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Nov 27, 2012

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Belmont, NH

police targeting local business

I would like to express my appreciation to the outstanding onsite staff at Belmont Villiage Apartments! Whether you are home or not, they feel free to take inventory checks of your apartment to ensure you continous safety and satisfaction, there is absolutely no need to initiate a 24 hour notice nor there be an emergency situation, how comforting to know when we are gone, someone is always home! I especially enjoy the free service of our 6:45am inside door dumpster checks, by our most gracious, Donna Cilley! There is a space here for everyone, absolutely no rules, or the same for everyone! It keeps life so interesting and entertaining, with so little to do but be puppets on a string. How wonderful things could have been if Donna's plan to put a stockade fence around the complex and tear out the playground for the children. I would compare it to Hogan's Hero's. It's not only our space, it's our fotress. Obey our Comidant, and all expenses paid. For example, true story :) How wonderful, you need to go to Washington, you have no car, no money, the property Manager, Donna Cilley, was gracious enough to allow us the use of her Luxurious Lincoln SUV and also the credit card. Of coarse we get special privileges since we are within the 3% of the minority and only minority here in. We went to her for help in Belmont Welfare unable to pay our rent at another complex, she was most kind in offering us to join the Villiage. We had no money, she said do not worry about it, and she paid our rent for two years. We visited her home on several occasions, and my youngest daughter of 22 and 400 pounds, was offered a position at the Belmont Police Department to do filling, by Donna's most dearest husband, upon completion of drastic weight loss, of coarse. Now still no money but time to move on, Donna is a finding a house for us that Rural Developement will pay for, through her magical financial abilities. Donna's very dear best friend, had two wonderful twin daughters, with a combined weight of 750 pounds, they balance out the Villiage marvelously. One on the East and one on the West. She rescued them from Brettenwoods Apartments on the brink of evictions, due to their diviant and disruptive behavior. How lovely to know when she is not here, her reporters are on watch and ready to report. When she says jump, you ask how high, then you're in like flynn. Unfortunately, if you chose to be an independent, unneedy and self-sufficiently resouceful, logic would say thats great, Donna would say that is not. The battle has just begun! God bless those who maintain their independence and dignity, contrary to popular belief, Donna is not God. This is the USA Land of the Free, pledge on.  (Nov 27, 2012 | post #18)