getting Married

Yes, but he lived with twelve men! But that's a whole other rumor!  (Oct 7, 2012 | post #8)

New York, NY

A Word About Sharing

lol my Mom used to say that!  (Oct 7, 2012 | post #4)

New York, NY

Trump's Papaya

The most interesting part of the first residential candidate debate is the aftermath and reading people's reactions. The general feeling is that Romney expressed himself unusually well, while Obama was not the usual self we've seen on The Late Show with Davis Letterman or the Ellen Degeneres Show. Otherwise, it seems that, if you're a staunch Republican Romney supporter, he won the debate and, if you're a diehard Democrat Obama person, HE won the debate. The strangest reaction that way that I've seen was from a former co-worker on another web site. He posted that it was about time the "bully" was put in his place. I didn't know anyone felt that way. Several people say Romney whooped Obama but that seems a bit extreme. If anyone "won", it was Jim Leher for his excellent moderating skills! I'm guessing my friend's reaction has a lot to do with his being (like Romney) a Rebublic who is also Mormon. I lived in prodominently LDS Salt Lake City for 8 years and 5 months and worked at a Mormon owned hotel. In the break room, I was baffled to hear words like "n***er" and "fa***ot " used in common speech. These were not burley construction workers, spewing out swear words, but nice young ladies having normal conversations and accepting certain words as what people are normally called. A fussy employee was even given the nickname "Hymie" as a comic reference to her behavior. I was not familiar with the expression but I learned that it's an outdated derogatory word for Jew. I bet even a lot of anti-Semites never heard it! Anyway, it should be no surprise to me that a Utah grown Morman would have problems with a Black president and feel "bullied " by policies he isn't used to. The strangest thing, for me, in the debate itself, was when both men mentioned Donald Trump was an example of a "small business owner" Romney remarked "I don't think Trump sees himself as a small business owner." I don't think most of the rest of us think of him that way, either! Is that the best they could do? When I think of small business, I think of places like the garages and bodegas in my nieghborhood and the street vendors. Not the Trump hotels and casinos!  (Oct 7, 2012 | post #1)

New York, NY

Jesus Getting Married

Now I hear the parchment in a fake, anyway. What was that about? bwahahaha  (Sep 30, 2012 | post #3)

New York, NY

A Word About Sharing

John the Baptist once said "Whoever has two cloaks should share with the person who has none. And whoever has food should do likewise." Notice. He did not say, if you have a cloak, you have to give it away and have none yourself. Nor did he say, if you have ten cloaks, you have to give away nine. He was talking about sharing. One of the Occupy Wall Street crowd sits on the sidewalk near Trinity Church holding up a sign denouncing greed. Cool thing but we don't always know ho the greedy are. Often, the guy with the most cloaks is praised for his fame and not expected to give anything away at all. After all, he is deserving in whatever field of celebrity he's in and it isn't his fault if some folks have nothing. They're probably just lazy. A man went through the subway car this morning panhandling. As he entered the next car, another man commented to his friend "That's what you get for not having a job!" So he knows the panhandler and his circumstances? Sometimes, too, it's the guy with one cloak some accuse of greed for not giving his clothes to someone "in greater need". But, then, he'd be the one in greater need! I've heard people say "He would literally give you the shirt right off his back!" as if it were a virtue. That sounds gross to me! Give me a clean shirt, dagnabbit! The point is to share. What we honestly can and when we honestly can. Even if it's only of ourselves and not clothes, food or money at all.  (Sep 30, 2012 | post #1)

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